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What I shared in the video about WHY they push Climate Change
even though it's a confirmed HOAX is why YouTube pulled it!






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Talk of SUNDAY LAWS in US Government "Project 2025"

CHECK OUT THIS FOX NEWS VIDEO! (Notice the SUNday Narrative!)

I started this page during the 2016 campaign and later posted it on January 20 the very day Trump was sworn into office because of his actions during his campaign as well as the fake religious narative being pushed inthe media. And now that we see Trump has a mostly Roman Catholic cabinet that he placed in power directly after he gained office. This  proves he is going to help Rome do as prophecy predicted long ago! This page was on the server for months before going public but when Trump's "Army of God" was being shouted from the DC rooftops, that tipped the scale and I went public wit this page!

The Prophetic Word Says:

Yes, the word "worship" can also be translated as "obey" the one they follow. But if you notice, and if you have done your Bible study; especially when it comes to prophetic symbols, the word worship used here in context always speaks of a religious system of power on earth at the time of the end. This means that religious power will demand religious laws, and below is a growing list of articles confirming the foundation has already been set as many other pages on this website illustrated for years. And now they have the means to literally "speak and cause" (speak = lobby and or legislate law. "cause" = enforce laws) the people to do as they command just as our Lord prophesied they would. And that command will be SUNDAY LAWS!

BUT, before they can push for such things, as I have been saying for well over 20 years, it appears they plan to use the Vatican inspired Sharia law to not only use fear tactics against weak Christians but to have the necessary troops (Muslims) to man the 30,000+ guillotines already on US soil! (See this compilation of videos on Sharia law)

religious laws in USA


To prevent issues with truncated pages due to so many articles being posted, ALL future article updates will only be posted on the poGm BLOG.
  1. ARTICLE STACK FOR 07-03-24 - 'Heal our land': U.S. governor signs call for 31 days of prayer, fasting * Oklahoma Schools Chief says Bible in Classrooms Order was Inspired by Trump * CHRISTRUMP: Persecution of a Man Paperback – May 10, 2024 * President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man - The Christ
  2. ARTICLE STACK FOR 06-26-24 - Over 2,000 Roman Catholic “Holy Masses” to be Offered for Donald Trump’s Campaign * VIDEO: Watch Trump disrespect and blaspheme Jesus for APPLAUSE! * Louisiana Becomes First State to Require Ten Commandments to Be Displayed in Public School Classrooms * Donald Trump: ‘I Love the 10 Commandments in Public Schools’; May Be First Step in ‘Revival of Religion’ (Pro-homosexual teachers teaching Religion?!) * Trump tells Christians their 'religion will be in tatters' if Biden wins: 'We answer to God in Heaven' Actually, Trump plans to do the same) * Tennessee governor signs bill calling for 30 days of prayer and fasting in July * ‘Hungry For God’: Powerful Moves of Revival, Thirst for Bible Sweeps College Campuses (it's ALL demonic - Proof? See this) * Trump vows to combat agencies weaponized against Christians * Catholics for Catholics Calls on Laity to Petition Priests to Offer Masses for President Trump * Calls to Secular Activities on Sundays After Louisiana Mandates Ten Commandments in Classrooms
  3. Rome is using their own flock again to "argue" homosexual issues 
  4. Pope Francis meets with CEOs of Major Banks and Corporations seeking ways to stop Climate Change Because Government Laws are too slow 
  5. Over 100 Million People in 1,500 Cities Around the World will Celebrate Car-free Sunday on September 22, 2024 
  6. Jesuits to Host Ecumenical Worship Service with Protestants to demand LAWS on Climate Action 
  7. Protestants Demand NI Football League to Stop Organizing Games on Sundays so as to stop Desecrating the Sabbath 
  8. Pope Francis demands Roman Catholic Teaching to Govern Financial Industry World-wide!
  9. VIDEO: Pope Francis Urgent Call for Climate Action via Weekly Earth Sabbath 
  10. VIDEO: Pope pushing "weekly Earth Sabbath" to combat Climate Change at G7 
  11. VIDEO: The "Chosen One" will bring religious laws? 
  12. Baptist Church celebrates green Sunday, promotes environmental stewardship
  13. No Deal: W.H.O. Fails to Secure Global Pandemic Treaty (it's NOT over)
  14. Why US Catholics are planning pilgrimages in communities across the nation 
  15. State senate approves bill requiring 10 Commandments be displayed in (Government) schools 
  16. VIDEO: It's movies like "Dystopia" that will bring on Roman Catholic laws in America 
  17. California "STATE" Church to Baptize 30,000 People Around the State in One Day
  18. Supreme Court to put politician on trial for Christianity a THIRD time (testing the waters?)
  19. Christian leaders react to Trump's 'God Bless the USA' bibles: 'More Trump than Bible?' 
  20. More than 100 advocates urge Senate to designate religious freedom a 'fundamental right
  21. THE NARRATIVE HAS BEGUN: 'Christians must defeat this unholy takeover of American society
  22. Conservative Lawmakers, More Observe Good Friday 
  23. Gross and Evil’: Biden White House Disrespects Easter (PROOF: Easter is Pagan
  24. White House Prohibits Children from Submitting ‘Overtly Religious’ Art for Easter Egg Roll (PROOF: Easter is Pagan) 
  25. Joe Biden Declares Easter Sunday ‘Transgender Day of Visibility(PROOF: Easter is Pagan
  26. Trump Camp: Biden Must Apologize to Christians After Declaring Easter Sunday ‘Trans Day,’ Banning Kids from Religious Egg Designs at WH (PROOF: Easter is Pagan
  27. Dennis Quaid: Only a Personal Relationship with Jesus Can Fill the God-Sized Hole in Your Life 
  28. Trump: Election Day Will Be ‘Christian Visibility Day
  29. Men of Faith: Champion NCAA Wrestlers Proudly Wear ‘100% (another) Jesus’ Headbands 
  30. Donald Trump Post Sharing Scripture Draws Criticism 
  31. Donald Trump Teams with Country Music Star Lee Greenwood on New ‘God Bless the USA’ Bible Edition
  32. VIDEO: WATCH: Fox News introduces sponsored CATHOLIC prayers to "ANOTHER" Jesus
  33. Even on Sunday! Which cars rest TODAY, February 25, due to environmental contingency at CdMx?
  34. VIDEO: Trump Promises to Grant Christians Unprecedented Political Power (The image of the Beast (501c3) is ALIVE!) 
  35. Trump pledges to defend Christianity against the left, which he says wants ‘to tear down crosses’ 
  36. Donald Trump Issues Call to Action to Christian Voters: ‘Americans of Faith Are the Soul of Our Country’ 
  37. Leading Bishop Blasts Politico Reporter’s Critique of ‘Christian Nationalists’ (Why is he so upset? See this)
  38. A convoy calling themselves 'God's army' en route to the Texas border to stop migrants has raised $138,000 in donations 
  39. Hearing focuses on state demand that it determine a church's ministry
  40. Is it too late for America? Christian apologist offers blueprint to 'turn things around' 
  41. VIDEO: Kasich on Trump Indictments: America Is So Divided, It Could End Up in Civil War (Notice what he says about a SPIRITUAL REVIVAL @1:08!) 
  42. New York City Allows Mosques to Publicly Broadcast Muslim Call to Prayer without Permits Despite Noise Restrictions in Neighborhoods
  43. VIDEO: 'A spiritual war': Are Christian nationalists threatening to turn the US into a religious state?
  44. Christians likely to put their faith in one presidential candidate. Here's why
  45. Mailman who lost job for not working on Sundays sees huge Supreme Court victory 
  46. The 10 Commandments: Needed in America for a time like none before 
  47. U.N. �Expert�: Religious Liberty Must Yield to LGBT Demands 
  48. VIDEO: �We Are in a Spiritual War�: Goya Foods CEO Speaks on Holy Spirit, Warns America�s �Morality� at Risk 
  49. VIDEO: Ana Navarro to Faith & Freedom Coalition: �Your Faith Takes Away My Freedom
  50. John Kerry Meets with Pope Francis: Fighting Climate Change at �Heart of Morality� (Religious laws soon now) 
  51. 'Illegal and unfair': State making anti-God 'end run' around Supreme ruling (Catholic Schools DEMAND State money!)
  52. Oklahoma school board approves what would be the 1st taxpayer-funded religious (CATHOLIC) school in US
  53. VIDEO: NBC�s Todd: Trust In FBI Eroding on the Left and Right � �We Need a Real Church Committee�
  54. U.S. Surgeon General makes surprising conclusion about church attendance
  55. 'Jesus would be shocked' by lack of gun control in U.S., ex-senator claims 
  56. Republicans Advance Bill Requiring Texas Public Schools to Display Ten Commandments 
  57. Tulsi Gabbard Says Attacks on Faith, God Drove Her to Leave Democrats: Many Think �They are God� 
  58. VIDEO: Russell Brand �I Need God or I Cannot Cope in this World� 
  59. Antichrist leftists get spanked over Deion Sanders' Christian faith 
  60. 'God-given natural right': Supremes asked to protect (Catholic) Bible commandment (Sunday is NOT the Sabbath
  61. This is happening because FAKE Christianity is powerless 
  62. 20,000 Join Asbury Revival in Weekend Explosion, but Outpouring Will Now Be Moved Off Campus (Why this a problem)
  63. Look what's become the new battleground for religious liberty 
  64. Super Bowl Broadcast Will Include TV Ads about Jesus and His 'Confounding Love and Forgiveness
  65. Conservatives to �Use the Levers of Government,� Dismantle �Permanent D.C.� in 2025 (PROOF they sin See  1 Corinthians 6:1-11 & Selected Messages, Book 3 p. 299) 
  66. Colombia To Implement A Mandatory Day Of Rest That Shortens Work Week And Coincides With Sunday
  67. In courts across U.S., religious liberty is on the docket in 2023 (The State religion WILL be Catholicism
  68. Congress� new class has much higher percentage of "Christians" than American public 
  69. Just how 'Christian' is new Congress? Here's religious composition of House and Senate
  70. VIDEO: Climate Sunday!
  71. America at Moral Crossroads: Shocking New Survey on Whether Man or God Should Determine Right vs. Wrong 

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