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Below is a list of blog posts I made from early March 2020 and on - along with the video links of same that explain why the powers that be have openly used their prophesied one world government to get every nation on the same page with this PLANNED-demic that will set everyone up that is needed to enforce the soon coming mark of the beast using the long expected climate change agenda.

NOTICE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic
Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic







(All articles were picked from the poGm Blog)

"THE MASK IS A WEAPON OF OBEDIENCE!" -Robert F. Kennedy Jr 09-23-2020



Hillary Clinton: I Was ‘Born’ to Handle the Coronavirus Pandemic (Well, she is the one that said “Never waste a good crisis“) * COVID-19 death rates have drastically fallen among all age groups * Atomic bombshell: We have proof that Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017 * Facebook Tries to Shut Down NYU Study on Targeted Political Ads * VIDEO: Israeli anti-corona nasal spray stops 99.99% of infections

Jewish restaurant in NYC hit with coronavirus fine for leaving door open * Australia: Four Newborn Babies Die After Being Denied Heart Surgery Due to COVID Travel Rules * Vaccine KILLS Clinical Trial Volunteer! * Fact check: WaPo column vastly exaggerates COVID death rate of teachers in push for closed schools 

 VIDEO: Canada Caught Building Quarantine Internment Camps (What say ye now Mr Scoffer?) * Czech Republic Goes Into Lockdown as New Coronavirus Cases Soar (It’s easy to make cases soar when you test so many people using a proven fake test – also see this) * ‘Situation Worsening Fast’: Europe Tightens Coronavirus Restrictions * New Virus Restrictions in Europe; Merkel Warns of Hard Days (Notice the pic! The one giving the test is in a hazmat suit – the one getting the test is in a useless mask – what’s wrong with the pic?) * Atomic bombshell: We have proof that Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017 * East African Truck Drivers Pay Bribes for Negative Coronavirus Tests (Makes sense seeing how it’s always been about money from the start) * VIDEO: Trump Leaks Video of 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl After Cutting Interview Short * It makes sense to use a man-made cure to kill a man-made virus * VIDEO: Mouthwash could ‘inactivate’ human coronaviruses that cause infections like the common cold (It’s THAT weak!)

COVID-19 could be ‘nail in the coffin’ for many rural hospitals * VIDEO: Netherlands Filing Lawsuit Against COVID, Just a Normal Flu * VIDEO: Americans ‘Should Be’ Skeptical About Taking FDA-Approved Vaccine * ‘Masks work? NO’: Twitter removes anti-mask tweet from Dr. Scott Atlas * The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers * Here’s How NYC’s Coronavirus Death Toll were Inflated * Here’s Why Coronavirus Stats Are Fake News 

Chris Christie: ‘Every Public Official’ Should Advocate Wearing a Mask * Oxford scientists say they created a test to detect COVID-19 in 5 minutes (If you believe that, buying swampland in Florida may be your next move) * With Lockdowns, Progressives Peddle a Sham ‘Right to Safety’ * Survey: One In Eight Believe Coronavirus Is A Hoax To Usher In Forced Vaccinations (That number will go up) * COVID Caliphate? NYC Gatherings of Christians and Jews, but NOT Muslims, Are Condemned * Prayer Banned at Funeral Because ‘Chanting’ is Forbidden Under COVID-19 Laws * VIDEO: Are lockdowns the ‘sleeper’ issue of 2020?

City councilwoman suggested that citizens who don’t wear masks could be charged with attempted murder” * Pitt County leaders change mask requirement for voting (Seriously – if Covid was as deadly as they claim, why grant the public the option NOT to wear it?) * World Economic Forum Outlines Its ‘Great Reset’ to End Traditional Capitalism (They admit using Covid to push agenda) * ‘A tipping point’: Europe overtakes U.S. in new coronavirus cases (Notice lately how CASES are the emphasis and not DEATHS?) * Penn State doesn’t deny handing out drastically different punishments for same COVID-19 violations

VIDEO: This proves the mask is an AMA sanctioned political farce! Babies cannot get the so called virus, yet there’s this video? (They’re making the lie TOO obvious now) * VIDEO: Gov. Cuomo: ‘I Don’t Care’ About Your Religion — ‘You Have to Follow the Rules of the State’ * 1st man charged with crime because he ignored pandemic rules * New York State assembly Bill A99 (Remember my first online NL of January 1999?) * VIDEO: The MASK to MARK agenda UNVEILED * D.C. Officials Investigating Bar for Virus Rules Infraction After Back the Blue Video Goes Viral * ‘Resume life as normal’: Over 6,500 scientists and health professionals sign anti-lockdown petition

VIDEO: This proves the mask is an AMA sanctioned political farce! Babies cannot get the so called virus, yet there’s this video? (They’re making the lie TOO obvious now) * VIDEO: Gov. Cuomo: ‘I Don’t Care’ About Your Religion — ‘You Have to Follow the Rules of the State’ * 1st man charged with crime because he ignored pandemic rules * New York State assembly Bill A99 (Remember my first online NL of January 1999?) * VIDEO: The MASK to MARK agenda UNVEILED * D.C. Officials Investigating Bar for Virus Rules Infraction After Back the Blue Video Goes Viral * ‘Resume life as normal’: Over 6,500 scientists and health professionals sign anti-lockdown petition 

VIDEO: This city is reimposing restrictions after new hot spots emerge * Browsing Is Dead” – Walmart Redesigns Stores Inspired By Airports And Contactless Environment (Allows for much more control per individuals) * New technology refuses entrance to shops if you’re not wearing mask * California governor’s office tells diners to wear masks ‘in between bites’ * VIDEO: More Melbourne Insanity: Mom Arrested At Beach For Traveling ‘Outside Her Permitted 5km Radius‘ * VIDEO: FNC’s Carlson on Democrat Mask Hypocrisy: ‘This Isn’t Science — This Is Medieval Superstition’ * Top infectious disease experts launch drive to end lockdowns * Political Hit Job!” – Trump Slams FDA’s Guidance Precluding COVID-19 Vaccine Before Nov. 3  * New WHO estimate puts coronavirus death rate at only 0.13% * VIDEO: Paul Weston – This One Covid Lie Will Bring Down The British Government * Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says “Second Wave” Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, “Pandemic Is Over” * VIDEO: Dr Mike Yeadon: ‘Government are using a Covid-19 test with undeclared false positive rates

VIDEO: Parents Claim Kindergartener Sent Home from School for Struggling to Wear Mask * Microchip’d? DARPA biochip to ‘save’ us from COVID can control human DNA * Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform 

 NYC mayor imposes $1000 fines for not wearing masks in public * Rome Imposes Mandatory Outdoor Mask Wearing at All Times * COVID-19 ‘phase 3’ vaccine trial participants report day-long migraines, fever * Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science * Dutch government won’t require face masks over lack of ‘proven effectiveness’


VIDEO: Media Won’t Mention this Historic Speech EXPOSING GLOBAL PLANS FOR POPULATION – R.F Kennedy Jr. * VIDEO: Dem Sen. Feinstein caught maskless in airport after urging mask mandate for all travelers * Nursing home inspectors in D.C. region aren’t required to take COVID-19 tests

VIDEO: Watch Cops Storm, Forcibly Shut Down Peaceful Anti-Lockdown Protest in London * UK Uni Students Say They Are Being ‘Imprisoned’ in Dorms over Coronavirus * Parliament Bars Were Exempted from Coronavirus Curfew — Before Govt U-Turned After Public Outrage

VIDEO: Woman arrested, tased for not wearing mask at middle school football game (They did this in front of her children! Click here fore proof the masks are nothing more than MIND CONTROL) * VIDEO: Idaho Police Arrest 3 at Outdoor Church Worship Event in Defiance of Mask Mandate * VIDEO: Cop wrestles with lady to cuff her for not wearing mask * Church Sues D.C. over Virus Restrictions for Worship Services While Allowing Mass Protests * VIDEO: Florida governor hosts expert panel that condemns lockdowns * Oregon’s youngest coronavirus victim did not actually have virus, according to CDC test (The AMA got caught lying AGAIN) * Colleges nationwide enforce strict COVID policies, except during BLM protests * Early data suggests newly reopened schools are avoiding surges in coronavirus cases * VIDEO: UK: Man Arrested For Not Wearing Mask Asks Cops Where They Were During BLM Riots (NOTICE: None of the Cops have Masks!)

VIDEO: COVID cops pounce on pregnant gal, elderly ladies for sitting on bench * Harvard dean confirms it will use police to enforce social distancing * Profs: Returning to campus amid COVID enforces ‘white supremacy culture’ * Britain’s Coronavirus Lockdown Is Six Months Old Today, and May Last for Six More * CDC Says It Mistakenly Posted Guidance Saying Virus Spreads Via Air, Travels Beyond 6 Feet * Coronavirus deaths 75% lower in nations using hydroxychloroquine! * Dems spending COVID-19 impact funds on favorite agendas * VIDEO: CDC Walks Back Guidance On Airborne Transmission Of Coronavirus * Masks can be Murder

Govt Introduces Localised Restrictions, Mulls Nationwide Second Lockdown * The Snitching Begins: Nosey Neighbour Calls Police on Wake in Pub Garden * Israel Ushers in Jewish New Year with Nationwide Lockdown * Coronavirus Pushes New Zealand into First Recession in a Decade * Yelp reveals 60% of business closures are now permanent * VIDEO: Australians have been filled ‘with fear and alarmism‘ * VIDEO: Peter Hitchens: ‘Wearing face masks is a great big badge saying I support the government’ * VIDEO: Attorney General William Barr Compares Coronavirus Lockdown To ‘Slavery’ * VIDEO: Protesters Gather Outside Kentucky Supreme Court During Case On Coronavirus Restrictions (Only the fake news reporter is wearing a mask) * Democrats Pass Resolution Condemning Terms Such As ‘Chinese Virus’ and ‘Kung-Flu’ * VIDEO: Watch: Joe Biden Violates Social Distancing When He Thinks He’s Off Camera * Study finds no statistical difference between COVID and flu in kids – Will the ‘Party of Science’ agree? * Emails show Nashville officials covered up low number of COVID-19 cases

Liberty Going Out of Fashion: 69% of Britons Support 9pm Coronavirus Curfew * VIDEO: Coronavirus whistleblower speaks out about possible COVID origin on ‘Tucker‘ * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: From Its Very First Days This Pandemic Was Shrouded in Lies * Delingpole: Noel Gallagher of Oasis – Coronavirus Masks Are ‘Bollocks’ * Donald Trump Opposes National Mask Mandate During Pandemic: A Lot of People Don’t Want to Wear Masks * Chinese virologist: Beijing manufactured, intentionally released virus * CDC: Almost all of the US kids and teens who’ve died from COVID-19 were Hispanic or Black (Sounds like ANOTHER genocidal attack against people of color) 

Chinese virologist vows to publish proof COVID-19 man-made * L.A. County’s public health director accidentally admits what many suspected about lockdowns * The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective * VIDEO: Arizona Republican lawmaker urges state to ‘unmask

Coronavirus: Who are the Covid marshals and what powers will they have? * Andrew Cuomo Announces Fine for New York Maskless Subway Riders * VIDEO: uebec city will isolate ‘uncooperative’ citizens in secret corona facility * VIDEO: There is information on face masks ‘desperate politicians prefer not to tell’ * Thousands Sign Petition Urging Leaders to Prosecute Pelosi for Coronavirus Violations * The pandemic is history (But the Media IGNORES it) * Stanford expert blasts COVID lockdown failures: ‘We quarantined the healthy … exposed the sick’ * VIDEO: Spain: Citizens stop police from arresting woman for not wearing mask * VIDEO: Biden inflates military COVID death tally to 873 times higher than reality during speech * Zero COVID hospitalizations in college, but draconian lockdowns still enforced

 Xi Jinping Praises ‘Extraordinary and Historic’ Victory of Chinese Socialism, W.H.O. in Coronavirus Battle * VIDEO: MUST SEE! Unmasking the Truth About a Second COVID Wave | Dr. Rashid Buttar & Del Bigtree (See ENTIRE video hereNo-lockdown Sweden now among world’s safest from virus * University says false positive inflated COVID numbers 600% among group of athletes * Xi Jinping Praises ‘Extraordinary and Historic’ Victory of Chinese Socialism, W.H.O. in Coronavirus Battle 

CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions * All the facts exposing the planned-demic in one place * Trust in CDC and media to provide accurate info on COVID plummets * Doctors’ group: HCQ-hoarding FDA cares more about power than Americans’ lives * VIDEO: Unmasking the Truth About a Second COVID Wave and the Vaccine

Climate pope wants earth to rest from climate crisis * Migrant Border Arrests Jump 200 Percent Since April Despite COVID Threat * Mask hypocrisy: Government board again prove rules don’t apply to them

 Pope Francis Calls for ‘Solidarity’ in Emerging from Coronavirus Pandemic * 6 Things We Learned From Queen Pelosi’s Wash and Blowout * ‘Skeptical:’ Ernst suggests COVID numbers are inflated * Maskless Nancy Pelosi Goes to San Francisco Hair Salon Despite Coronavirus Restrictions * CDC now says 94% of COVID deaths had an underlying condition, only 6% were COVID alone * N.Y. Times: 90% who test positive for COVID-19 are NOT contagious * Pa. mayor who banned indoor dining caught dining inside in Maryland, and chefs are roasting him * UK Greens: Climate Crisis ‘Even More Serious than COVID-19’ * Pope: Use Pandemic to Give the Environment a Vital ‘Rest

AUGUST 2020:

 Health agencies’ credibility at risk after week of blunders * World Council of Churches: Lockdowns Worse for Children than Coronavirus Itself * Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic * Study finds fenofibrate may downgrade Covid-19 to common cold level * Kamala Harris Backtracks on Mask ‘Mandate’: ‘It’s a Standard,’ No Punishment * Mainstream Media Gawks at Those Not Wearing Masks at RNC While Not Wearing Masks Themselves * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Drops Dire Warning! COVID Got Hijacked! We’re Never Going Back (FINALLY! Some are seeing how the PLANNED-demic is to bolster Rome’s Climate Change agenda – They still don’t see the prophecy, but they do see the reality)

State health chief would make coronavirus vaccine mandatory (Just echo: My Body! My Choice!) * ‘On the cusp of economic catastrophe’: Experts warn about more lockdowns * College cops to monitor off-campus residences who don’t comply with COVID rules * Parks Service green-lights 50,000-person march in Washington, but no masks or social distancing needed * Top medical journal: Home therapy could treat COVID * VIDEO: WHO and Gates equate Covid to Climate Change * WHO chief says we can’t return to normal after COVID due to one reason – Climate Change!

 Utah governor: Students who don’t wear masks can be charged with a crime * Bosses demand right to fire workers who refuse coronavirus vaccine * ‘Shame’ and ‘guilt’ campaign planned to coerce COVID-19 vaccination * One state will make COVID vaccine MANDATORY if it becomes available * Sweden has developed herd immunity after refusing to lock down, some health experts claim, with coronavirus infection rate falling * Lab: Contaminated Samples Resulted in Dozens of False Positive NFL Covid Tests * Stars attending VMAs from out of state will NOT be subject to N.Y. quarantine mandate * 7 dire consequences & collateral damages from lockdowns

 Melbourne authorities to use drones to catch people not wearing masks * Football coach orders players to photograph, report students not wearing masks * New state mandate requires doctor’s note to go mask-free in public * Mom of 6 booted from JetBlue flight because toddler wouldn’t keep mask on * Former Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden is banned from Delta Air Lines after not wearing mask * Study: Lockdowns have no impact on COVID-19 deaths * Bait-&-Switch: How they’ve changed the Covid conversation

Michigan College Will Digitally Track Students’ Movements At All Times (Even off campus) * Domestic terrorism threat grows as pandemic feeds indoctrination * New Jersey counties are under quarantine for another reason: Invasive bugs (It’s because most are starting to realize Covid 19 IS A HOAX) * Michigan hospital tries to treat patients with hydroxychloroquine, but FDA says no (Because IT WORKS!) * Congressman Louie Gohmert is COVID-19-free, and he credits hydroxychloroquine * Democrat-Controlled Chicago Spent $66 Million On A Coronavirus Facility That Treated 38 Patients—Total

Facebook Censored 100+ Million Coronavirus ‘Misinformation’ Posts in 3 Months (They call truth “misinformation”) * Wisconsin Forces Employees to Wear Masks at Home Alone During Zoom Meetings (This PROVES it’s not about spreading a virus! It’s about CONTROL!) * VIDEO:  No Lie Is Too Big For Scientists * VIDEO: Michelle Obama: Coronavirus an Opportunity to Change ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’ * Sweden hits COVID-19 ‘triple whammy’: No lockdowns, low deaths & minimal economic damage * Dems using coronavirus ‘to just harness illegitimate power’ 

VIDEO: WATCH: Crowd shouts down reporter during Trump presser * Oregon governor caught violating her own mask order * Michelle Obama slips up, says COVID is an opportunity to change ‘how wealth is distributed’ * “Within Days I Was Able To Breathe”: NYC Democratic Councilman Says Hydroxychloroquine Saved His Life * World’s top epidemiologists – masks don’t work! * Poll: 1 in 3 Americans would decline COVID-19 vaccine * Freedom To Breathe Agency (Is this legit? Let me know) * Huawei Sends Thousands of Biometric Surveillance Cameras to Serbia * Admitted: Faking coronavirus death of popular American Indian prof who NEVER EXISTED! * US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID med

JULY 2020:

 Coronavirus: Agreement outlines Purdue, county’s duties for contact tracing, reporting as campus reopens * VIDEO: BUSTED: Jim Jordan provoking Fauci with the truth * Netherlands will not ask citizens to wear masks – masks don’t work * VIDEO: Dr Offers $5000 For Proof That The Cv19 Exists * Singapore Forces Tracking Devices on Those Entering Country * As PLANNEDdemic stretches on, retail bankruptcies approach highest number in a decade (US Socialism will happen) * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED: Prison withholds medicine from COVID-19-infected former GOP congressman * CDC director warns high-school-age suicides and overdoses outpacing teen COVID deaths (Yet no nationwide school closure?) * Sweden’s top virus expert: ‘No point in wearing a face mask’ * Stanford expert: Stopping COVID-19 cases is ‘not the appropriate goal’ * VIDEO: Gun Shop Owner Wears ‘Communist News Network’ Shirt for CNN Interview!

Italy: Bus Drivers Take Martial Arts Training to Better Enforce Coronavirus Rules * The funeral for civil rights icon John Lewis is yet another example of how our hideous elites have turned the rest of us into second class citizens * Ohio Board of Pharmacy Reverses Rule, Okays Hydroxychloroquine After Governor’s Request (IOW: No vaccine needed) * 60% of Workers with COVID Refuse to Cooperate with Contact Tracing in Los Angeles

VIDEO: Montana physician Dr Annie Bukacek discusses how CV-9Teen death certificates are being manipulated * VIDEO: Covid911 – INSURGENCY * VIDEO: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING | “2025 is when the whole procedure finishes” (Perfect timing for the Popes 2027 timeframe) * VIDEO: America’s Frontline Doctors Address C V Misinformation At Scotus Press Conference * Florida Hospital Capacity Remains Steady Despite over 50k New Cases in Less than a Week * Nolte: Media Hysteria Convinced Americans 30 Million Died of Coronavirus * Politicians putting coronavirus politics above personal rights * VIDEO: Dr Offers $5000 For Proof That The CV19 Exists

VIDEO: Man says dad was turned away by 3 hospitals while sick with COVID-19, then died at home * Texas hospital forced to set up ‘death panel’ as Covid-19 cases surge (And since Covid 19 is fake, they will simply kill who they please) * Indiana Police Say They Won’t Enforce Governor’s Mask Order * ‘We don’t wear masks’: Montana businesses risk imprisonment to protest mask order

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser: Masks Mandatory for 3-Year-Olds Outside, Adult Violators Fined $1000 * Miami forms police unit to hunt down, impose $500 fine on those not wearing masks * VIDEO: [ BEWARE! ] “Everyone Should Know This Before It’s Too Late” – We are all In trouble * Dr Fauci confirming what we already knew * CDC Director: ‘Critically Important for Public Health to Open Schools This Fall’ * Critics Taunt Dr. Anthony Fauci for Watching Baseball Game Without a Mask * New York’s Andrew Cuomo Spotted Without Mask in Georgia * Full lockdowns do NOT reduce coronavirus mortality rate: Study

Poll: Nearly One-Third of Americans Do Not Believe Coronavirus Death Toll Is as High as Reported * ‘Safe Travel Guaranteed’: Uzbekistan Offers $3000 to Tourists if They Get Coronavirus * Millions of Americans not buying official coronavirus death count * VIDEO: Surgeon General Jerome Adams sides with Trump on opposing national coronavirus mask mandate

New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers * They are seeking to change DNA using the Covid vaccine! * Bipartisan bill introduced to require TSA to take temperature checks * Feinstein moves to pull funding from states that don’t require masks * CORONAVIRUS HYPE EXPOSED: U.K. to Offer Hollywood Actors, Crew Exemption From Quarantine Rules * Media Get Absolutely Exposed In Epic Thread On Their Hydroxychloroquine Bias * Jerry Nadler Proposes Ban on Deporting Illegal Aliens with Coronavirus (Proves virus fake – They need migrant votes!) * Columnist Blasts Chris Cuomo’s Wife for Indoor Yoga Class: ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ * ‘Sudden surge’ in coronavirus in infants is false, official says * Man dies in motorcycle crash – AMA says he died of Covid 19!

 NBC medical expert reveals he never had coronavirus after network documented his ‘recovery’ * VIDEO: The Fall of The Republic is The Rise of The Corporation Wake Up! MIRROR * VIDEO: Georgia Gov. Kemp Defends Absence of Statewide Mask Mandate: ‘Government Is Not Going to Be the Answer to All People’s Problems’ * Review into England’s coronavirus death total amid questions 

 Coronavirus: WHO Urges People To Go ‘Cashless * Coronavirus pandemic coming to an end? Death rate plunging (Except in liberal cities) * A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection * VIDEO: CoVid 19 Update. Please watch * VIDEO: Dr Bartlett has cured peole for years of Covid 19 * VIDEO: Fool Me Twice (This proves Covid 19 is a lie – Numbers don’t lie) * Stanford researcher: Spike in COVID not cause for alarm * 3 states account for 42% of COVID-19 deaths

 No one has died from the coronavirus * CDC Says Possibly ‘Less Than Half’ Of Positive Antibody Tests Are Correct * Some coronavirus tests in doubt in Texas after lab turns up abnormal number of positives * CDC’s failed coronavirus tests were tainted with coronavirus, feds confirm * 114-year-old Ethiopian ‘recovers from coronavirus’  * Medical expert: ‘Told you so’ about lockdowns being a mistake * U.S. death rate soaring, but more than a third are not caused by COVID-19

VIDEO: CoVid 19 Update. Please watch * Texas Governor Contradicts Everything He Ever Said About Mandating Masks * Huge: Massive CDC Fraud Uncovered – CDC Grossly Overcounting Active China Coronavirus Cases Causing States to Keep Their Economies Closed Indefinitely * The Pandemic of 2020 is over – but don’t expect media to cover it * New study documents that hydroxychloroquine does work

JUNE 2020:

VIDEO: No Mask? No Problem! Ca Stores Cannot Deny Entry * VIDEO: NBA players to receive coronavirus ‘smart ring’ * ‘We Fear No More’: Thousands Protest Hong Kong Security Law * Gov. Kristi Noem: ‘We Will Not Be Socially Distancing’ at Mount Rushmore Independence Day Event * VIDEO: ‘Fatal Conceit:’ Sen. Rand Paul Torches Public Health Officials for Spreading ‘Undue Fear’ Over Coronavirus * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK! * COVID-19 death rate is 75% lower in states that didn’t lock down: WSJ (Immune system weakens in lockdowns) * Sheriff: ‘Don’t be a sheep’ and blindly cave to governor’s mandatory mask order * CDC indicates COVID infection-fatality rate less than 1% * Study on Congress shows how quickly COVID-19 was politicized, polarized *

EEOC: Employers Can’t Make Employees Take Coronavirus Antibody Test, Violates ADA * W.H.O. Chief Tedros Laments Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Exacerbated’ by Politics * VIDEO: Ex-NY Times reporter Alex Berenson rips New Yorker for ‘panic porn’ over coronavirus hospitalization reporting * VIDEO: Public Service Announcement (it’s meant to be funny – but it makes perfect sense as to what’s happening) * Dr. Fauci: States Facing Coronavirus Troubles May Not Need to Reimpose An ‘Absolute Shutdown’ (They’re pausing their planned-demic only because it’s nearing an election – the left needs votes) * All COVID vaccines using aborted-baby stem cells, group warns

What Pandemic?! Massive Crowds in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles for ‘Black Trans’ Protests * Big Brother flexes: Demands ‘near-real time’ personal info on every patient * Startling claim: Ex-lawmaker charges U.S. unleashed coronavirus to spark economy (Satan has one HUGE web on this one!) * Doctors go to war with feds for ‘irrational’ limits on coronavirus fighter (Can’t have something that works threaten their “vaccine”)  The Coronavirus Shutdowns Devastated Jobs Throughout U.S. Economy Except on Wall Street and in Government * 4,000 Miles Away: Europe Racked by Riots and Protests Over Death of American George Floyd (This proves it’s NOT about BLM – it’s about finally getting out of the house to legally loot) * Masks reveal partisan split among lawmakers on coronavirus (Too obvious!) * Dem governor ‘can’t imagine’ telling protesters to stay home during coronavirus * NOW you tell us: WHO finds ‘asymptomatic’ carriers not spreading coronavirus

 Nolte: Dr. Fauci Is Either a Liar or a Fraud (Proof is in the ignored lock downs so the people can  riot) * UK Police Admit BLM Protests Unlawful, But Won’t Enforce Lockdown for Fear of ‘Serious Disorder’ (aka hypocrisy) * Here’s part of COVID e-book that was quarantined by Amazon * Florida Dems claim showing up to work is too dangerous, then brag about attending SpaceX launch * De Blasio condemned Jewish funeral but attended George Floyd Memorial with thousands of people * Trump team wondering whatever happened to social distancing * Liberty University finishes semester with zero COVID cases after refusing to close

 OUCH! ‘Vaccination passport’ coming, report says * Will Protests Spark a 2nd Viral Wave? (It won’t – viruses die off in warm weather – sadly liars flourish all year long) * Man dies with extremely high blood-alcohol content, was listed as COVID fatality * Italian Expert: Coronavirus ‘No Longer Exists’ Clinically (will it matter?) * Dem governors praise mass ‘protests‘ (Hypocrites!) * New Evidence Suggests COVID-19 May Actually Be a Blood Vessel Disease

VIDEO: Coronavirus: Face coverings to be mandatory on public transport * Oklahoma Schools considering Saturday classes to make up for Covid-19 lock downs * VIDEO: Contact Tracing Scarier than you Imagined * The coronavirus is the flu – just match the symptoms * VIDEO: Ex-New York Times reporter Alex Berenson: Unreported truths about COVID-19 and lockdowns * Under Fire, Amazon Reverses Decision to Ban Former NYT Reporter’s Book on Coronavirus * COVID vs. Climate modeling: Cloudy with a chance of politics

MAY 2020:

 VIDEO: President of Tanzania Exposes The Fake COVID 19 Testing kits * VIDEO: Cuomo’s recent statements on nursing homes stun ‘The Five‘ * It seems it WAS planned * Israeli expert was right: Lockdowns don’t affect virus spread * CDC estimates put COVID fatality rate at 0.26%, over 13 times lower than initial WHO claim * VIDEO: Digital Immunity Passports are Coming * VIDEO: Disasters slated for 2020 * Catholic Bishops Tout ‘European Green Deal’ as Response to COVID-19 Pandemic * VIDEO: Coronavirus UK: Government launches test and trace programme for COVID-19

VIDEO: CCP Is Trying to ‘Put Them in Concentration Camps’ Like in Tibet and Xinjiang * Food for Thought – Is CV19 a Hoax? * Michigan Won’t Report How Many of Its Coronavirus Deaths Were Nursing Home Infections * VIDEO: Thousands Take Streets in Ecuador Against Coronavirus Budget Cuts * VIDEO: WI Man Busts MSNBC for Mask-Shaming While Cameraman Is Maskless * Italy: 96% of Coronavirus Fatalities Had Other Chronic Illnesses * Homeless Deaths Rise in San Francisco During Lockdown, But Not Due to Coronavirus * Truth comes out about Whitmer and coronavirus contract to Dem firms * WHO pauses trial of hydroxychloroquine as coronavirus treatment (They know they can’t make money on a new drug seeing how hydroxychloroquine works) * Fewer ‘essential workers’ infected than those in lockdown, study shows (Lockdown = Weaker Immune System)

VIDEO: Why Farmers Are Destroying Millions Of Pounds Of Food * Chicago Mayor Launches Police Raid to Shut Down Black Church’s Sunday Services * Dershowitz doubles down: State can force vaccination if it’s ‘safe’ (The only way to FORCE it is to rewrite the Constitution) * I’m looking for the truth’: States face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups * Report: Billionaires Have Made $434 Billion During Coronavirus Pandemic * Democrats Face Criticism for Not Wearing Face Masks, Violating Own Rules * $21 Million Brooklyn Field Hospital Shutters After Seeing No Coronavirus Patients * Mask-pushing governor caught at beach without face mask * VIDEO: Dave Portnoy unloads on Fauci in blistering rant * Epitome of absurdity’: Priest responds to pope’s suggestion COVID-19 caused by Earth’s anger

VIDEO: [URGENT] “They Will Delete This Immediately!” Dr. Rashid Buttar * U.N: Yemen’s Healthcare System Effectively ‘Collapsed’ Under Coronavirus * California Officials Threaten to Withhold Coronavirus Funds from Rural County After Local Leaders Open Economy * Majority of states now putting people who test positive for COVID into databases * Colorado lowers COVID death toll by nearly 20% * Written order shows state falsely claiming ‘isolation camps’ are ‘voluntary’ * VIDEO: COVID truths, frauds and tyrants * VIDEO: ‘No Evidence That the Lockdowns in America Saved Lives Anywhere‘ *  Physicians: ‘Forcing Healthy Americans to Quarantine Inflicted Devastating Harm’ * California doctors say they’ve seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns * VIDEO: FINALLY! Amy Klobuchar Admits Miracle Drug Hydroxychloroquine Saved Her Husband’s Life * CDC admits to giving misleading COVID-19 testing data. Several states have been making the same mistake (mistake?) * VIDEO: 600 doctors urge Trump to end national lockdown * Doctors Push for ‘Climate Change’ to Be Recorded on Death Certificates 

VIDEO: Rome Airport Introduces ‘Smart Helmet’ for Virus Detection * VIDEO: FORCED Vaccinations: “You Have NO RIGHT to NOT be Vaccinated” Alan Dershowitz * VIDEO: On vaccines, the Chair of CDC states “Let’s just get rid of White people” * Progressives Are Tracking the Smartphone Location Data of Lockdown Protesters * New Jersey Gov. Murphy: We ‘Cannot Firmly Enter the New Normal’ Without a Vaccine * ‘No face masks allowed’: ‘Stop listening to dumb- governor‘ * Alan Dershowitz: State has right to ‘plunge a needle into your arm’ * VIDEO: The Rise of the Snitch State * Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie Blasts ‘Phony’ Media on Hydroxychloroquine Study * New Jersey Democrats Silent on Phil Murphy Putting Coronavirus Patients in Nursing Homes * State changed nursing home death count after governor criticized * Vatican ties virus rethink to pope’s environmental appeal

 VIDEO: McCarthy: Democrats Are Using Coronavirus as ‘Opportunity to Enforce Their Socialism’ * AUDIO: Oregon Salon Owner: State Sent Child Protective Services After Me Because I Opened My Business * French Children Confined to Dystopian ‘Play Squares’ as Schools Reopen (Blatant Indoctrination) * VIDEO: San Francisco Opens ‘Safe Sleeping Village’ for Homeless During Pandemic (look familiar?!) * DRUNK ON POWER * Salon owner already facing lockdown fine now says state is targeting her children * 3 in 4 Americans agree universal health care needed in coronavirus pandemic (Socialist Medicine!) * Report: TSA could soon begin checking temperature of travelers * VIDEO: Remember this? Think about this when you see how the media is on the same page with the PLANNED-DEMIC (WAIT FOR IT!)

VIDEO: Nolte: CNN’s Typhoid Kaitlan Collins Caught Removing Mask After White House Briefing (This proves the White House media knows it’s all fake) * Report: Los Angeles Inmates Freed from Jail Without Being Tested for COVID-19 * State’s coronavirus death toll drops significantly after officials make major criteria change * See the states that banned religious gatherings, but kept liquor stores open * VIDEO: Plandemic Part 1 Dr Judy Mikovits

ANOTHER “Hospital Ship” leaves harbor. This time after treating only 77 patients * Despite false accusations, Liberty U ends school year with no coronavirus cases * Man dies with lethal 0.55 blood-alcohol level — listed as COVID death * VIDEO: ‘CBS This Morning’ Aired Faked COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Site Line of Cars * Deborah Birx said ‘there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust’ in coronavirus task force meeting * VIDEO: Greta Thunberg Hopes Coronavirus Pandemic Convinces People to Listen to Scientists on ‘Climate Crisis’

Pelosi Coronavirus Plan Orders Felons, Illegal Aliens to Be Freed from Prison * Los Angeles Health Official Predicts County Will ‘Slowly Lift Restrictions over the Next 3 Months’ * ‘Bloodshed in the streets’? Cop suspended for defying lockdown orders * Scientist running for office to challenge ‘climate change’ agenda * Health secretary ordered nursing homes to take COVID patients, then moves out own mother * Cherry Health CEO: Staff Members STAGED Fake COVID-19 Testing Line, State Lawmaker Demands Governor Act

VIDEO: Face masks and social distancing forever? Top governor makes unnerving suggestion * Colombian company creates bed that can double as casket * Germany’s Bild Newspaper Says ‘Lockdown Was a Huge Mistake’ * Most extreme COVID-19 cases can be treated with standard techniques * Study: All disease models are ‘wrong,’ but new math tool can help * Most field hospitals in $660 million project treated ZERO coronavirus patients

VIDEO: Splitting up Families using Contact Tracing * Huge Scandal’ of NY Cuomo Gov’t’s Role in Nursing Home Coronavirus Deaths * VIDEO: They’re using the virus to kill the elderly (Hitler would be Proud) * VIDEO: Attorney for jailed Dallas salon owner slams judge as a ‘tiny tyrant’ (She was jailed for HERESY!) * Covid-19 normalizing the Islamic Hijab * KEEP AN EYE ON THIS NEW BILL H.R. 6666 * Pennsylvania Hospital ADMITS “we never surged” with Coronavirus * CBS News Caught Broadcasting Fake Coronavirus Footage for 3rd Time * More COVID-19 Testing Means More Infections, Means More Fake News * Pakistan to Lift Coronavirus Lockdown on Saturday Despite Rise in Cases (They fear Real Muslims more than Fake Virus) * Study: Most critically ill coronavirus patients survive and recover with standard treatment

VIDEO: MTV Airs Ad Showing the Round Up Of American Citizens (Will only happen in Cities) * They will Force People to get Vaccine Before Restoring Freedom?! * Donald Trump: Coronavirus Task Force ‘Will Continue on Indefinitely’ * Surveillance State: UK Govt Rolls out Coronavirus Contact Tracing App * Judicial Watch tries to stop California guv from doling out cash to illegals * 6 in 10 call phone tracking to enforce social distancing ‘unacceptable’ * Shame on you: 51% of Americans have judged someone else for not social distancing (It will be over 80% during Climate Change Enforcement) * 

VIDEO: ‘Staged’: CBS News footage of coronavirus testing includes ‘fake’ patients * COVID-19 turning out to be huge hoax perpetrated by media * Author of ‘2.2 million dead’ study bankrolled by Big Pharma * Pittsburgh Coronavirus Researcher Murdered Close to ‘Very Significant Findings’ * London’s NHS Field Hospital to Be Closed After Barely Being Used * VIDEO: Texas Salon Owner Refuses to Apologize to Judge for Working to Feed Her Kids During Lockdown * Top social-distancing scientist resigns after breaking lockdown to meet lover * Nobel Prize winner: Data shows lockdowns were ‘huge mistake’ * VIDEO: Florida governor says media owe residents an apology for ‘spasm’ over open beaches * 

De Niro, Madonna Use Coronavirus to Demand Climate Change Reforms: ‘Massive Extinction of Life No Longer in Doubt’ * Macron Govt Demands Air France Go Green to Get Bailout Cash * VIDEO: Marine vet gets cops at anti-lockdown protest to stand down * Climate change and coronavirus: Five charts about the biggest carbon crash

 VIDEO: Jesuit Pope is Pushing for Covid-19 VACCINE * VIDEO: The TRUTH about Vaccines * VIDEO: W.H.O.’s Not Telling the Truth? * W.H.O. Continues to Obey China, Ignores Taiwan Coronavirus Success * Soros-Funded ACLU Sues to Free 500 Inmates from Prison in California * Congressman: Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi Blocking Investigation into Chinese Coronavirus Origins, Tax Money to Wuhan Lab * VIDEO: OH Gov. DeWine: Mandatory Mask Order Was ‘a Bridge Too Far’ * Lifetime lockdown? 40% of Americans will avoid public after pandemic ends (Fake Fear WORKED) * 911 dispatcher risks COVID to go to work, reportedly gets disgusting note from ignorant neighbors (Hitler’s Youth Brigade would be Proud) * Nolte: They Told Us Lockdowns Were About Flattening the Curve. They Lied * Caught! Watch De Blasio yet again ignoring his own advice, walking in park 11 miles from home * Government is using daily coronavirus death toll as a ‘propaganda tool’, claims expert

 VIDEO: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Mulls Tax Increase After Coronavirus * California: Seven ‘High Risk’ Sex Offenders Freed from Jail During Coronavirus Crisis * VIDEO: Kamala Harris: Distribution of pandemic resources should be based on race (WHAT?!) * Fresno fines furniture store $5,000 for selling online with outside pick up — just like a restaurant * Days after pledging to give Muslims free meals, De Blasio threatens to round up Jews * VIDEO: Pope urges coronavirus lockdown obedience amid church-state debate * 100 Faith Leaders Tell Governor To Not Rush To Open N.J. * VIDEO: Experts don’t like to admit they’re wrong * VIDEO: After blasting Maine’s gov, Tucker talks to brave citizen defying her orders * VIDEO: Our leaders are making a mockery of their own quarantines * Coronavirus: Congressman Probes into Pentagon ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ Grant to Firm that Sent Taxpayer Dollars to Wuhan Lab * The 1000 bed Navy Hospital leaves after treating ONLY 182 patients * VIDEO: Cuomo uses hundreds of handmade masks to decorate briefing backdrop instead of distributing them * Veritas video: NYC funeral directors doubt accuracy of coronavirus fatality count * VIDEO: US allies move toward Trump, demanding coronavirus investigation despite Chinese threats

APRIL 2020:

Bigger Brother: COVID-19 used to launch new health ‘surveillance’ * ‘The Squad’ wants feds in control of private property during pandemic * Ché would be proud: Authoritarianism has weakened the People * Judge gets caught trying to issue BLANK WARRANTS so Police can right in any name they suspected (without proof) of being sick *  * VIDEO: Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns * FNC’s Carlson: ‘As We Fight This Virus, We Are Becoming Far More Like the Country That Spawned It * Report: Fox News Severs Ties with Diamond & Silk (They Questions the “facts” on Covid-19) * VIDEO: Roman Catholic UN chief on climate change and COVID-19

Arab Gulf Economies Take Massive Hit with Oil Price Crash * Italian Law Professor Warns Lockdown Presents Serious Abuse of Authority * North Korea’s Kim Jong Un reported by Japanese media to be in vegetative state (Why? He said they had ZERO Covid-19 cases) * VIDEO: State of Fear * Sweden says no-lockdown coronavirus response working * ‘Unreliable Data’ Britain Drops China From Official Coronavirus Death Toll * China Warns Australia: Drop Coronavirus Probe or Pay an Economic Price * AUDIO: Giuliani: ‘Fauci Gave $3.7 Million to Wuhan Laboratory’ in 2014 * The World Must Know the Truth About the Origins of the Coronavirus (This will give life onto Rome’s One World Court System) * VIDEO: Birx: Media ‘Very Slicey and Dicey’ with Coronavirus Headlines * 8 reasons to support reopening America * Stanford doctor: 5 reasons to stop panic, end total isolation 

 Gretchen Whitmer Extends Michigan’s Stay-at-Home Order to May 15 (Obvious show of FORCE) * Heathrow Demands Mass Coronavirus Screenings of Airport Arrivals *  Present Shutdowns Come Close to ‘House Arrest,’ Says A.G. Barr * VIDEO: Roman Catholic UN chief asks for universally accessible COVID-19 tools * VIDEO: Checkpoint conflict: Retired soldier shot dead by cop in Quezon City (Video #2) * Early antibody tests suggest an astonishing 21% of NYC residents already had coronavirus, Cuomo says (In short.. they had the common cold) * Obama administration funded Wuhan lab * The COVID-19 scandal: Billionaire Bill Gates and WHO * China caught in the act: U.S. officials say CCP was sending panic-inducing texts to Americans * Sunlight destroys coronavirus quickly, say US scientists * Alarmists: Climate Change Will Turn Earth into ‘a Giant, Raging Fire Ball’ * VIDEO: Has Coronavirus Helped Buy Some Time on ‘Global Warming'?

 VIDEO: Welcome To “Their” New World Order – It Was Planned Out Long Ago! * VIDEO: Remember this video from years ago? * VIDEO: Reports Indicate Coronavirus Boom in Northern China, Beijing (PLANNED-demic #2?) * Joe Biden ‘Excited’: Coronavirus an Opportunity for ‘Institutional Changes’ * U.S. Police Departments Deploy Drones Donated by Chinese Manufacturer * Report: Rogue States Spreading Coronavirus Bioweapon Conspiracy Theories * Criminals released because of coronavirus arrested for disturbing new crimes 

VIDEO: Brutal Hot Mic at Trump CV Briefing * Just as they did with 911, they did with Covid-19 – ALL was preplanned * VIDEO: This was Deleted from YouTube * Ron Paul: What if lockdown was a big mistake? * Barr threatens legal action on governors over excessive lockdowns * Lockdowns may have been unnecessary, says Rush Limbaugh * Coronavirus: Study of 1,000 children with coronavirus found just one developed severe disease * VIDEO: Brit Hume: Time to consider possibility that coronavirus lockdown was colossal public policy calamity * Chinese Agents Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say * 

VIDEO: Pope: Renew commitment to Earth in face of pandemic (Notice they turned off comments to prevent what wise Christians post) * Pope Francis on Earth Day: We Have ‘Polluted and Despoiled’ the Planet * Earth Day co-founder killed girlfriend, ‘composted’ her ‘mummified’ body * Barack Obama Warns Climate Change Will Be ‘Far Harsher’ than Coronavirus * Delingpole: Plague-Ravaged Milan Exploits Lockdown to Turn Itself Green

 VIDEO: Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV * VIDEO: Watch: Police Hunt Down, Fine, Man Lying Alone on an Italian Beach (Blatant Show of Force! Nothing more) * VIDEO: Star-Studded ‘One World’ Benefit Concert for the W.H.O. Sparks Outrage: ‘Commie Propaganda’ * Coronavirus: San Clemente Fills Skate Park with 37 Tons of Sand to Block Skaters * Coronavirus bill establishes national ‘surveillance’ of health care! * VIDEO: As Big Brother expands, government drones now tracking Americans’ body temps without permission * Facebook ‘fact checker’ worked at Wuhan lab! * De Blasio urges New Yorkers to snitch on neighbors who violate social distancing (Hitler would be Proud) * VIDEO: U.K. cops threaten journalist who caught them dragging woman out of park for ‘not exercising’ * Sheriff threatened to jail teen’s family if she did not delete Instagram posts about coronavirus, lawsuit says 

VIDEO: Tens of Thousands Defy Coronavirus Lockdown to Attend Muslim Cleric’s Funeral * Open Borders Britain: Hundreds of Private Jets Fly In Despite Lockdown * Walmart to Hire 50K More Workers After Filling 150K Jobs During Pandemic (Corrupt Govt Connections Payoff!) * The ventilator shortage that wasn’t * WHO director has a long history of cover-ups * Militants in Yemen vow to shoot COVID-19 victims

VIDEO: NJ governor ignores Bill of Rights * VIDEO: Coronavirus: New Zealand considering $100m contact tracing ‘CovidCard’ * Google Will Continue to Harvest Your Data Through Chinese Virus Screening * George W. Bush Center: More Globalization Is the Answer to Coronavirus Crisis * Google and Apple’s Chinese Virus Tracing Technology Could (WILL) Be Abused * Judge lets cops jail anyone SUSPECTED of being sick with coronavirus * Obama AG Eric Holder giddy about ‘opportunity’ coronavirus presents to make ‘permanent’ changes * VIDEO: Las Vegas mayor demands end to Nevada coronavirus lockdown * VIDEO: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses * VIDEO: Uganda: Speaker of the House Debuts Magic Coronavirus Killing Spray (Most will Ignore this) * VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi deleted video of herself in Chinatown downplaying Coronavirus *

 Coronavirus distancing may need to continue until 2022, say experts (Satan knows the LOUD CRY is about to start!) * VIDEO: This is why Bill Gates started a “Vaccine Organization” years ago – this is also why we suddenly have a supposed need for vaccines * VIDEO: ALERT! Pandemic is Planned! Bill Gates ID2020 Exposed! * An Invisible Quantum Dot ‘Tattoo’ Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kids * Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan – cites Gates’ twisted ‘Messiah Complex’ * Police State: British Cops Call For the Right to Invade Private Homes to Bust up Gatherings * ‘Non-Essential Travel’:’ Australian Couple Fined $3,000+ for Posting Last Year’s Vacation Pictures on Facebook * 2,100 U.S. Cities Bracing for Budget Shortfalls Linked to Coronavirus Shutdown * Head of doctors’ group: Governors must stop practicing medicine * America is being transformed by the pandemic crisis * Rush Limbaugh warns of ‘Your papers, please’ checkpoints in U.S. * ‘Tyrant’ governor: Nails on road, police presence greet Christians at church * Angry shoppers slam new rules preventing Walmart, Target, and Costco stores from selling ‘nonessential’ items such as toys and clothing in certain parts of the US * VIDEO: Judge Andrew Napolitano on coronavirus restrictions: We are witnessing the slow death of civil liberties *

US government gave $3.7million to Wuhan lab accused of sparking coronavirus outbreak with experiments on bats * FIZZ MYSTERY Coronavirus patients describe terrifying new ‘fizzing’ symptom like ‘being dunked in icy lake and struck by lightning’ (Sounds man-made) * They Are Rolling Out The Architecture Of Oppression Now Because They Fear The People (This reminds me of a sermon video I did 10 years ago) * New York City Backdates Thousands of Presumed COVID-19 Deaths * New York City revises coronavirus death toll to add 3,700 more deaths * China Reopens Wet Markets with World Health Organization’s Blessing * VIDEO: Stanford professor claims coronavirus death rate ‘likely orders of magnitude lower’ than first thought * German prof finds ‘no significant risk’ of coronavirus infection at supermarkets

80% of NYC’s coronavirus patients who are put on ventilators ultimately die, and some doctors are trying to stop using them * Walmart, Costco, Target are barred from selling ‘nonessential’ items such as clothing and electronics in parts of the US * Michigan Order Banning Travel ‘Between Residences,’ Sale of Certain Items Takes Effect * VIDEO: Mississippi Police Fine Christians $500 For Listening to Sermons While Parked in Their Cars * New Jersey DCF looking to Take Peoples’ Children! * VIDEO: [CCP Virus] How the World Is Being Manipulated By Covid 19 Propaganda From China * VIDEO: Video shows cops ripping man from bus, reportedly for not wearing face mask (1st Video shows cop with no mask demanding people without masks get off bus!) * VIDEO: Dr. Fauci claims it’s ‘possible’ Americans will carry ‘certificates of immunity’ (Nazi’s Also Insisted You Show Them Your Papers!) * VIDEO: So it turns out this video is entirely fraudulent * VIDEO: The first documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus(Coronavirus) * VIDEO: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Questionable Death Certificates * VIDEO: German study: Coronavirus mortality rate may be 5 times lower than reported * VIDEO: They’re making masks on the floor with bare hands and feet!

As Expected – Coronavirus: Apple and Google team up to contact trace Covid-19 * Americans won’t attend sports events without vaccine: survey * A blatant show of FORCE * Botswana declares six-month state of emergency due to Covid-19 * Kissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government, of course * VIDEO: Physician absolutely demolished the “covid-19” test and the very existence of the “virus” * VIDEO: US Government Admits to Beefing up the Numbers * VIDEO: They can make Computer models say anything * POWERFUL VIDEO: Real Doctor speaks the truth about COVID-19 * Australia Stayed Ahead of Pandemic by Ignoring ‘Politicised’ WHO on China Travel Ban * Former NY Times reporter sounds alarm over flawed coronavirus models that have tossed economy into ‘freefall’ * Oklahoma City hospital temporarily closing due to lack of patients * VIDEO: Coronavirus Was Slow to Spread to Rural America. Not Anymore * Northam signs gun-control bills into law * Pope Francis Says Pandemic Is ‘Nature’s Response’ to Human Inaction over Climate Change

VIDEO: W.H.O. Wants to Split up Families!  * VIDEO: George Pell wins High Court appeal against child sex abuse convictions * VIDEO: W.H.O Official ~ Entering Your Homes Soon…’Cause you Brought it Home’ *  ‘VIDEO: We Cannot Return to Normal Until There’s a Vaccine,’ Could Be 12-18 Months * Duterte Tasks Officials with Funding Coronavirus Fight: ‘You Can Steal, I Don’t Care’ * WHO Official Floats Removing the Infected from Their Homes to Stop Spread * Mayor of major U.S. city (Chgo) signs executive order giving coronavirus benefits to illegal aliens * No bail for those arrested for violating isolation orders * VIDEO: Man handcuffed in front of daughter at Brighton park for allegedly violating social distancing * Doctors Pressuring Senior Citizens to Sign Do Not Resuscitate Forms * George Soros-Funded Group to Governors: Release as Many Prisoners as Possible Due to Coronavirus * VIDEO: Closing Grocery Stores Soon? * 

YouTube BANS all Videos linking 5G to Coronavirus! * British 5G towers are being set on fire because of coronavirus conspiracy theories * 5G / COVID19 Maps PROVE there is a Connection! * VIDEO: Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV * Chicago Mayor Blasted for Getting Haircut After Telling Chicagoans to Shut Down Shops * Kiwi Health Minister Forgiven After Beach Visit Violates Strict Lockdown * Rep. Lance Gooden: Allow DOJ to Investigate China for Coronavirus Bioweapon * VIDEO: CDC Director: Coronavirus Death Toll Will Be ‘Much, Much, Much Lower’ than Projected * VIDEO: The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change (Sept 2019 video) * VIDEO: Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV * Climate Activists Use Coronavirus Pandemic to Push Climate Change Agenda * Pope Francis says coronavirus may be ‘nature’s response’ to climate crisis

VIDEO: MSNBC Blames Christians for Coronavirus: More People Are Dead Because of “Religious Nationalism * Mike Lindell: ‘I Think We’re in the Greatest Revival in History * VIDEO: This Is Not the Time to Go to the Grocery Store * Coronavirus Jailbreak: Soros-Funded ACLU Helps Free Illegal Alien Child Molester, Immigrant Child Abuser * Sheriff rebels against governor: ‘We will not be setting up a police state’ * New Cuomo executive order will have military take ventilators from rural hospitals to NYC * U.S. military is preparing for ‘worst-case contagion scenarios’ (but it’s a secret) (It’s called MARTIAL LAW) * 1 country takes restrictive COVID-19 lockdown to new level: Men and women can’t be outside together * State police cite Pa. woman for ‘going for a drive’ amid stay-at-home order * Even if you test negative for COVID-19, assume you have it, experts say * VIDEO: 5G and the Coronavirus Connection * VIDEO: COVID 19 and Fake News Fact Checking the Fact Checkers * NHS Auxiliary Nurse Quits After Being Ordered Not to Wear a Mask * Chief Medical Officer Steps Down After Getting Caught Ignoring Own Lockdown Advice to Visit Second Home * Expert COVID prediction of 50K hospitalizations in N.Y. by April 1 turned out to be 400% too high

United Nations wants 10% global tax and wants it now! * Israel starts surveilling virus carriers, sends 400 who were nearby to isolation * UK government to release coronavirus app which tells you if you’re near someone who has it * Kentucky is putting ankle monitors on coronavirus patients who ignore self-isolation order A perfect storm’: US facing hunger crisis as demand for food banks soars * The Great CV19 Hoax ~ It’s All Faked * VIDEO: Worldwide Lockdown Over the Common Cold? * VIDEO: 104-year-old World War II Veteran Beats Coronavirus * Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood Open ‘for Abortion Services Only’ * VIDEO: 95-year-old WWII veteran survives COVID-19  ANOTHER LEGAL Coronavirus Jailbreak: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Commutes Sentences for 14 Convicted Killers * Sex offenders who raped minors being released in coronavirus response * Florida Will Check New York Drivers at State Line on I-95 * Talk of GPS tracking of Americans * You won’t believe what Dems are stuffing into next coronavirus bill * VIDEO: DoD isolating critical troops and commanders to be ready in a crisis amid pandemic * Hungary’s Orban gets sweeping new powers in virus fight * UK Could Be in Coronavirus ‘on and off Lockdown’ for a Year: Expert * UK Govt Set to Release App that Tracks Contacts of Coronavirus Patients * The US government has a long history of using crises to justify indefinite mass detention * VIDEO: Cellphone Data Map Reveals Which Americans Are Ignoring Quarantine * Arizona Lists Golf as an Essential Activity * VIDEO: CBS used fake COVID video: ‘N.Y. hospital’ footage was from Italy’s hardest-hit city * CBS News Admits Using Chaotic Italian Hospital Footage for New York Report * VIDEO: Why ABC Liquor Stores are Considered Essential * God is sending serious message with coronavirus *

Obama drops coronavirus bombshell: It’s all due to climate change! * N.Y. Times: Christians to blame for ‘crippling’ the coronavirus response * Coast Guard responds after armed mob forces man into quarantine: Reports * 59 people die as Pastor (who claims to be a prophet) gives them dettol (bleech) to drink in church to prevent Coronavirus * Alarmists: Climate Change Making Nightingales’ Wings Shorter (see more strange excuses here)

MARCH 2020:

 CoronaVirus “Live Exercise”, Jan 2020 * If Covid19 is 3X more contagious than the regular flu as VP Pence says, then why do we have 22,000+ dead of the flu and only 150 dead of Covid19? * Socialists Look to Take Advantage of Coronavirus Emergency * Statistics show corornavirus U.S. death-rate decreasing (MOB testing done?) * Stanford professor: Data indicates we’re severely overreacting to coronavirus * If we can shut down America for COVID-19, Dems can shut it down for climate change * VIDEO: Coronavirus and Climate Change * 

VIDEO: Illinois governor issues order requiring residents to ‘stay at home’ starting Saturday  What to watch for when government tells churches to close * Police show up at Louisiana church that was defying coronavirus state order * VIDEO: US starts to release inmates due to coronavirus outbreak * Israel Is Now Tracking Coronavirus Patients Using Their Smartphones * Martial Law Is Reportedly On The Table In California In Order To Slow The Spread Of Coronavirus

 VIDEO: Coronavirus and Climate Change (Nice to finally see the secular end seeing what we have been seeing for decades) * MIT PhD reveals sinister theory about coronavirus (Obama’s DeepState) * As Chinese lies on coronavirus get exposed, another government critic mysteriously vanishes * California governor: ‘I don’t think schools are going to open again’ (as planned) * Fake news making coronavirus situation even worse, study says (ya think?!) * They’re all LYING when using the term “epidemic” – According to the CDC in 2003 epidemic = 7.7% of total infected. We are nowhere near that * 

Coronavirus: California Prepared for Martial Law Possibility * Philadelphia Ends Jail for ‘Non-Violent’ Criminals Because of Coronavirus Crisis * France and Italy Consider Nationalisation of Airlines Crippled By Coronavirus * Annual (regular) flu season sees 22,000 dead – Coronavirus only sees 77 dead? * Study: 86 Percent Infected with Coronavirus in Public Are Undetected * A Rikers Guard Tested Positive for Coronavirus as New York City Considers Releasing Some Inmates * France: 100,000 police officers handing out fines to people who leave the house without a valid * Italy May Soon Be Forced to Stop Treating Coronavirus Patients Over 80 * Class-action suit demands $20 trillion from China for coronavirus damages

China: Hundreds Protest Arrest of Fresh Food Seller During Coronavirus Lockdown * Apple Closes All Retail Stores – Except in China * David Boreanaz Accuses CNN of Trafficking in Fear With Its Coronavirus Coverage * Marco Rubio: China’s Shameless Coronavirus Pandemic Propaganda Campaign * Tom Cotton Floats Universal Basic Income for Coronavirus Crisis (To cultivate agreement towards Socialism) * Mitt Romney just unveiled a plan to send every American adult a $1,000 check during the coronavirus outbreak (To cultivate agreement towards Socialism) * ‘Shut up!’: Dr. Phil says ‘stop politicizing’ coronavirus and listen to scientists

VIDEO: Fmr Coronavirus Patient: ‘The Hysteria Has Just Gotten Out of Control’ * 3 More Iranian Officials Sick from Coronavirus (Are they use the virus to coverup a coup? That’s 10 Iranian officials so far wherein 7 died) * Rush Limbaugh: Trump’s opponents weaponizing coronavirus * Expert confirms ‘moderate’ symptoms for most with coronavirus * Media scorched for distorting coronavirus threat * VIDEO: The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda (5G exposed)

Numbers are nowhere near “pandemic” levels, yet the Vatican calls it a pandemic to cultivate fear * CDC Official: ‘We Do Not Expect Most People to Develop Serious Illness’ * Coronavirus fatality rate is jaw-droppingly low for most people 

The Presents of God ministry