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VIDEO: Vaxxed have a 990% more chance of dying

 "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." -Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister
VIDEO: 25 Questions to ask about the Pandemic

The Mask To Mark Agenda Unveiled

PROOF: Pope is Behind Covid19

"Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction." -Mahatma Gandhi

“I am no longer 'trying to dig up evidence to prove' vaccines cause autism. There is already abundant evidence....This debate is not scientific but is political” ― David Ayoub M.D.

“One of the medical profession's greatest boasts is that it eradicated smallpox through the use of the smallpox vaccine. I myself believed this claim for many years. But it simply isn't true!” ― Dr. Vernon Coleman















REMOVE Contact Tracing from iPhone

REMOVE Contact Tracing from Android Phone

ANOTHER VIDEO to remove contact tracing

PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission

“The more it (vaccination) is supported by public authorities, the more will its dangers and disadvantages be concealed or denied.” ― M. Beddow Bayly

“I am & have been for years a confirmed anti-vaccinationist. Anti-vaccination has no backing from the orthodox medical opinion. A medical man who expresses himself against vaccination loses caste. Tremendous pecuniary interests too have grown around vaccination.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“The fact is that sooner or later, Andrew Wakefield will be exonerated, his theory will be accepted, and a vaccine-autism connection will be proven.” ― F.E. Yazbak M.D. F.A.A.P
















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VIDEO: Plandemic II: Indoctornation (FULL MOVIE)

Below is a list of
blog posts I made from early March 2020 and on - along with the video links of same that explain why the powers that be have openly used their prophesied one world government to get every nation on the same page with this PLANNED-demic that will set everyone up that is needed to enforce the soon coming mark of the beast using the long expected climate change agenda.

NOTICE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic
Congressman Sponsor of Bill
Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

VIDEO: 30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won't Ask








Below articles and videos are about using Covid 19 to cultivate forced
to overwhelming proof Covid 19 is a lie - it's all political theater.

"THE MASK IS A WEAPON OF OBEDIENCE!" -Robert F. Kennedy Jr 09-23-2020



September 2023

VIDEO: WHO is a 'criminal cartel' * Florida Department of Health Advises Against Latest Coronavirus Booster * General Hospital Star Billy Miller, 43, Dies Two Days Before Birthday * Masks Return: Some U.S. Hospitals Reinstate Mask Policies (Here's PROOF it's all a lie) * Judicial Watch Uncovers Key Documents and Photos on Chinese Covid Labs in California * The Receipts: How the WHO, Gates and Blackrock Want to Take Over the World

CDC REPORT: 99% of Recent “COVID Deaths” Were Not Caused By Virus * VIDEO: “WHO Should be Declared a Terrorist Organization * New Study Reveals That All Covid Variants Have Been Created in BioLabs * VIDEO: Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo Warns Americans Not to Take New Covid Vaccine * VIDEO: BREAKING: Former VP of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, says COVID is just the beginning of a 10-year plan by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab *Fauci Says Mask ‘Recommendations’ Could Return if There is a ‘Significant Uptick’ in COVID-19 Cases This Fall and Winter (CONfused? See this pic, this pic and this pic) * Republicans Vow ‘Never Again’ to Biden Attempt to Revive ‘COVID Tyranny’ * Texas Country Singer Charlie Robison Dead at 59 * Teachers Who Refused COVID Shots Must Be Reinstated with Back Pay, Rules State Supreme Court Judge * Unvaccinated, Non-Compliant Novak Djokovic Wins His 24th Grand Slam Title at Moderna-Sponsored U.S. Open * VIDEO: Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes Stand on Personal Freedoms: Declares No Lockdowns, School Closures, or COVID-19 Masks and Vaccines Mandates * COVID-19 Vaccines Have Never Been Shown to Reduce Hospitalization or Death * Just 22 per Million People Died in Haiti Due to COVID * FOIA Request Exposes $11M Bribe From HHS to Promote COVID-19 Vaccines to Pregnant Women * Yale Professor Research Paper Suggests Large Amounts of COVID Vaccine Deaths * Pfizer Knew the Dangers of mRNA Shots * Pfizer Aggressively Campaigned for Pregnant Women to get Vaccinated After Knowing Side Effects * VIDEO: WE DIDN'T KNOW: Gavin Newsom shirks blame on COVID hypocrisy * VIDEO: Reporter Confronts State Dept. Spokesman Matt Miller for Stonewalling on USAID’s Funding of Gain-of-Function Research on COVID * SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: South Korea to COMPENSATE Deaths 90 Days After Covid Shot * Major Medical Group Issues ‘Slow-Down’ Warning for Vaccinations * Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: Mask Mandates Ineffective Against Respiratory Viruses, Harmful, and Infringe on Informed Consent Rights * VIDEO: SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Dr. Fauci Now Admits COVID Vaccines Cause Myocarditis * Sen. Johnson Claims CDC “Abused Authority” While Engaging in ‘Censorship Campaign’ of COVID-19 Vaccine Posts * California Threatens to Defund 600+ Schools Due to Low Vaccination Rates * Updated Coronavirus Vaccines Released for All Americans over 6 Months * HHS appears to forget to redact email urging expanded COVID mandates for students * Dozens of wealthy music superstars got $200 million in COVID 'aid'

Wait, What? Even the CDC Now Admits That the Vaccinated Likely Have a Higher Risk of Infection With New Covid Variant * CDC & FDA Ignored U.S. Military Investigation Revealing Vaccine Failures, New FOIA Documents Reveal * Double Vaxxed and Double Boosted Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID–Again * VIDEO: IT BEGINS: Vaccinated And Boosted Whoopi Goldberg Absent from ‘The View’ Due to COVID-19 For the Third Time * Two Coronavirus Variants Discovered; Health Officials Recommend Masks for Labor Day Travelers (I doubt many will comply) * Hospital that fired nurses for refusing vaccines now begging them to return (Demand a RAISE!) * Fauci is ‘concerned’ that people won’t comply if masking recommendations return: 'I hope' they 'abide' * VIDEO: New study could make mask mandates 'obsolete': Dr. Janette Nesheiwat * Public Elementary School in Wealthy DC Suburb Forcing Third-Grade Children to Wear Masks Again * VIDEO: Fauci: Masks Didn’t Work for ‘Broad Population’ — But on Individual Basis ‘There Is an Advantage’ (Why isn't this murderer in jail?) * HERE WE GO: Los Angeles County May Bring Back Mask Mandate Due to Uptick in Covid Cases * UNREAL: Baby’s Brown Eyes Turn Bright Blue After Being Given a Potentially Dangerous COVID Treatment * 12-Year-Old Boy Dies Suddenly After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During PE Class * Fauci Admits to Lack of COVID Mask Evidence at Population Level But Still Pushes to Wear Them Anyway * VIDEO: “We Need a Miracle” – Family Distraught After Pennsylvania High School Quarterback is Rushed to the Hospital After Collapsing on Field * Vaccine? No, it’s Long-Long Covid – ‘Experts’ Publish Warning That Covid Can Kill For Up to TWO YEARS Post-Infection (Or.. is it the jab that kills?) * Jill Biden Has COVID, but Joe Said ‘You’re Not’ Going to Get Infected if You’re Vaccinated * VIDEO: Proposed J.D. Vance Bill Will Ban Federal Mask Mandates * VIDEO: Rand Paul: ‘It’s a Crime Against Children — We Should Never Put Our Kids Back into Masks’ * Huntington Beach, California, Bans New Mask, Vaccine Mandates * Elementary kids forced to mask up after 3 kindergartners COVID positive

August 2023

VIDEO: ‘Complete Nonsense’: Americans Mobilizing to Fight Surging Wave of COVID Hysteria 2.0 * Florida’s Surgeon General Urges Americans to Refuse to Follow New Mask Mandates * Judge Denies Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Request to Halt YouTube Censorship * VIDEO: DO NOT COMPLY: Critics blast return of mask mandates * Fans and Competitors Shocked as WWE Wrestling Star Dies “Unexpectedly” at Age 36 * Leo Hohmann: What We Learned from the First Round of Covid Hysteria: Will You Be Fooled Again? * Biden Wants Congress to Fund New Coronavirus Vaccine That Can Be Administered to All * China won’t require COVID-19 tests for incoming travelers in a milestone in its reopening * NIH Study Suggests N95 Covid Masks May Expose Wearers to Toxic Compounds Linked to Seizures, Cancer * Fitness Influencer Larissa Borges, 33, Dies After Double Cardiac Arrest

Biden Administration Announces Massive $5 Billion COVID-19 Funding Called “Project NextGen” * VIDEO: Biden Administration to Urge All Americans: Get a Coronavirus Booster Shot Now * Could mask mandates and COVID hysteria be making a comeback? * VIDEO: Unvaccinated students could get booted from this state university * VIDEO: Unvaccinated students could get booted from this state university * Novak Djokovic Outlasts Biden’s Unvaccinated Ban, Returns to U.S. with ‘Zero Regrets’ * VIDEO: A Spike in Mysterious Deaths - Why are Young People Suddenly Dropping Dead Worldwide? * Olympic swimmer dies suddenly at age 42 * VIDEO: Illinois Teen Collapses, Dies During Choir Solo * VIDEO: Why Is There A Sudden Spike In Incidents Of Heart Attacks? * Broadway Star Chris Peluso Dead at 40 * COVID Mandates Return to Hollywood: Lionsgate Requires Employees to Mask Up, Submit to Daily Testing * Former University of Houston Star Reggie Chaney Dead at 23 * Atlanta’s Morris Brown College Ushers in Mask Mandate * VIDEO: California Church Fined $1.2 Million For Defying Covid Lockdowns Sues Government For Spying on Worshippers

Explosive: RFK Jr. Tells Tucker How Fauci’s US Bioweapons Research Caused the Covid Pandemic * Tyranny? CNN Brazil Host Suggests Mandatory Vaccination with the Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine * VIDEO: U.S. senator reignites COVID scheme: 'Pre-planned for our loss of freedom' * VIDEO: COVID SHOTS ARE PRIMARILY DESIGNED TO TARGET WHITE PEOPLE, A BIG PHARMA EXECUTIVE ADMITS * VIDEO: Rand Paul: We now have the ‘smoking gun' * VIDEO: THE EVIDENCE IS OVERWHELMING. NO MORE INDEMNITY FOR BIG PHARMA | SENATOR GERARD RENNICK * 17-Year-Old Alabama High School Basketball Star Dies After Collapsing During Workout * “Can’t Comprehend” – Family Shocked as Seemingly Healthy Former Olympic Swimmer Dies Suddenly at Age 43 * Russian Military Leadership Accuses US of Working To Manufacture Another Pandemic

Disease X’ — UK Scientists Start Developing Vaccines for Unknown Pandemic (The next PLANdemic)) * Rand Paul goes for Fauci's jugular, refers doctor for criminal prosecution

VIDEO: WOW!! The WHO plan * VIDEO: BOMBSHELL: Spokesperson Admits During Australian Senate Hearing that Pfizer Employees Were Given Special Batch of Vaccine, Different from What was Distributed to Public * Bank's attack on renowned vaccine skeptic includes closing accounts * You won't believe what the CDC's new director has in store for you * Dr. Meryl Nass: WHO’s pandemic treaty to remove human rights, sovereignty under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and biosecurity agendas * VIDEO: Dr. Meryl Nass: WHO’s pandemic treaty to remove human rights, sovereignty under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and biosecurity agendas * VIDEO: Schwab’s Daughter Confirms COVID was a Precursor to Climate Lockdowns * Lockdown Harmed Emotional Development of Children, UK Study Finds * Report: Biden threatened with another court fight over censorship demands * Huge numbers of kids permanently damaged by lockdowns * VIDEO: Fauci's replacement favors lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccinations

July 2023

Study that found COVID shots killed people … is killed! * Elon Musk Suggests COVID Vaccine May Have Factored in Bronny James’ Cardiac Arrest * Fauci knew masking didn't work at the time he demanded it, report charges * Did Fauci hand out $25 billion without ANY authority to do so? * REPORT: LeBron James’ son, Bronny, Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Workout at USC * VIDEO: Rand Paul: We Have Referred Fauci to DOJ for Prosecution for Lying to Congress * VIDEO: Global DIGITAL PASSPORTS Enforced * VIDEO: New Leaked Email Further Corroborates Veritas' #ExposeFauci Investigation Into COVID-19 Origin * Ex-Iowa Football Player Cody Ince Dies Unexpectedly at 23 * VIDEO: Source Exposes Chinese Web Server Detailing CCP Five-Year-Plan for Bio Engineering & Military Tech * VIDEO: Christians can't gather, but violent people can! * Top young singer collapses suddenly, 'severe blood clots' found inside * VIDEO: WATCH: Sports analyst collapses in terrifying scene on live TV

Sen. Rand Paul pushes perjury probe for Fauci * VIDEO: MTG: COVID Subcommittee to Question Fauci on Alleged Knowledge of Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan * Colleagues mourn network meteorologist after she dies suddenly not long after being on air * Nolte: NY Times Reports Coronavirus Deaths Overcounted by 30% … on Paragraph 17 * VIDEO: SHOCKING what RFKjr says here! * New Mexico State Women’s Soccer Player Dies Suddenly at 20 * VIDEO: GOP Rep. McCormick: We’ve Found Email Showing Fauci Knew COVID Looked Unnatural, Knew of Gain-of-Function * VIEW: Dr. Fauci under further scrutiny after new emails revealed * Kennedy Family Dumps on RFK Jr. over Coronavirus Comment Controversy * Ex-Iowa Football Player Cody Ince Dies Unexpectedly at 23

Scientists suspected COVID lab leak way back, but publicly claimed something else * VIDEO: Watch Live: House Hearing on Coronavirus Origins ‘Cover Up’ * VIDEO: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Fauci’s ‘Bad Policy’ Caused a Lot of COVID Injury, Death * VIDEO: MSNBC’s McQuade: ‘Merit’ to Social Media COVID Censorship Lawsuit * VIDEO: CNN’s Mattingly: Biden ‘Regularly’ Sought Censorship on COVID, Tech Companies Mostly Gave in, and That’s ‘Probably What We Should Do * VIDEO: Issa: COVID Censorship Was ‘Dangerous’ for Health, Correct Information Was Stifled * 'Nudge Unit’ Chief Says UK Will Obey Future Lockdowns: Citizens Have ‘Learnt the Behaviour' * VIDEO: RFK Jr. drops vaccine truth bombs on Fox News, hitting Fauci hard

UFC fighter reports blood clots after COVID shot, says mom killed by jab * VIDEO: Most Politicians hate Christians * YouTube Bodybuilding Star Jo Lindner Dead at 30 * Unvaxxed Amish death rates 90 times lower than rest of America * Famous bodybuilder with more than 8 million followers dies suddenly at 30 (He got the ‘Fauci ouchie‘ 4 times) * Federal judge scorches Biden for suppressing conservative facts on Covid

June 2023

COVID-vaccine victims face off against federal bureau that's gone silent * REPORT: Basketball Player Who Blamed Covid Vax for Heart Condition Dies of Heart Attack at 28 * CDC chief KNEW COVID vaccine didn't work while pushing shots * Former Ohio State QB Kirk Herbstreit’s 21-Year-Old Son, Zak, Hospitalized with Likely Cardiac Arrest * Former Arkansas, NFL Quarterback Ryan Mallett Dead at 35 * VIDEO: Biden admin releases scathing report on origin of COVID-19 * ‘Dunkirk’ Star Mark Rylance Delayed Getting Coronavirus Vaccine When Science Started to ‘Sound Like Religion’: ‘I Was Not Convinced I Needed It’ * English Pro Hockey Player Alex Graham Dead at 20 * The Great Grift: More than $200 billion in COVID-19 aid may have been stolen, federal watchdog says (Only a govt official can embezzle that much) * Giroir: NIH Is ‘to Blame’ for COVID for Funding Risky Research, Scientific Community Doesn’t Want to Accept Blame for Pandemic

VIDEO: A BIG DEAL: Bombshell report reveals new details on first COVID victims * VIDEO: FLASHBACK FRIDAY: DocGo was exposed for administering improper COVID vaccines to NYC kids in 2022 * Report: U.S. Taxpayers Funded Wuhan Gain-of-Function Scientist Who Fell Ill at Start of COVID-19 Outbreak *  *  *  *  * ‘Southern Charm’ Star Taylor Ann Green’s Brother Worth Dead at 36 * Watch: Jerry Nadler Says 2-Year-Olds Should Have Worn Masks During Pandemic: ‘Child Abuse’ to Do Otherwise * ‘His Biggest Fight Yet’: 28-Year-Old MMA Fighter in ICU After Suffering Cardiac Arrest * VIDEO: RFK Jr. Calls Out Late Night Comedians Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart for Pushing Coronavirus Vaccine, Shaming Dissenters * Former Steelers, Cardinals Linebacker Clark Haggans Dead at 46 * Rapper starts gasping into mic, then suddenly collapses on stage and dies

VIDEO: Rep. Kiley slams HHS for 'forcing' mask mandates on 2-year-olds during the COVID-19 pandemic * ‘Global Policy Failure’: Lockdowns Had ‘Negligible’ Impact on Deaths Compared to ‘Staggering Collateral Costs’, Study Finds * Zuckerberg's deadly admission: Facebook 'fact-checkers' censored truth on COVID * Veteran ESPN Director Kyle Brown Dies at 42 * U.S. court makes big ruling on church fighting COVID lockdowns * VIDEO: Video compilation highlights Fauci's flips during COVID pandemic * Straight white man can't even apply for COVID relief * Biden judicial nominee ripped for claiming religious more likely to spread COVID * Weak Immunity: Flu Epidemic Hits Japan Hard After Pandemic Lockdowns * U.S. court makes big ruling on church fighting COVID lockdowns * US taxpayer funds flowed to Chinese entities that conducted coronavirus research before COVID pandemic

VIDEO: 'Mark of the Beast?' 1st step toward Global Digital Health Certification (PROOF it's NOT the Mark!)* Plandemic 2.0: Global Pandemic Monitoring Board Calls for ‘Simulation’ to Prepare for Next Global Health Crisis * ‘Wild ‘n Out’ Cast Member, Ms Jacky Oh! Dead at 32 * VIDEO: Newly-released texts reveal 'chummy' relationship between teachers union, CDC * World Health Organization to Adopt Europe’s Covid Passport for Global ‘Digital Health’ SystemJohn Kerry Despairs at Global Population Growth: 10 Billion ‘Unsustainable’ (Reason for PlanDemic 2.0?)

May 2023

At 34, Jon has incurable bowel cancer – all because the NHS turned into a Covid-only service * VIDEO: Amish rejected COVID vaccines, lockdowns, masks. Here's the result * Pandemic Treaty Will Give W.H.O. Power to Force Lockdowns on UK, MPs Warn * Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Office Pushed Outdated Coronavirus Guidelines * Religious employees win big settlement over vaccine mandate

Feds taken to court for censoring comments about COVID shots * Feds STILL pushing risky COVID shots on everyone, after pandemic ends (This PROVES it's not about Covid!) * VIDEO: 'Complete and total lunacy': DC bar exam requires masks during test * College waterski champ Micky Gellar dies at 18 * PhRMA, Pfizer funded LGBT index scoring hospitals for promoting gender ideology * Smoking Gun: AdventHealth Received a $747 Million Covid Tax Bailout Despite Record Profits and a 248.7% Increase in Net Assets During the Pandemic * Reaffirming the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Response to COVID-19 * VIDEO: "COVID has been one of the most profitable products ever..."

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson fired to keep COVID lies hidden  * Sen. Rubio Releases Several Hundred Page Report Detailing Origins of COVID,Revealing Details on Wuhan Lab * Japanese Citizens Take Smiling Lessons to Recover from Three Years of Masks * Doctors that told the TRUTH about Covid-19 Vaccine’s deadly effects are now TARGETED byGavin Newsom * Amie Beth Shaver: The COVID-19 lies are crumbling * Lies, Damned Lies, and “Official” Statistics

Chelsea Clinton: ‘It’s Time To Force-Jab Every Unvaccinated Child in America’ * COVID tests declared unsafe, mass recall issued * COVID Vaccines Linked to Untreatable Eyeball Clots, Reveals Massive Study * Chelsea Clinton pumped for new mission: Multiple shots for every child * 'Bat crazy': You won't believe who Biden's giving $2 million to

U.S. Track and Field Gold Medal Olympian Tori Bowie Dies Suddenly at 32 * Doctors sound alarm over mysterious outbreak of brain infections in Nevada kids – and they believe it’s linked to COVID lockdowns * Arcturus: New COVID-19 variant spreading in the U.S with new symptom * Big Pharma under investigation for COVID-vaccine fraud * Recent case of Severe Microwave Syndrome reveals problems with 5G (Remember this?) * VIDEO: ABC News censors Bobby Kennedy remarks critical of COVID vaccines

April 2023

Coroner: Young doctor died from blood clot due to COVID vaccine * 5 reasons to believe the global population is already one billion people less than it was in January 2020 * Study: Face masks may raise risk of testicular dysfunction, stillbirths * Florida surgeon general altered key findings in study on Covid-19 vaccine safety * VIDEO: Trudeau says he 'never' forced anyone to get vaccinated, despite enforcing vax mandates * These students still required to test for COVID to return to school after spring break

Army gal has TWO heart attacks after COVID vax. Now, she faces another serious concern * VIDEO: Orthopedic surgeon sounds off on COVID vaccine after developing career-ending condition: I’ve been ‘abandoned’ * Ex-NFL player Chris Smith dead at 31 * Senate report: COVID leaked from Wuhan lab TWICE! *

CDC confirms COVID codes used to 'track' people * Lance Reddick's cause of death disputed by family attorney: 'wholly inconsistent with his lifestyle' * S Club 7 singer Paul Cattermole dead at 46 * Lockdown Coming? Southern China Shuts Schools over Flu * David Crosby Cause of Death Revealed: Coronavirus * School budget cliffs reveal another COVID fail * Guv who shut down churches amid COVID ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars * FDA commissioner, a top misinformer, claims misinformation reducing life expectancy

Report estimates death toll of 300,000 from COVID shots! * Fully vaxxed lose 25 years of life expectancy, study shows * VIDEO: WOW!! Republicans hold hearing on Biden admin's censorship: 'This is exactly what's going on' * FAA Granted Medical Clearance To Pilot With History Of ‘Possible’ Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis * University scrubs website of COVID vaccine mandate 5 months after it was reversed * VIDEO: It's starting, Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date and outbreak location

March 2023

'Your campaign is about fear': Fauci confronted by citizens while promoting vaccine in new show * VIDEO: Rand Paul: ‘I’m 100% Confident that Fauci Lied to Us’ * British Amateur Boxing Champ Dies Suddenly at 19 * Covid agenda failing? TRY POLIO! * Passenger helps land Southwest plane when pilot has medical emergency * Report: Claims against Biden threaten his censorship regime * Why Do Vaccinated People Represent Most COVID-19 Deaths Right Now? * VIDEO: Federal court rejects Biden vaccine mandate for federal workers * It’s 2023: Florida Democrats Requiring Attendees of Event to ‘Comply with COVID-19 Protocols’ * Rebel SatanCon goes authoritarian, demands attendees be vaxxed and masked! * VIDEO: Christian Ex-Cop Fired for Refusing Pandemic Mandate Doubles Down: 'Get It or Be Fired' * VIDEO: This will be the end to Fauci's NIH as we know it

VIDEO: 'SOMETHING ELSE GOING ON': Dr. Fauci confronted by DC residents on vaccines * VIDEO: Stanford Virality Project EXPOSED: TRUE Covid Info CENSORED on Social Media * NY Governor seeks court authorization to detain citizens in quarantine camp INDEFINITELY * Terrifying clip of LA meteorologist collapsing on live TV goes viral * VIDEO: Redfield: Media Coverage of COVID Origins ‘Antithetical to Science’ * VIDEO: PBS Fauci Documentary Shows Washington Man Rejecting COVID Vaccine: ‘It’s About Inciting Fear in People * ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Paul Grant Dies at 56 After Collapsing at Train Station * 29-year-old professor suddenly drops dead while playing basketball on campus * Ex-CDC chief warns of coming 'great pandemic,' worse than COVID * Fauci: We ‘Need’ to Do Things ‘That Make a Pathogen More Transmissible or More Pathogenic,’ and ‘Some’ Call that Gain of Function * U.S. doctors group: Withdraw COVID shots from market now! * VIDEO: This new footage of Dr. Fauci is amazing

RFK Jr.: Fauci developed 'bioweapons' for Pentagon for years!  * Fauci rejects claims he froze-out lab-leak proponents, engaged in NIH funding 'bribe' * Biden accused of dragging feet on allowing Americans to see hidden COVID origins intel * VIDEO: GOP rep says Biden may have tried to cut corners on COVID vax approval * Report: U.S. Govt. Made Duplicate Payments to Wuhan Lab in China * Autopsy of 'super fit and healthy' man who died suddenly comes back: Sister speaks out * 'Out of touch with the current reality': Some police still forced to mask despite end of mandates * Teenage cheerleader's mother issues plea after daughter goes into cardiac arrest at competition

This is the biggest scandal in American history * VIDEO: Biden turns his back on reporters when asked about COVID origins * VIDEO: Credibility crisis: CNN boss ordered staff not to chase down COVID lab leak theory as pandemic unfolded * VIDEO: COVID origins hearing to focus on Fauci's role in disproving lab leak theory * Rep. Tom Tiffany Presents Bill to Block Biden from Unilateral Approval of W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty * ‘YOU ARE THE NEWS!’: Packers’ David Bakhtiari Slams Jeff Zucker for Forbidding CNN Staff from Investigating Coronavirus Lab Leak Theory * Fauci accused of pushing 'paper' to disprove Wuhan lab-leak COVID explanation * VIDEO: 'Scared for my life': O'Keefe reveals courageous Pfizer whistleblower * Bill forces parents to undergo 'vaccine education' before exempting kids from mandates

VIDEO: CCP government 'intentionally released' COVID-19 'all over the world,' Chinese virologist says * VIDEO: Vaccine brain injury * VIDEO: 'Stop lying': Watch intense new TV ad urging probe of Dr. Fauci * VIDEO: 'DISTURBING': Fauci ripped for 'dictator-like' statement * Can a Million Chinese People Die and Nobody Know? * Hayden Panettiere and family share Jansen's cause of death at 28 * VIDEO: Dr. Fauci blasted over new revelations about COVID lab leak: 'We need to crack this egg open' * VIDEO: Washington Post walks back criticism of COVID origin theory * VIDEO: Dr. Fauci and 'the science' were wrong * VIDEO: FBI director says COVID pandemic 'most likely' originated from Chinese lab * VIDEO: Biden Defense Official Rejects Medical Journal’s Finding that Natural Immunity Is as Effective as Vaccination * Wray: FBI ‘For Quite Some Time’ Determined Lab Incident Is ‘Most Likely’ Origin of COVID * China Warns Elon Musk Not to Address Coronavirus Lab Leak Theory * U.S. Military Academy said applicants needed COVID vax weeks after mandate ended * Chinese virologist says COVID-19 was 'intentionally released' * 31-year-old former N.Y. Mets pitching prospect dies suddenly * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? YOU NEED TO GET THIS BOOK! 

February 2023

Evangeline Lilly says she knew she would ‘wake the giant’ with anti-vax mandate rally photos after backlash * VIDEO: Americans claiming Covid-19 Vaccine injuries are left in Limbo * Project Veritas Staffers tell Board: Quit or We Walk! * Healthy boy, 11, dies from flesh-eating infection after twisting his ankle on treadmill

The Federal Government Is Tracking the Unvaccinated * 'Directed to deny': Military mandated COVID jabs, then ignored adverse reactions * House Republicans Press DOD for Answers on Vaccine Mandate Reversal and Damage Done * VIDEO: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Relies On Aggressive Security Tactics To Escape Questioning By Veritas * Belgian goalkeeper Arne Espeel, 25, dies on field right after making saving penalty kick * VIDEO: Twitter erupts after CDC Director Walensky tells Congress masking guidance ‘doesn’t really change with time’ * House Republicans relaunch probe into Fauci and origins of COVID * Mother denied heart transplant due to vaccination status, doctor says he 'stands by the rules' * Child Actor (dancer) Jack Burns Dies at Age 14 * House GOP demands answers on CDC's database on Americans who didn't take shots * VIDEO: Damar Hamlin asked what caused his heart failure, and has troubling answer

Life-or-death news about the horrific COVID jab * Las Vegas Tennis Player, 43, Collapses and Dies During Match * Pfizer exec warned of COVID vax's impact on women's reproductive health * Quebec man's COVID vaccine story spurs others to come forward * Study: Nearly half of women who took COVID vax experience menstrual changes * Former Arizona swimmer Ty Wells' cause of death revealed * VIDEO: Dr. Robert Malone Responds To Latest Pfizer Report On Women's Reproductive Health After Covid-19 Vax * VIDEO: MI State Reps held rally at Pfizer demanding answers to #DirectedEvolution and #Pfertility videos * California Drops Plan for K-12 Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate * Major media silent on massive study showing masks don't prevent COVID * Major media get sued for suppressing truth on COVID and biggest stories * Biden Claims ‘We Have Broken COVID’s Grip on Us’ After Pushing Mask and Vax Mandates * Michigan Teen Dies After Suddenly Collapsing on Basketball Court

Coffins for Children Ordered in Bulk, 'First Time in Over 30 Years' (Exclusive Interview) (And that's just ONE area!) * Tens of Thousands of Defibrillators Being Installed in UK Children's Schools * VIDEO: GRAPHIC Language - Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution' * VIDEO: Canadian pastor repeatedly jailed over COVID protocols to face final trial: 'Crazy stuff' * VIDEO: Doctors demand end to COVID-related mandates * VIDEO: House Republicans Will Hold Democrats Accountable for Failed Coronavirus Policies * 14-year-old athlete dies suddenly at home day after training with teammates * VIDEO: WATCH as Pfizer exec loses his cool, turns violent over COVID questions * Now DOCTORS say they'll be refusing more COVID shots * 23-year-old college swimmer dies suddenly: No cause of death given * Big Tech goes full Big Brother to bury explosive video exposing Pfizer

January 2023

VIDEO: ‘Pure Evil’ — Tony Blair Calls for Digital Vaccine Tracking at Davos Ahead of ‘New Slew of Injectables’ * VIDEO: Pfizer CEO has epic reaction after being ambushed by conservative journalists at Davos * VIDEO: One of our most appalling world leaders just quit * Brazil Gives Dozens Arrested for Anti-Socialist Riot Coronavirus Vaccine Products * CDC regularly called the shots on Facebook’s COVID censorship decisions * Blue-state lawmaker proposes bill allowing 12-year-olds to get vaccine without parental consent * VIDEO: Yearly COVID vaccine as proposed by FDA? ‘Cart before the horse,’ says doctor * VIDEO: Rand Paul: Overclassification Is Used to Avoid Oversight, Cover up Info on COVID Origin * VIDEO: Report: Juvenile Crime Soared Nationwide Following Pandemic-Related School Shutdowns * Richie Greenberg on San Francisco: ‘No Hope for a Return to Normal for Years * Gov. Hochul Considering ‘Options’ After NY Supreme Court Justice Strikes Down Vax Rule for Healthcare Workers * Despite mountain of damning evidence, FDA pushes annual COVID boosters! * Dr. Robert Malone: I can’t support Trump if he defends COVID shots * VIDEO: Top heart doc: COVID vaccines to blame for sudden deaths of young athletes * 35-year-old middle-school teacher collapses in front of students, dies suddenly * 6-month-old baby dies suddenly from cardiac conditions 10 days after receiving 4 ‘vaccines’ * Young husband dies suddenly in his sleep, pregnant wife pens heartbreaking tribute

VIDEO: Covid: Who Was Right? * Key scientist sounds alarm: Withdraw COVID shots 'immediately' * Dr. Leana Wen slammed after admitting there's been 'overcounting' of COVID deaths: ‘TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATE’ * Former ESPN employees suing company over COVID-19 vaccine requirement * Biden admin dealt blow by Sixth Circuit ruling against vaccine mandate in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee * VIDEO: China reports 60,000 COVID-related deaths, says peak passed (They must now use "vaccine" deaths as "covid deaths?" * Yosemite National Park reinstating indoor mask mandate amid 'high COVID-19 community level' * Las Vegas student found unresponsive after gym class, school officials say (He died) * VIDEO: WARNING !! GRAPHIC IMAGES!! GLOBAL DEPOPULATION IN FULL SWING AS ADULT DEATH SYNDROME SKYROCKETS * VIDEO: REST IN PEACE COVID VACCINE VICTIMS! * ANOTHER "vaccine?!" * The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal. We should be concerned. Very concerned. * VIDEO: Well-known sportscaster: In 20 years I've never seen this many stories about young athletes dying * VIDEO: Kentucky governor accused of violating open records act on COVID school closures * Joe Biden Justice Department Fighting to Bring Back Mask Mandates * 25-year-old doctor suddenly dead, leaving family shocked * VIDEO: Dad says FEMA tried to bribe him after teen son's post-vaccine death: He refused and went public * VIDEO: Woman with no history of heart issues dies suddenly of cardiac arrest, friend calls on community for help * VIDEO: Pilot group: Elites secretly demanding UNVAXXED pilots, flight crews

VIDEO: Twitter Files: Pfizer board member Dr. Scott Gottlieb flagged tweets questioning COVID vaccine * Horror as teen (girl) collapses and dies playing basketball * Air Force Football Player Hunter Brown Dead at 21 * VIDEO: 'Not from the shots, right?' Basketball player collapses * 'Any messaging you want': Facebook asked Biden for talking points after FDA vax blood-clot warning * VIDEO: 18-year-old dies suddenly while playing basketball, authorities want autopsy * Pentagon officially overturns military vaccine mandate, HOWEVER ... * 17-year-old basketball player 'died suddenly'

DAVOS 2023: WEF shifts into high gear in preparing for the next Pandemic * Humanity is not sustainable': Network airs apocalyptic predictions to ring in new year * NFL star latest young, healthy athlete to collapse with heart problems

December 2022


VIDEO: Twitter Files expose government influence on suppressing COVID messages that contradicted WH * 'Monster': 10-inch blood clot removed from live person who got COVID shot * There’s no room for COVID complacency in 2023 * VIDEO: Doctors slam COVID government censorship exposed in 'Twitter Files': 'On the road to totalitarianism' * VIDEO: FNC Contributor, JHU Prof Dr. Makary: Twitter Files Show ‘State-Controlled Media’ by Government That Spread Misinformation on COVID * CDC using politics for decisions, not science * 'Media blackout': Executive producer at ABC News dies suddenly at age 37 * Biden admin enraged MORE Americans weren't censored over COVID * 'Soviet Moscow': U.S. city wars with Christians since COVID lockdown


FDA study links COVID-19 vaccine to blood clotting * BOMBSHELL VIDEO: COVID origins ‘may have been tied’ to China’s bioweapons program: GOP report * Study finds booster shot fails against new COVID strains * ‘Tripledemic’: School districts in these states mandating masks for Christmas * Former NY teacher accused of injecting teen with COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent avoids jail time * Soros-funded group helped prepare Twitter for suppressing Biden scandal * VIDEO: Top doc flips stance on COVID vax after suffering severe personal harm 


VIDEO: Majority of COVID-19 Deaths In America Occur Among the Vaccinated & Boosted CDC Data Reveals * BOMBSHELL VIDEO: COVID origins 'may have been tied' to China's bioweapons program: GOP report * VIDEO: Fauci: ‘I Don’t Have a Clue’ Why DeSantis Wants to Investigate Vaccines (And he's a Doctor we're supposed to trust?!) * VIDEO: DeSantis: Medical Establishment Never Wanted to Be Honest About COVID Vaccine Drawbacks * VIDEO: Wait! So Pfizer KNEW all along and kept it secret? * Feds Secretly Paid Media to Promote COVID Shots * Musk hints he has messages from Fauci team urging Twitter to censor foes * Air Force pilots seeking religious vaccine exemption still grounded while other unvaxxed members can fly * Masks may return despite science showing they don't work * More precious souls that "died suddenly" * Second World Cup journalist 'died suddenly' after Grant Wahl passes away: report * VIDEO: Actor Matthew Marsden says he lost role for refusing COVID vaccine: People have to say 'enough' * VIDEO: DeSantis calls for Florida grand jury to investigate coronavirus vaccine 'wrongdoing' * VIDEO: American colleges mandate updated COVID-19 booster shot, student says it's 'out of line' * Study suggesting unvaccinated should pay higher car insurance premiums draws outrage * VIDEO: Vaccine dangers, UK Parliament debate * DeSantis petitions for grand jury probe of COVID-vaccine injuries * Poll: 12 million Americans have suffered major side effect from COVID shots


CDC used this secret backchannel with Twitter to control the COVID narrative * VIDEO: Sen. Ron Johnson hosts experts on COVID vaccine injuries * Finally, 1 doctor reports deaths & injuries of vaxxed patients * New Zealand government tries to seize guardianship of baby after parents demand unvaccinated blood for surgery * COVID Skeptics Request Blood Transfusions From Unvaccinated Donors * Blood Centers Say Unvaccinated People Are Refusing Transfusions From 'Tainted' Donations * VIDEO: I deposed Dr. Fauci for seven hours. Here's what I learned about 'science' * Emails reveal Fauci 'covertly contributed' to COVID article he later quoted * FBI 'Russia collusion' official tried to block 'Twitter Files' release on Friday * 'Unethical': Study finds college vax mandates not 'science-based' * Anthony Fauci deposition released: Replied 'I don't recall' 174 times! * Huge number of Americans believe health officials lied about COVID vaccines, masks * Autopsy study ties deaths to COVID vaccine * Ron DeSantis vows to hold vaccine makers accountable for false claims

November 2022


GRAPHIC-VIDEO: World Premiere: Died Suddenly * VIDEO: Vaccinated Americans a majority of COVID deaths for first time in August: analysis * Court rejects San Diego school district's COVID vaccine mandate * VIDEO: Fauci couldn’t recall critical COVID decisions during deposition: Republican AG * Another cardiologist calls for halt to COVID shots * Top oncologist: Cancer in patients exploding after COVID shots * School boards flip red, immediately oust superintendents who pushed mask mandates * Court: Air Force 'wrongly' dismisses religious exemption requests from unvaxxed airmen * Twitter takes action on its COVID 'misleading information' policy * CDC knew COVID vax associated with myocarditis but left off post-vax surveys


VIDEO: 'This is insane': Watch Tucker Carlson destroy Fauci for 'lying about COVID' * VIDEO: GRAPHIC Adult death syndrome: The media has no idea why people are dying unexpectedly? * VIDEO: Canada is going to mandate psychiatric medication for those that refuse COVID VAX * VIDEO: Mask mandate return? HHS report wants to ‘encourage or mandate’ masking to stop long COVID * VIDEO: White House shuts down reporter's Fauci question on COVID origin: 'I'm done with you' * Biden COVID adviser says 'science' on shots 'clear' same day CDC says it's not * Washington Post busts 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' narrative


VIDEO: Democrats alerted us the COVID-19 vaccine wasn't properly tested (Truth is stranger than fiction) * VIDEO: China arrests 9 coronavirus lockdown enforcers after video shows them beating civilians * VIDEO: 2 young athletes the latest to 'die suddenly' * Want the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


VIDEO: WATCH GRAPHIC trailer for documentary that pulls back curtain on those who 'died suddenly' * New law punishes doctors who disagree with official COVID narrative * FDA study finds Pfizer jab elevates myocarditis risk in kids * VIDEO: WATCH: Dr. Peter McCullough faces loss of medical credentials for 'misinformation' * COVID shots linked to plummeting fertility, study says * BEARS REPEATING: VIDEO: PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t" * VIDEO: Top cardiologist links 'sudden deaths' to COVID vaccine


Medical boards strip Dr. Peter McCullough's credentials for speaking truth about COVID vaccine * VIDEO: INFORMED CONSENT CVS PHARMACY DOES NOT KNOW * VIDEO: Charlie Crist Said He Is Open to Forced Masking in Florida * China’s Latest Coronavirus Lockdowns Spread Nationwide * World's largest iPhone plant under new COVID lockdown in China * CDC removes 'women' entirely from flu-shot advisories * VIDEO: Study: COVID vaccine injures heart in ALL recipients * VIDEO: Network host calls for COVID 'propagandist,' leaves panel speechless in shock * 5x-vaccinated CDC chief gets COVID again after Paxlovid treatment * VIDEO: GRAPHIC People drop dead, fight unseen threats in post-COVID world * 2019 coronavirus 'simulation' was planned at Davos meeting * Italy’s new government says it will reinstate unvaxxed doctors, cancel fines for COVID jab mandates * VIDEO: Naomi Wolf Video: The Vax’s Crippling of Human Sexual Organs

October 2022


Study finds Dr. Fauci's 'fingerprint' on origin of COVID virus * Judge Orders Unvaccinated New York City Employees Reinstated, Rules COVID-19 Firings Unconstitutional * VIDEO: CDC advisory committee votes to add COVID-19 vaccine to immunization schedules for children, adults * COVID-19 mRNA vaccines increase risk of cardiac-related death, says Florida Surgeon General * Adams staffer fired after criticizing migrant response, cops who lost jobs over vaccine mandates: report * VIDEO: Virginia high school reports illness outbreak, 1,000 students call out sick (Check out the comments) * US report card: Reading and math scores plunge after COVID * Student shares how she got COVID-vax exemption, gets booted * VIDEO: WATCH: Katy Perry has 'that Pfizer eye,' sparking vaccine questionsWant the INSIDE INFO on what the Bible says will happen next? GET THIS BOOK!


VIDEO: Boston University researchers claim to have developed new, more lethal COVID strain in lab (WHY?!) * Boston lab that created new COVID strain did NOT clear research with agency * Study confirms COVID death risk near zero for vast majority * VIDEO: North Carolina judge sends prospective juror to jail for refusing to wear mask in mask-optional courthouse * Coast Guard used 'digital tool' to more efficiently mass deny religious vax exemptions * VIDEO: WARNING !! GRAPHIC IMAGES!! GLOBAL DEPOPULATION IN FULL SWING AS ADULT DEATH SYNDROME SKYROCKETS * Why have so many young doctors died since COVID-vaccine rollout? * VIDEO: CDC moves to make COVID shot a requirement for schoolkids * Fauci says he had nothing to do with schools closing?! * One country offers to pay for funeral if forced COVID shot kills you (Once dead, will they will deny cause of death?) * VIDEO: Social media platforms target cardiologist who went from booster to critic of COVID vaccines


VIDEO: Pfizer exec confesses vaccine never even tested on stopping transmission * Florida State Surgeon General: “84% Increase in the Relative Incidence of Cardiac-Related Death Among Males 18-39 Years Old Within 28 Days Following mRNA Vaccination” * VIDEO: Florida surgeon general blocked from sharing COVID vaccine study on Twitter: 'An enormous deal' * Lockdown Babies Less Capable of Speech, Other Forms of Communication Than Pre-COVID Children – Study * 'Waking up the sheep': Group exposes deadly hospital COVID protocols * Insurance company finds triple-vaxxed more likely to get COVID than unvaxxed * State warns young men COVID jab raises cardiac death risk 'by 84%' (That's just ONE state admitting this)


VIDEO: Dr. Fauci and his wife get the Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam award from the Jesuits * Fauci and wife's net worth increased by $5M during the pandemic, analysis finds * VIDEO: Gates' Dream Now Reality: Vaccination by Mosquito


School board members reported mom to employer, DOJ for criticizing COVID school closures * Massachusetts colleges to enforce mask mandates ‘indefinitely' (aka indoctrination) * India Flips COVID Contact Tracing App into WEF-Style ‘Sophisticated Surveillance System’ (We saw this coming! or see this video Covid-19 - this is our 66AD)

September 2022


Top London cardiologist: Stop the COVID-19 shots NOW * VIDEO: Biden Deems Vaccination a ‘Vital Part’ of Hurricane Prep (so sad) * CDC Drops Universal Masking Recommendation for Healthcare Workers (Just in time for Mid-Terms) * Europe: 755% spike in excess deaths in kids since vax rollout * VIDEO: Fired pediatric nurse tearfully testifies of vaccine-induced myocarditis in kids


VIDEO: Rand Paul: This is the biggest coverup in the history of science * VIDEO: WARNING !! GRAPHIC IMAGES!! GLOBAL DEPOPULATION IN FULL SWING AS ADULT DEATH SYNDROME SKYROCKETS * President Biden declares that the COVID-19 pandemic 'is over' weeks before the midterm elections (Surprised? NOPE!) * Reactivated Clinton Global Initiative Ready to Save a World ‘on Fire’ * VIDEO: Politically, COVID was the best thing that ever happened to Democrats (DUH) * VIDEO: City of Toronto Deletes Video Marketing COVID-19 Vaccines to Infants, Children * 7-month investigation: Blame Bill Gates for global COVID response


Is it the shot? Deaths soaring in area with 95% COVID-vaccination rate * PROOF: (again) that Covid 19 was purely POLITICAL * VIDEO: Navy quietly rolled back punishments for SEALs seeking religious exemptions to the COVID vaccine * Shots fired! Stunning news for Navy SEALs on COVID-vaccine mandates


Birth rates plunged in heavily vaxxed countries * VIDEO: Illinois professor says going maskless indoors a ‘manifestation’ of racism, will boot non-compliant students * Studies show that COVID vaccines cause massive blood damage * Embalmers Baffled After Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots Inside Corpses - Something Isn't Right Here * China's inhaled Covid vaccine approved 'offering protection after one breath' * CDC fed Facebook misinformation about vaccines * Vaccine-boosted adults twice as likely to be hospitalized for COVID * COVID shot 100 times likelier to cause severe harm than prevent it

August 2022


Bill Gates funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to corporate media, pharma and biotech companies to push false COVID narratives * Stacey Abrams-linked group took almost $500K from taxpayer-backed COVID fund as donations swelled by $20M * YouTube REVERSES policy banning critics of masks and vaccines, after YEARS of silencing the truth (Due to loosing subs to alternative FREE SPEECH platforms) * 'Toxicity': U.K. stops recommending COVID vax for pregnant women * Americans dropping dead: Largest decrease in U.S. life expectancy in 100 years! * New ivermectin study shows 92% lower chance of COVID death * It's baaack! FDA approves omicron booster shots without human trials * College vaccine-mandate lawsuit cites 'fraudulent' death certificates


DC mayor's 'no shots, no school' program postponed hours after separate COVID vaccine mandate struck down


VIDEO: Conservatives, politicians and more react to Anthony Fauci stepping down: 'A blueprint of what not to do * Los Angeles requires youth basketball participants to wear masks, critic calls policy 'dangerous' * After MULTIPLE vaccines and boosters, First lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19 once again in rebound case * VIDEO: WATCH: Curtain gets pulled back on Fauci's 'plans to cash in' * Beethoven performance at famed Edinburgh International Festival nixed after British choir refuses to wear COVID masks while singing, as requested by Philadelphia Orchestra * 'Bad medicine, bad policy': Doctors blast rush to approve Omicron COVID vaccine without human data


Pope Francis pushes globalist Communism as solution for COVID-19 pandemic in latest encyclical * VIDEO: 'Imagine the compliance': Pfizer CEO praises 'ingestible pills' with microchip * VIDEO: Calling the Shots: Dr. Bryan Ardis believes pope Francis is behind COVID and the jabs


COVID-infected Pfizer CEO promised vaccine was 100% effective * Vaxxed, double-boosted Defense secretary who pushed military mandates, is COVID positive again! * Twice-vaccinated, double-boosted Jill Biden gets COVID * 'There's no reason for these shots': CDC's case for vax mandates crumbles * Elizabeth Warren blasts GOP's 'political gamesmanship' after Dems reportedly ditch COVID tests for key vote * VIDEO: Carnival Cruises drops exemption request for unvaccinated guests, eases testing requirements * PROOF: Google does not want anyone to find out how deadly the vaccines are * VATICAN: Covid: Vaccines are an act of love to save us together (Pope actually Authored the PLANdemic)* Health care workers fired over vaccine mandate awarded $10 million in settlement * Healthcare Workers Denied Religious Exemptions to Receive $10 Million in Vaccine Mandate Settlement * NIH failed to ensure all clinical trials it funded complied with federal reporting rule, watchdog * Scientists shred new research for mask mandates as 'junk science,' 'irredeemably flawed'


Fully vaccinated account for 91% of COVID deaths in one country * Another Fauci flip: We were 'always aware' of natural immunity to COVID * Study: Vitamin D deficiency raises risk of death from COVID by 50% (IOW -The lockdowns helped them sicken even more) * VIDEO: Dr. Deborah Birx: I knew shots would not prevent COVID infection * VIDEO: ‘The Unvaccinated were the smart ones’ * VIDEO: Brought to you by... Pfizer! * VIDEO: Fairfax mom sounds off on face mask 'dress code' policy that got sons suspended * VIDEO: Rand Paul: Fauci has been 'lying' to the American people on the origins of COVID-19 * Scientist tells Senate: Dr. Fauci lying about coronavirus research in China * VIDEO: Fauci rips anti-vax 'disinformation' despite admitting shots don't work * Many who got COVID shots diagnosed with brand-new condition


China locking down 1 million people due to FOUR asymptomatic COVID cases! * How Covid 19 is accelerating the shift to a cashless society * Mom sues after school 'forces daughter into glass enclosure' for refusing to mask up

July 2022


mRNA vaccine study that shows mRNA vaccines write themselves into Liver DNA cells * Rep. Hice rips Biden admin for using COVID recovery funds for woke education programs: 'Absolutely wrong' * VIDEO: Fauci admits that COVID-19 vaccines do not protect 'overly well' against infection (Covering up his lies - failed) * Vatican’s support for vaccines and mandates makes it COMPLICIT in vaccine deaths * VIDEO: Giving COVID vaccine to kids under five does not 'make sense' in most cases, says Dr. Makary * VIDEO: Nigel Farage: This is no longer about health * VIDEO: $825K in American Rescue Plan funds went to ‘oral historians’ researching anti-racism, 'Latinx' histories * VIDEO: WOW! Pfizer Scientist reveals Covid ‘antibodies’ transfer during pregnancy "through the umbilical cord" * VIDEO: The CDC discredited itself * Study: Pfizer COVID shot converts into DNA in human cells (Findings conflict with CDC’s claim that vaccine never enters nucleus) * COVID PROPAGANDA ROUNDUP: ‘SHOTS FOR TOTS’ (THEY FINALLY CAME FOR THE BABIES) * Dr. Deborah Birx admits she deceived Trump to push COVID measures * Study ties COVID booster to startling spike in excess deaths


* Army cuts pay, benefits from more than 60,000 unvaccinated National Guard, Reserves *
VIDEO: CDC raises Monkeypox alert to level 2, recommends masks during travel (Masks will not work! It spreads by sexual contact) * Trudeau: Unvaccinated Accepted ‘Consequences’ Like Losing Jobs and Access To Travel (IOW: Testing the "buy & sell" portion of the mark is working) * Lockdown Forever! Government Party Wants Forced Masking to Fight Flu

June 2022


NEW SCIENCE SHOWS MASK HARMS * Study: Mask mandates increase death rate * FDA FLIPPANTLY AUTHORIZES PFIZER BOOSTER FOR 5 TO 11-YEAR-OLDS AS AGENCY CAPTURE HITS BREAKAWAY SPEEDS * NYT CAUGHT WIDELY EXAGGERATING COVID-RELATED DEATHS IN CHILDREN  * U.S. Bioethics Chief, Who Happens to be Fauci’s Wife, Published a New Paper Telling Corporates They Can Ethically ‘Pressure Employees’ And ‘Embarrass Vaccine Resistors’ * Gates, Fauci Funded Experiments on Bird Flu — Will It Be the Next Pandemic? * VIDEO: Media darling Rebekah Jones' claims of Florida COVID data manipulation 'did not occur,' IG says * N.Y. Times makes bombshell admission about masks and COVID * Study: Mask mandates increase death rate


This is what happens if you give up your guns: Australia announces TWO YEARS in prison for violating covid rules * Lockdown Forever! German Court Finds Forced Vax for Caregivers Constitutional * VIDEO: Tucker: Biden administration is close to giving WHO power over every intimate aspect of your life * U.S. Navy board takes major action on officer who refused COVID shot * Report: Los Angeles County High School Banning Unvaccinated Students from Graduation Ceremony  * Klaus Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty * VIDEO: WEF leader: Globalists need more power to counter growing COVID skepticism * World Health Assembly to Increase W.H.O. Funding by as Much as $600 Million a Year * VIDEO: DOJ asks court to reverse rule lifting requirement for COVID masks on public transportation * Canadian doctor illegally administered covid shots to hundreds of infants as young as six months old

May 2022


VIDEO: Nolte: 1M Dead from Coronavirus, 60% Under Biden — Who Had the Vaccine * 17,000 doctors call for end to COVID-19 emergency * Shanghai Lockdown Causing Global Medical Imaging Supply Shortage * VIDEO: German Boxer Musa Askan Yamak Dies from Heart Attack During Match * VIDEO: Rubio grills Fauci: How is it Americans with COVID can't get in country, but illegals can? * Rheumatologist: 40% of my 3,000 vaxxed patients reported injury * New law protects docs who prescribe ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine * VIDEO: Network health expert warns AGAINST COVID boosters * JAMA study: Pfizer COVID shot's protection fades in weeks * VIDEO: FDA approves COVID booster shot for kids 5 to 11


Biden gives Power to WHO in USA * NYC declares 'high' COVID alert level, instructs residents to mask up indoors (Just in time for mid-term games) * Lockdown Forever! Forced Masking Continues Despite EU Lifting Lockdown Rules on Flights * World Health Organization Is Preparing Vote To Strip The US, And 194 Other Nations, Of It’s Sovereignty And Give Them TOTAL CONTROL Of The World * China Pours More Money into Endless Lockdown Scheme, Plans ‘Permanent’ Quarantine Camps


VIDEO: Does the CDC track COVID lockdown compliance * It's always been political theator * VIDEO: Maskless Broadway Star Patti LuPone Screams at Maskless Audience Member: ‘Get the BEEP Out’ * Military doctor: Defense medical database totally corrupted as vax injuries scrubbed * Fauci, NIH, scientists got $350 million from '3rd party payers' (Smoking gun on why they pushed the PLANdemic)


Big Brother: Government Planned ‘Dystopian Surveillance System’ to Fight COVID – Book * White House warns of 100 million COVID infections this fall (More fear mongering) * Air Force Admits All Granted Religious Accommodations for Vax Were for Airmen Already Leaving Service


VIDEO: Mask-wearing hypocrisy ahead of White House Correspondents' Dinner * The CDC’s Response to Scientific Inquiry: Because We Said So! * US pilot deaths increase by 1,750% after covid vaccine rollout * Hillary Clinton mocked for maskless Met Gala photos while being doted on by masked staff * Biden's DHS not enforcing vaccine mandate for illegal immigrants: Report


Bill Gates Wants Global Surveillance Pact with W.H.O. to Forestall ‘Even More Fatal’ Coronavirus Variants * China Launches Witch Hunt Against Dozens of Beijing Companies Defying Lockdown Rules * It’s For Your Health: Woman Who Died in 2004 Fined for Not Getting Jabbed * EU Wants to Create a Pan-Continental Medical Super-Database (FINALLY! The Smoking Gun!) * CDC 'tracked millions of cell phones' to see if you obeyed lockdowns

April 2022


VIDEO: Army of masked robbers enter Louis Vuitton, steal over $400K of merchandise in minutes * VIDEO: A new way to hide the fact the Vaccines Caused Immune issues * Fully Vaxxed Vice President Kamala Harris Tests Positive for Coronavirus * Covid: Sending Hospital Patients into Elderly Care Homes was Illegal, UK Court Rules * FDA renews 'horse' smear as ivermectin trends on new Twitter * VIDEO: 'These are voluntary inoculations': Zoo claims animals are getting COVID vaccines of their own free will * Quadruple-vaxxed Kamala Harris catches COVID


VIDEO: Randi Weingarten says parental rights bills are 'the way in which wars start' * Steely resolve: China now using metal barricades to stop COVID


NOTICE: The viral video titled "Watch the Water" is mostly fear-mongering. And yes, it has some truth in it. But Dr Ardis was also interviewed on the infamous INFOWARS platform of Alex Jones who is known by millions to be working directly with the Vatican. Christians need to seek Christ who is able to save and prepare for His arrival, for in so doing they won’t have to fear such things at all. Proof? See how Paul handled a serpent 2000 years ago…  Acts 28:3-6

VIDEO: Recording of AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot ‘Millions of [Immunocompromised] People Can’t Be Vaxxed' * 2 American states slammed with high costs of COVID lockdowns * U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AWARDED A CONTRACT FOR ‘COVID-19 RESEARCH’ IN UKRAINE 3 MONTHS BEFORE COVID WAS KNOWN TO EVEN EXIST * VIDEO: Ron DeSantis: We Are ‘Very Happy’ to Have Judicial Relief for ‘Unscientific Mask Mandate’ * VIDEO: Ron DeSantis: Biden Appealing Mask Decision to ‘Extend the Misery for Americans’ * VIDEO: Famous Democrat consultant: FDA knew vaccine not safe and effective * The Mask Mandate Is Over, and Some Leftists Are Sure We’re All Gonna Die


Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Suggests It Will Continue Forced Masking * Joe Biden to Appeal Ruling that Lifted Airplane Mask Mandate if CDC Says So * Port Authority Continues Forced Masking at New York Airports * VIDEO: Biden admin will 'likely' appeal ruling ending mask mandate on public transportation, HHS says * Biden planning Global COVID Summit to 'vaccinate the world'


VIDEO: Stefanik Grills Becerra on Child Mask Mandate: Biden Administration ‘Woefully out of Touch’ * Fauci Says It’s Likely U.S. Will See a Surge in Coronavirus Cases in the Fall * VIDEO: White House falsely claims Kamala Harris was masked after COVID exposure * Military Can Fire Unvaccinated, But Not HIV Positive Officers


General Milley Downplays Kicking Out Troops over Vaccine Mandate * VIDEO: Biden Needs to Take Firing Unvaccinated Border Patrol Agents off the Table with Crisis Looming * Videos: Shanghai Residents Trapped in Lockdown Scream from Their Windows, Fight over Limited Food * U.N. Chief Guterres Backs Big Pharma Plan to ‘Get Vaccines into Arms’ of Every Person on the Planet * Major U.S. airport deploys giant robots to catch unmasked travelers * Hospital Refuses to Give 9-Year-Old Boy Life Saving Kidney Transplant Because Father is Unvaccinated * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: China’s Rulers Are Using COVID Restrictions to Stay in Power Forever * CDC extending travel mask mandate 15 more days


VIDEO: Kamala Harris called out for new PR 'fiasco' (AGAIN with no mask) * VIDEO:Fauci in 2004: You don't need a shot if you've had the disease * VIDEO: Acute Radiation Sickness (Radiation Pneumonia) * Homeland Security 20th agency to track religious vaccine objectors (Why do that? You will find out soon) * CDC, U.K. data: COVID vaccines also failing to prevent deaths


VIDEO: Biden says first responders should be fired if they refuse to comply with COVID vaccine tyranny * City worker who dared to ask why kids are still masked gets fired

March 2022


VIDEO: SMART DOCTOR LEAVES CLUELESS DR. FAUCI AND CDC DIRECTOR SPEECHLESS IN CONGRESS WITH FACTS * NYC Lifts Vaccine Mandate for Athletes, Performers (Why? It's an election year) * Official government data suggests triple vaccinated for COVID now have vaccine-induced AIDS and are five times more likely to die * Moderna patented DNA sequence in Covid virus several years before pandemic that earned them billions in vaccine sales * CDC quietly slashes COVID death count after two years of fascism based on fraudulent numbers * VIDEO: Cotton: Biden, Dems Think ‘There’s No Pandemic’ at Border, While Requiring Toddlers to Wear Masks on Planes


W.H.O. Warns Social Surveillance Must Remain Even as Global Coronavirus Cases Plunge * FDA hammered for bypassing expert panel to approve FOURTH booster shot


U.S. Army surgeon in tears: Top brass ordered silence on vaccine injuries * Moderna Seeks Urgent Approval to Vaccinate Very Young children * Vulnerable Democrats want to dump mask mandates 'as quickly as possible' (If the science was real all along - why the sudden change? - It was ALL Political Theater!) * How Eli Lilly offered exemptions to COVID-vaccine mandate, then reneged * CDC says it accidentally inflated pediatric COVID data used in media scare pieces, cites 'coding logic error' * Probe finds officials miscalculated COVID-19 death toll (They stated deaths were only 6% Covid at start yet they ignored it allowing millions to die of the vax!) * 'Fully vaccinated' Hillary Clinton tests positive for COVID


Jill Biden invites congressional spouses to White House, sets nasty rules for the unvaxxed


VIDEO: Senate Passes Rand Paul Resolution to Ban Travel Mask Mandates * Report: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Failed to Account for 4,100 Nursing Home Deaths * VIDEO: University investigation finds 'no merit' to allegations officials suppressed access to Florida COVID data * Millions of people people 'fully vaccinated' for COVID now suffering excruciating illnesses


COVID-1984: 600,000 Italians Set to Receive Fines for Being Unvaccinated * A Plant-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Could Soon Hit the Market * People who test positive for Covid can receive antiviral pills at pharmacies for free, Biden says (And we're supposed to trust them now?) * Pfizer Targets Seniors in Renewed Call for 4th Coronavirus Shot


British Govt. Reveals Vast Majority Of COVID-19 Deaths Occur Among Fully, Triple Vaccinated * 63.4% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (The coming mass deaths will be blamed on Christians) * Hawaii Becomes the Final State to Lift Mask Mandate (With Mid-Terms coming - This PROVES it was all Political Theater!) *  A picture truly does say 1000 words * Fauci's new actions revealed after seemingly disappearing as COVID narrative disintegrates * Tens of millions of doses being trashed as demand for COVID vaccines collapses * Attorney who revealed DoD vaccine-injury data puts feds on legal notice * Documents reveal feds paid news outlets to praise COVID vaccines * See confrontation of top scientist who hid truth about ivermectin


VIDEO: German TV Host Nearly Passes Out Moments After Calling for Mandatory Vaccination * Official data: Fully vaccinated people account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths * Education activists: Dems' flip-flop on mask mandates motivated by 'political science' * New study: Pfizer COVID shot converts into DNA in human cells! (Human 2.0) * Doctors threatened with punishment for disagreeing with official COVID narrative (It used to be the Dr was the one to trust) * 'COVID cartel lied, people died' – but it's 'all your fault' * Evidence shows Biden's claim COVID vaccines protect people was flat-out wrong



February 2022


VIDEO: 108 professional soccer players dead from heart failure * VIDEO: DOH Whistleblower Says Covid Inflated for Profit ‘He went for gunshot wounds and was coded as COVID’ * Comedian Heather McDonald Collapses on Stage Immediately After Joking, “I’m Vaxxed, Double Vaxxed, Boosted and Flu Shot” * VIDEO: FBI Investigating Inflated COVID Numbers Exposed by Project Veritas Whistleblower Jeanne Stagg * VIDEO: This was never about the virus * VIDEO: DOUG FORD IS DONE WITH MANDATES?!!! * VIDEO: FDA Exec Christopher Cole responds to agency's official statement in interview with James O'Keefe * Coachella, Stagecoach Festivals Drop All COVID Requirements * Embalmer alarmed by mysterious blood clots in vaccinated people * Overwhelming majority of Canadians want all COVID restrictions dropped * 'Flawed science': Johns Hopkins professor crushes 'political propaganda' out of CDC * VIDEO: FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies * VIDEO: IF THE COVID JABS DIDNT GIVE PEOPLE HIV AIDS WHY ARE THEY ASKING PEOPLE TO GET TESTED * VIDEO: SHOCKER - 90% of the dead are double jabbed! * VIDEO: Mainstream Media Colluding With FDA, CDC To Cover Up Skyrocketing Deaths From China Virus Vaccines * Shocking analysis finds that Covid-19 Vaccine Death-Rates are much higher than what is being officially reported * VIDEO: FMR BLACKROCK CEO REVEALS THE COVID-CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY WAS TO COVER THE COLLAPSE OF CENTRAL BANK (It's quite possible) * Israel ends its great vaccine experiment, scraps all shot requirements for tourists * Triple-jabbed Queen Elizabeth II, 95, positive for coronavirus * Lockdowns condemned as 'pure politics' * Government buries COVID data because it's 'misinterpreted' by 'anti-vaxxers'


VIDEO: "The power of what he has is - this is coming directly from the gentleman's lips." -Dr. Malone * VIDEO: FDA Exec on Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy "Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible" * Poll: 65 Percent of Democrat Voters Still Crave Mask Mandates * High COVID rates are 'GOOD news,' says teachers-union chief * MANDATORY VAX: Austria Enacts COMPULSORY Jabs for All Adults on Saturday

January 2022


WOW! VIDEO: Recordings of Possible Botched Administration of COVID Vax on Kids "Some people got the wrong one" * VIDEO: BMJ Demands Release of Vaccine Trial Data * VIDEO: New Florida Surgeon Generals failure to answer "Do Vaccines WORK" says it all about Vaccine * ICLCJ Verdict and Sentence * VIDEO: Vatican pimped out for Pfizer * Pope warns of growing ‘infodemic’ (He knows the truth is spreading fast) * Scientists speak out on being silenced when raising concerns about COVID lab leak theory * VIDEO: Scalise: Newsom, Garcetti Going Maskless While Kids Have to Wear Them in School Is ‘Political Science’ That Hurts Kids * Finland To Scrap All Coronavirus Restrictions By Mid-February * VIDEO: L.A. Times Slams Newsom, Garcetti for Defying Own Rules, Going Maskless at Rams Game * Majority of Canadians Want All Pandemic Restrictions To End * One American state moves to make ivermectin available to consumers * Massive Johns Hopkins study: Lockdowns, masks, closures did NOT reduce death


BILL GATES HAD A VIDEO GAME CREATED FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS CALLED ‘OMIKRON’ IN 1999 ABOUT DEMONS HARVESTING SOULS * In Italy, No Dolce Vita for the Unvaccinated * Toddler Refused Heart Surgery in Three Separate Countries Over PARENTS Being Unjabbed


VIDEO: More than $10M worth of masks, protective gear left in the rain outside Bay Area event center * VIDEO: Latest Vaccine Data From CDC: Is There a Problem With Kids? * VIDEO: MSM GOING THE ROUTE OF OH THE VAX IS DANGEROUS WHAT A SURPRISE * Top Israeli Immunologist—Time for the Israel Ministry of Health to Admit Mass COVID-19 Vaccination a Failure * VIDEO: STEW PETERS INTERVIEWS DR. MALONE ON THE GREAT DIE-OFF & PLANDEMIC * VIDEO: BOMBSHELL! 3 Medical Whistleblowers: Neurological Issues Up 1000%, Miscarriages & Cancer Up 300% * Fully Vaccinated Australians may be developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome after latest Gov. figures reveal they are 10 times more likely to be infected with Omicron than the Unvaccinated * Caught Red-Handed: CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Vaxx’d * NBA icon John Stockton links vax to deaths of '100 pro athletes' despite being canceled by alma mater * VIDEO:  'Mass formation hypnosis': Eric Clapton urges not to fall for COVID shots * VIDEO: Small business owners take matters into their own hands after new vax mandate emerges * New bill would make it a crime to ask someone about their vaccination status


Italian Retirees Could be Forced to Present COVID Pass to Get Pension * VIDEO: Gravitas: 5 Videos of lockdown horror from China * VIDEO: FOX News spilling all the beans on the Covid narrative but why.. Damage limitation? * Minnesota government BRIBING families with $200 gift cards to get their CHILDREN vaccinated * Federal laboratory allegedly provided color-coded badges indicating COVID vaccine, testing status: sources (Remember this?) * Hospital yanks unvaccinated patient from transplant list: Now he's running out of time * Republicans consider government shutdown over Dems' shot mandates


VIDEO: TO VAX OR NOT VAX- NEIL OLIVER INTERVIEWS DR. ROBERT MALONE * Pfizer, J&J Among Pharma Companies Accused of Funding Terrorism in Iraq * VIDEO: Funeral Director Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned * VIDEO: The narrative is collapsing * VIDEO: COVID-19: FOLLOWING THE MONEY (Watch first 3 mins - Death Rate age 18-64 up 40% THAT"S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN ALL HISTORY!) * How Bad is my Batch? * French Minister Vacationed in Spain While Imposing ‘Infernal’ COVID Measures (Lost count on how many did this) * Round Two? * Models predict wave of omicron deaths (AKA vaccine deaths) * Masks allegedly harming children's speech development (Allegedly?!) * Former FDA chief: Omicron likely 'signals end of the pandemic' * Landmark study: 4th vaccine dose failing against omicron! * MIT scientist warns of major brain damage to kids from COVID shots * 'Trust the people': Britain lifts vaccine passports, mask mandates * VIDEO: YouTube kicks Bongino off for slamming masks: Same day, CDC admits cloth masks offer less 'protection'


19 Feds spy on Americans with religious exemption * Biden regime compiling lists of religious covid vaccine objectors * VIDEO: Quebecs Unvaxxed Tax FORCES their citizens to get vaxxed * Pope continues to push lethal jab * VIDEO: CNN's Don Lemon rails against unvaccinated 'idiots': 'We have to start doing things for the greater good' * Major U.S. newspaper insists on deploying National Guard to keep unvaxxed at home * Huge number of Dems want the unvaccinated to lose custody of kids! * Top school requires double-masking despite 99% vax rate, boosters, twice-weekly testing


VIDEO: Dr David E Martin Explaining The 5th Circuit Court Decision Ending Vaccine Mandate... Employers May NOT Coerce Employees. It Is A FELONY! Link To 5th Circuit Court Decision In Description * VIDEO: Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath #ExposeFauci * VIDEO: Complete Heated Exchange between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci * Israel Logs First Case Of Heart Inflammation Linked To Omicron Variant Of COVID: Report (Me thinks the jab causes Omicron) * End mass jabs and treat Covid like flu, says ex-vaccines taskforce chief (They will ignore this for the $$$) * VIDEO: “The implications here exceed those of the Pentagon Papers." -Dr. Malone on #ExposeFauci by Veritas * Bombshell data from 145 countries show that covid vaccines INCREASE covid-19 associated sickness and death * VIDEO: The lies continue and the sheeple remain in line * VIDEO: GOP Rep. Comer: Emails Show Fauci, Collins Knew Lab Origin of COVID Was Plausible in February 2020 * Pandemic fraud exposed: CDC admits PCR tests don’t work * VIDEO: 'Dangerous': U.S. rejected gain-of-function COVID project, but Fauci forged ahead * CDC chief: 75% of vaccinated people who die of COVID already seriously ill * VIDEO: Fauci's gain-of-function work called 'intentional manslaughter of millions' * VIDEO: SHOCKING!!! DR. CARRIE MADEJ RELEASES IMAGES OF PFIZER VIAL CONTENTS * VIDEO: SO THE WEALTHY DONT WANT VAXXDD AROUND THEIR CHILDREN * California now forcing COVID-positive hospital employees to keep working, after they fired everyone with natural immunity * Fauci, Walensky dodge when asked about number of vaccine deaths * VIDEO: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Latest bombshell about COVID vaccines will dismantle Big Pharma (The "vaccine" is premeditated murder!)


VIDEO: French president vows to make life miserable for unvaccinated * Delingpole: ‘Make the Unvaccinated Pay!’ Demands Failed Ex-PM’s Sister-in-Law * Medical Ethics Prof on CNN: ‘Penalize’ Unvaccinated Americans—Deny Them Affordable Health Insurance * Pope continues to push deadly vaccine * Italy Bans Unvaccinated From All Public Transport Under New Rules * Quebec to ‘Significantly’ Tax Unvaccinated Canadians * Police Ask Austrian Minister to Oppose Compulsory Vax in Open Letter * Maryland declares state of emergency, calls in National Guard due to massive post-vaccine COVID-19 outbreak


Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Pass 1 Million Mark, FDA Signs Off on Pfizer Booster for Kids 12 and Up * VIDEO: VAXXED are 27 times more likely to get Covid symptoms than the UNVAXXED * VIDEO" 'Thousands Died Because Fauci Ignored Natural Immunity' * Radiologist reports a 360-fold increase in adenopathy following covid vaccinations * VIDEO: DPH Admits they added "covid" the death certificates * Fully Vaccinated Pro-Vaccine Canadian Senator Dead at the Age of 56 * VIDEO: UK Stats Show 82% of COVID-19 Deaths and 66% of Hospitalizations were Among Fully Vaccinated for Past Month * Texas Church Injects Young Children with COVID Shot in Halloween Celebration – Christian Churches Now Working with the CDC to Abuse and Murder Children * Cardiologist Medical Doctor who Wanted to Punch Anti-Vaxxers in the Face DEAD After COVID Booster Shot * VIDEO: NARRATIVE IS COLLAPSING! - Police Threaten Children! - Fauci ADMITS Jab Does NOTHING! * Fully Vaccinated Pro-Vaccine Canadian Senator Dead at the Age of 56 * A List Of People Who Had Their Leg Amputated Shortly After Receiving a COVID-19 Shot * VIDEO:Texas wins federal injunction against Biden’s vaccine, mask mandates * VIDEO: 'Show Me Your Papers' Becoming More Commonplace In Vaccine Mandate America * VIDEO: In 1995, Dr. Pierre Gilbert Said Mandatory Vaccination Will Make It Possible To Control People & That They Will Contaminate The Bloodstreams Of Mankind Creating Intentional Infections * VIDEO: Did You Know The US Government, The Same Government That's Mandating The Covid Vaccine, Co-Owned The Covid Vaccine Patent In 2015 Along With Moderna * FDA admits that covid-19 antigen tests DO NOT detect Omicron, yet labs routinely commit fraud to push “casedemic” hysteria * VIDEO: CHILD SACRIFICE - DR. VLADIMIR ZELENKO * VIDEO: Media reaction to CDC guidance demonstrates global 'madness' * VIDEO: ⁣Explosive - Insurance CEO - Seeing Alarming Death Rates (It's a blood sacrifice to Satan) * VIDEO: AOC, Pelosi ‘Have Their Own Set’ of COVID Rules and Different Ones for ‘the Plebes’ * VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg stunned by testing positive for COVID: 'I've done everything I was supposed to do' * Opponents of vaccine mandates score victory in federal court * Government report: 95% of omicron cases are among vaccinated * VIDEO: Governor admits COVID hospitalizations overcounted * 1 million COVID-vaccine injuries now reported on CDC's database * Revealed: 2021's top killer that took 12 times as many lives as COVID * Navy SEALs win major legal victory against vaccine mandate, injunction issued * VIDEO: Dr. Robert Malone: We've been watching Fauci lie for decades * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Everything Biden said contradicts 'the science' * VIDEO: Teacher ousted from class for allegedly injecting boy with COVID-19 vaccine * Biden again decries 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' despite evidence


VIDEO: 'They didn't tell the truth': The 'real problem' behind Victoria's QR code cover up * VIDEO: I Will Not Comply I Will Be On The Right Side Of History ! Will You? * VIDEO: Israeli soldiers forced jab in middle of the night * VIDEO: Sadly this is not the New York I grew up in * VIDEO: Pfizer’s War on Children Invades Canada and Israel * President Macron Says He Wants to ‘Piss Off’ Unjabbed by Banning Them From Social Life With Vax Pass * VIDEO: Medical Ethics Prof on CNN: ‘Penalize’ Unvaccinated Americans—Deny Them Affordable Health Insurance * California Republican's COVID death mocked by pro-vaxxers on social media

December 2021


Shock! Doctors given bonus to euthanize 'severely hospitalized' COVID patients * WOW!!! VIDEO: Woman politely asks a pharmacist to show her the Moderna safety insert. When he realises it’s blank, his reaction is truly powerful * VIDEO: Organs of Dead Vaccinated Show Clear Evidence of Autoimmune Attack on These Tissues * VIDEO: He Just Said WHHAATTT?! * VIDEO: Malliotakis: If Biden Thinks COVID Is a State Issue, He Should Repeal Mandates * VIDEO: SD Gov. Noem: Biden ‘Doesn’t Have the Authority’ to Put Federal Coronavirus Mandates in Place * Omicron Chaos: CDC Sharply Revises Estimate of U.S. Omicron Infections (From 73% down to 22.5%) * Establishment Media Cast Doubt on CDC’s Shortened Five-Day Quarantine Guidance  * Facebook fact-checking group admits it wrongly flagged article criticizing study on masks in schools * Anti-vax protests erupt worldwide amid plan for major D.C. event * Mask mandates, vaccine passports fail as COVID explodes in one state * New study finds vaccines make omicron infection MORE likely * Twitter banishes COVID-vaccine critic who invented mRNA technology * CDC finally admits 'gold standard' COVID test is unreliable * Unvaccinated workers who were fired now suddenly being begged to return * U.S. warship stuck overseas after COVID spreads through fully vaccinated crew * The Omicold * 49-year-old N.Y. Times editor dies 'less than a day' after COVID shot * Hospital ERs filled with symptom-less, COVID-positive people in one state (This confirms the test is bogus)


VIDEO: Farmers, Truckers STOPPED as Food Supply Collapses * Covid is causing a 'parallel pandemic' for children, Vatican says * EU Drafting Law Allowing Seizure of Private Property During Pandemic Emergencies: Report * VIDEO: People have had enough of the government overreach during the pandemic * Teen facing up to 2 years in prison for partying while positive with COVID


VIDEO: IVERMECTIN: FRIEND OR FOE? * Data Reveals COVID Shots Triggering Psychiatric Disorders In Hundreds Of Thousands Of People * 16,000 Physicians and Scientists Agree Kids Shouldn’t Get COVID Vaccine * Nolte: Clueless Media Shocked America ‘Tunes Out’ Omicron’s ‘Ominous Threat’ * VIDEO: Paxton: Border Policies Show Biden Doesn’t ‘Really Care about COVID’ * Biden Allows Thousands of Convicts to Evade Federal Prison After Pandemic * VIDEO: Steve Bannon thrashes vaxxed-up Jim Cramer who now has COVID * Outrage as COVID fearmonger Maxine Waters goes maskless on commercial cross-country flight: Report * Top Dems urge required vaccination or negative test for domestic flights * Doctors: FDA rejection of safe drugs caused needless COVID deaths


New York Legislation Provides for Indefinite Detention of Unvaccinated at Governor’s Whim * VIDEO: The Vax-Injured Are Being Force-Medicated With Psych Drugs * Airline CEO Says 'Idiot' Anti-Vaxxers Should Not Be Allowed to Fly, Shop for Groceries (Just another elitist bowing to the Pope) * ‘Tyrannical’: Boosterless Europeans to Have Corona Passports Disabled * VIDEO: Biden's new COVID plan exposes a red state-blue state divide * This will get under your skin: Subcutaneous vaccine passports


Corporate media trying to discredit VAERS reporting of covid vaccine side effects because it’s the only thing they haven’t yet censored * Study: 5G exposure a “significant factor” in higher covid cases, deaths * HEALTH INSURANCE could be outlawed for the unvaccinated in Illinois * National Education Association board member says unvaccinated with religious exemptions “should die or be shot” * UK Vaccine Push Could Leave Up to 5,000 Cancer Cases Undiagnosed * CDC: 79% of omicron cases are in vaccinated people! * Here's why 15,000 experts oppose COVID-19 vaccines for children * VIDEO: Data show high rate of myocarditis in youth after Pfizer vaccine * More than 400 studies expose failure of COVID-19 measures * Fauci admits COVID vaccines may actually make people 'WORSE'! * Hospital held in contempt for denying patient prescribed ivermectin


Is CVS about to turn over millions of vaccine records to Bill Gates? Microsoft partnership raises HUGE questions and medical privacy and corporate exploitation of vaccine mandates * Israel says covid booster shots will now be ENDLESS * People Are Getting Vaccine Passport Microchips Embedded in Their Hands as COVID Advances the 'Internet of Bodies' * No End in Sight: Blue States Usher in Mask Mandates Nearly 2 Years After Pandemic’s Start * Delingpole: Durham Cathedral Insists on Covid Passes for X-mas Services * Attorney: Entire family given COVID vaccine instead of flu shot, 2 children now suffering heart issues * ABC sued by actor who was fired over vaccine mandate * Supermarket giant strips unvaccinated workers of their benefits * America's largest bank bans unvaccinated workers from the office * Numerous N.Y. counties rebel against governor's new mask mandate: 'We're not going to become the mask police' * U.S. military officially begins discharging unvaccinated service members * 'VIDEO: Ritual humiliation': Unvaccinated children put in front of classroom


South Africa asks J&J, Pfizer to stop sending vaccines * Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster * Smoking gun confidential Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS… they knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN * VIDEO: Graphene Oxide Wireless Network - Dr Campra: Bioweapon Shots Contain Wireless Nanosensors * VIDEO: Covid transmission among VAXXED rising tremendously * PFIZER IS LOBBYING TO THWART WHISTLEBLOWERS FROM EXPOSING CORPORATE FRAUD * 5-Year-Old Died 4 Days After Pfizer Shot, CDC VAERS Data Show * Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release * Biden’s Surgeon General: Youth Facing Pandemic Mental Health Issues * Moderate Democrats Begin to Waver on Vaccine Mandates (It's "political life" is waning) * Pelosi Staffer Who Mask Shamed Republicans Out at Speaker’s Office * VIDEO: Ron DeSantis Blasts Mask Hypocrisy of Elites: ‘They’re Trying to Have a Servant Class’ * Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors * Definition of 'fully vaccinated' getting worked over, AGAIN!


 VIDEO: Inside Australia's Covid internment camp * Here is how to defeat the passports *
VIDEO: GERMAN FAMILY OF 5 DEAD SUICIDE OVER GREEN PASS & JAB / HUGO TALKS #LOCKDOWN * White House Threatens to Veto Senate Effort to Nullify Joe Biden Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate — Even if Democrats Support it (They have to test EVERY political trick for when they use the system to enforce SUNday laws) * Life-saving organ transplants denied to the unvaccinated Down Under * 'First in the nation': NYC mandates vaccines for all PRIVATE sector workers * New York Hospital Fires 100 Unvaccinated Employees Who Claimed Religious Exemption * Religious vaccine exemption? You deserve to die, says teacher's union official


VIDEO: ROBERT F KENNEDY JR. SPEAKS TO SWITZERLAND - PRESS CONFERENCE - 12TH NOV 2021 * Poorest State in India Whips COVID Silly with Zero Vaccines * VIDEO: Omicron variant patients have 'very mild symptoms,' doctor says * Doctor calls for 2 month lockdown for ... the VACCINATED! * VIDEO: Dr. Carrie Madej at Experts Conference - FCHA Florida Coalition For Health Awareness - 11/20/21 * Omicron Variant Sends Vaccine Makers’ Stocks Soaring, as VAERS Data Show 913,000 Reported Adverse Events After COVID Vaccines (There's BIG money in mass murder) * PROOF: COVID vaccines cause prion diseases * BOMBSHELL: There is NO scientific evidence that covid-19 vaccines have saved a single life * VIDEO: WHY ARE HEALTHY ATHLETES COLLAPSING * Study: Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Carry 251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to Unvaccinated Patients, Co-Workers * “We are Human Guinea Pigs”: Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action * Fake Science, Invalid Data: There is No Such Thing as a “Confirmed Covid-19 Case”. There is No Pandemic * Video: Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport”: Towards a World War III Scenario * VIDEO: PHOTOS: Nancy Pelosi Goes Maskless at Crowded DC Event * Fully Vaccinated LeBron James Tests Positive for Coronavirus * VIDEO: Ted Cruz: Fauci is the ‘Most Dangerous Bureaucrat’ in U.S. History * Man forced to get vaccine to receive transplant dies after Moderna shot * Another federal judge rejects Biden's vaccine mandate, issues nationwide injunction * CDC-funded study: COVID shots have no effect on virus transmission


VIDEO: NEW WORLD ORDER ⁣COVID SURVEILLANCE ROBOTS ROLLING OUT IN EUROPE! (Soon this will be used with Sunday Laws) * VIDEO: Michael Gunner V's Lurnpa Dave Cole ( Original Sovereign Tribal Federation) * VIDEO: COVID-19 variant B.1.1.529: Here’s what we know (Round 3) * "Get the shot or get shot!" * VIDEO: No Vax, No Food/Fuel in India - Food Withheld to Force Vaccinations * CDC’s Walensky threatens cops who refuse covid shots, says they’ll be sent to reeducation camps * Whitmer loses control of virus, U.S. military stepping in as situation grows 'dire' * VIDEO: FREE SEX in return for a COVID JAB * German Bishops: Coronavirus Vaccination Is a ‘Moral Duty’ * VIDEO: Australian mp dropping bombs about the tyranny going on there - "Medical Apartheid" * Biden Administration Considering Forcing International Travelers, Including U.S. Citizens, to Quarantine * VIDEO: Rand Paul: Fauci Wants ‘Submission’ — ‘Most of His Edicts Are Not Based in Science’ * VIDEO: CNBC’s Cramer Calls on White House to Require Vaccination for All Americans — ‘Have the Military Run It’ * Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’ * Fauci likened to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, Benito Mussolini

November 2021


FDA files: 26,000 'nervous system disorders' from Pfizer vaccine in first 2.5 months * VIDEO: Bills to Hold EMPLOYERS Liable for Damages from Mandated Jabs * VIDEO: 75 ATHLETES HAVE COLLAPSED ON THE FIELD...COINCIDEATHS? * Several California children sick after clinic administers wrong COVID vaccine doses * VIDEO: Immune Collapse AIDS Depopulation Strategy * Reap what you sow? Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described as “died unexpectedly” and “died suddenly” since mid-October (Less doctors = more deaths) * Vaccinated dying at twice rate of unvaccinated in U.K. * Mass vaccination fails miserably: Why the pandemic will not end * Surprise! New York Times notices COVID for children like 'mild flu' * VIDEO: GOP dynamo Winsome Sears demolishes vax-obsessed anchor live on CNN * VIDEO: Citizens rage across Europe over vaccine mandates * CRISIS IN SLOVENIA: WHISTLEBLOWER NURSE SAYS POLITICIANS RECEIVE SALINE INSTEAD OF MRNA JAB (No doubt in ALL nations) * VIDEO: It's a Pandemic of the VACCINATED ... Follow the SCIENCE! * VIDEO: BREAKING: Attorney Thomas Renz reveals DoD data proving covid vaccines WORSEN infections and hospitalizations * Fully Vaccinated are on the precipice of disaster as their Immune Systems are being decimated


Italian governors call for unvaccinated to be put under lockdown * VIDEO: transfer of positive cases and close contacts to ransfer to quarantine camp? indigenous australians (IOW They're worshiping the Pope) * VIDEO: Ridiculous - Michael Gunner "If you are anti-mandate... you are anti-vax" * Australian Army Puts Covid 19 ‘Close Contacts’ Into Quarantine Camps * Rules For Thee, Not for Ski: Austrian Slopes Avoid Lockdown Restrictions * MSNBC medical contributor: If you don't have the booster, you can't safely be around others * US will require COVID-19 vaccines for all border crossers (Except Illegals) * 'Track down' and punish sources of COVID 'disinformation,' urges top health official * Biden files emergency motion to restore vaccine mandate * Happy Thanksgiving, here's your mask: County issues home-mask mandate days before holiday * Australia begins covid ETHNIC CLEANSING with military roundups of indigenous people… junk science “sewage” testing used to imprison entire communities at gunpoint * Michigan Announces Indoor Mask Advisory for Everyone 2 and Older as Holidays Approach * VIDEO: Northern Territory Aborigines being held down and forcibly vaccinated * VIDEO: WARNING: GRAPHIC | Very Young Child Is Forced To Take Vaccine * VIDEO: CHINA - IF YOU INFECT OTHER PEOPLE... YOU WILL BEAR LEGAL LIABILITY...AND POSSIBLY THE PENALTY OF DEATH! * COVID concentration camps for Australians; it’s happening * VIDEO: Doctor Recommends Children Wear Yellow Badges If They Haven’t Been Vaccinated * VIDEO: School Tells Mask-Exempt Students to Wear Yellow Star Resembling Holocaust Symbol


Big Pharma exec: COVID shots are 'gene therapy' ... not vaccines! * VIDEO: WOW! You have GOT to see this! * VIDEO: Surprise! Watch Bill Gates reveal truth about COVID shots * VIDEO: Man shot recorded as Covid death * Anti-vaxxer in the Vatican: Embarrassment for Pope as monsignor says Covid doesn’t exist and jabs are ‘Satanic * Pfizer, BioNTech & Moderna raking in $1,000 every second from Covid-19 vaccine – research * CDC admits it has no record of unvaxxed individual with COVID natural immunity spreading virus * The Covid-19 Pandemic Does Not Exist * “Our Species is Being Genetically Modified”: Humanity’s March Toward Extinction? Analysis of the Microbiome and Virome * The Covid Hoax: The Steamroller to Tyranny. “It’s not Just a Question of Vaccination or No Vaccination” * High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality compared to the Non-vaccinated * Vaccination Status Is Temporary, Boosters for Life Required * CDC Twisted the Definition of Vaccine – A Lie to Make Billions of Dollars for Drug Companies * VIDEO: RFK Jr.: COVID shot deadlier than 'all vaccines combined' * What if media reported that the 'vaccine' is not a vaccine? * Christmas canceled over COVID surge in 'most vaccinated region on Earth'


VIDEO: NZ Hospital seeing UNVAXXED patients in garage! * Bill Gates calls for 'germ games' to combat bioterrorism threat * Austria Orders Lockdown for the Unvaccinated, Directs Police to Carry Out Spot-Checks (They need to get tough - not a lot of sheeple in Austria) * The Road to Fascism: Paved with Vaccine Mandates and Corporate Collusion * VIDEO: WATCH: Police hunting stores, highways for the unvaccinated * Town declares itself a 'constitutional republic,' stops enforcing state's tyrannical mandates


VIDEO: Is the COVID19 Vaccine a gift from God? * Angry former Florida congressional candidate Richard Rowe dies from covid “vaccines” just days after insinuating he wanted “anti-vaxxers” to die * VIDEO: 70% Fully Vaxxed people dead in the UK * CDC Changed Definition of ‘Vaccine’ Because of COVID-19 Vaccines: Emails * VIDEO: 2 Kids DIE From Same School Within A Week * FDA Approves First Oral Blood Thinning Medication for Children (The vaccines is causing deadly blood clots) * VIDEO:  Funeral Director: I just see the dead babies in the fridges (full interview) * Archbishop Viganò Writes Stunning Letter on Vaccine Program * VIDEO: Fauci is an INHUMANE MONSTER * VIDEO: Report of Problems With Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Being Investigated: Contract Company * VIDEO: Nurse says 30 out of 30 in ICU are Vaccinated * VIDEO: Thousands march through Melbourne furious at the government’s pandemic rules * VIDEO: Study reveals AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines linked to rare neurological side effects * The UK Government is trying to conceal the fact the Covid-19 Vaccines have raised all-cause mortality by 15% and that the Vaccinated may be developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome * Gov. Newsom Injured by Moderna Booster Shot, Source Tells The Defender * CHD Founder, RFK, Jr., Joins Lawsuit Alleging Sen. Elizabeth Warren Violated First Amendment, Tried to Stop Amazon From Selling ‘Truth About COVID-19’ * VIDEO: They Lied to Us About Vaccine Mandates * VIDEO: HOSPITALS IN BELGIUM ARE NOW REPORTING THAT 100% OF THEIR COVID CASES ARE DOUBLE “VACCINATED” * MEDICAL HOLOCAUST against children: Vaccine-induced myocarditis in children has 50% fatality rate in five years * Masked-Up California Reporting 4x More Daily Cases than Florida * Doctors gather at summit to warn against vaccinating children * France, Germany tell people under 30 to skip Moderna vaccine due to heart inflammation


San Francisco To Force 5-Year-Olds To Show Vaccine Passport To Enter Restaurants * More than 10,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists Sign “Rome Declaration” in Protest, Launch New Information Platform * VIDEO: Timetable to Tyranny: Ex-Pfizer Scientist Warns We are Approaching ‘PHASE 5: Establish Chaos and Martial Law’ * VIDEO: Covid Karen Refuses to Breathe Unvaccinated Persons Air * VIDEO: CDC ignores Natural Immunity! * Austria to Bar the Unvaccinated from Restaurants, Salons, Hotels, Public Events Larger than 25 People


Is Fauci Responsible for This ‘Hellscape’ We’re Living in? * VIDEO: 'The Evidence Is Mounting There's Been A Cover-Up': Rand Paul Blasts Fauci Over Possible COVID-19 * VIDEO: 'Dr. Fauci Misled Americans During Questioning From Rand Paul': Chip Roy Targets Slams NIAID Dir. * IVERMECTIN: It’s called “horse de-wormer” for any American taking it for Covid, but for Congress, it’s their FIRST CHOICE for prevention and treatment * Hundreds of thousands of covid vaccine injuries BACKLOGGED and not yet entered into VAERS … far greater numbers of injuries and deaths are still to come * Approximately 70 people die from COVID vaccines every day in America – VAERS data * Covid vaccines from Pfizer destroy every system of the human body * VIDEO: WHO insider exposes GAVI, Bill Gates for perpetrating coronavirus plandemic * SCIENCE HORROR: Vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders and accelerated aging * Official Government Reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by Christmas * High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality compared to the Non-vaccinated * The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis * Doctors and COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Testify in Washington D.C. to Crimes Against Humanity – CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci Are No Shows * Injuries and Fatalities of Covid Jabs: OSHA Changes Rule to Cover Up Vaccine Injuries * Prominent Scientists Go Public: ‘Fauci Fooled America’ (Not ALL Americans!) * “Vaxx Passport: When You Know Everything About Your Government, that’s Democracy. When the Government Knows Everything About You, that’s Tyranny.” * The Covid Hoax: The Steamroller to Tyranny * The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People (Does this video finally make sense?) * The FDA Is an Absolute Joke: Multiple FDA Committee Members Who Green-lighted Pfizer “Vaccines” for Children Have Financial Ties to Pfizer * Harvard epidemiologist dismantles CDC immunity study * Study: Americans with J&J COVID vaccine 3.7 times more likely to get blood clots than average person * Pfizer falsified data in vaccine trial, whistleblower charges * Fully vaccinated airline passenger dies mid-flight, then found to be infected with COVID


VIDEO: Regulator votes in favour of Pfizer for 5-11 year-olds * VIDEO: Daniel Andrews ‘not just drunk on power’ but ‘abusing it’ * Marine Corps Commanders Using Form Letter to Deny Religious Exemptions * VIDEO: Victoria's proposed new pandemic laws a 'threat to democracy' * CDC Advisors Unanimously Endorse Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine for Kids 5-11 Despite Expert Concerns Over Clinical Data (Mengele would be proud) * Hospital system says it will deny transplants to the unvaccinated in ‘almost all situations’ * VIDEO: Video: Worldwide Protests Against COVID Vaccine Mandates
NYC puts thousands of unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave * Lawmaker to gov't: You can jail me, but you can't force COVID vaccine

October 2021


The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine” * VIDEO: Mexico - USA... Make it make sense! * VIDEO: Booster every 6 month’s in Australia! * VIDEO: A vaccine surprise for shoppers as Melbourne retailers prepare to swing back into action * VIDEO: ABOMINATION - How HEK Fetal Cell Line Was Created * VIDEO: Vaxx Murder Charges Accepted by Prosecutors, Officials Intentionally Killed Patients * High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality compared to the Non-vaccinated * Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Bucks Mask Mandate at D.C. Bar Before Skipping Campaign Event for McAuliffe * Outrage as Gov. Whitmer goes maskless in DC bar: 'Rules for thee, but not for Ds' * 92 studies show superiority of natural immunity to COVID vaccines * VIDEO: Doctor probed for 5th time for expressing his views of pandemic * Yale epidemiologist: I would pull child from school to avoid vaccine * Government report: Vaccine passports could actually increase COVID spread


VIDEO: Public Figures Walk Away From MILLIONS Of Dollars Resisting Vaccine Mandates * VIDEO: Screw Your Heroes! Seattle Firefighters Walk of Vax Defiance * Secret Vaccine Contracts Reveal How Pfizer Strong-Armed Governments to Maximize Profits * VIDEO: Victorians should be ‘filled with dread’ by Andrews’ proposed pandemic laws * VIDEO: GREAT VIDEO TO SHARE WITH NORMIES WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE AGAINST THE VACCINE * 'Your papers, please': Feds announce plans requiring fliers to show COVID documents * Governor takes over state's PRIVATE businesses, mandates vaccines for all (They must test this before enforcing the mark) * Surgeon fired after speaking against school mask mandate: 'Professionals such as myself are being silenced' * 'Illegal overreach': Brave governor orders state agencies to defy vaccine mandates * Guinea pigs: FDA panel approves Pfizer shot for kids 5-11 * School flaunts requirement, vaccinates student without parental permission * Here are the companies raking in millions promoting CRT to kids


VIDEO: Like a deer in the headlights! * VIDEO: Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa Gelman RUNS from Veritas' Questions * VIDEO: Biden and others not wearing masks AFTER mandating them * VIDEO: America has once again become segregated * A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome * SHOCK VIDEO: Pfizer Scientist admits Pfizer Covid vaccine "just doesn't work" in some people * Super cold: Is 'the worst cold ever' going around? (The vaxed are about to get a lot sicker) * Physician to FDA, CDC: In 20 Years of Practicing Medicine, ‘I’ve Never Witnessed So Many Vaccine-Related Injuries’ * 21-Year-Old Fully Vaccinated Student Dies of COVID, as Breakthrough Cases Continue to Climb * UKHSA looks into ‘super cold’ amid rise in 111 calls and GP visits * VIDEO: Eva Holzleitner a double Austrian MP collapse in parliament! * VIDEO: U.S. HEALTH OFFICIALS JUMPING SHIP * The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine” * VIDEO: Numbers don't lie * Poll: Majority of Americans Believe the Coronavirus Pandemic is Getting ‘Less Serious’ * Illinois Gov. Pritzker Keeps Mask Mandate in Place as Cases Drop in Maskless Florida * Nolte: Photos Show L.A. Press Club Violating Local Mask Mandate * THE GREAT AMERICAN REBELLION * OSHA openly advocates ignoring vaccine-related injuries * NIH website features much-maligned ivermectin as COVID treatment * Fox anchor slammed for tweet claiming Powell death raises 'new concerns' about vaccines * FDA delays Moderna vaccine for youth due to heart risk * State AG: Doctors can prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for COVID


German State food stores BAN unvaxed * College threatens students with arrest for failing to report COVID-shot status * Businesses: $700,000 Fine for Not Complying with Vax Mandate * Nearly Half of Spanish Back Forcing People To Take Coronavirus Vaccines * Zimbabwe: Unvaccinated Civil Servants Denied Right to Work, Be Paid *
Country Star Travis Tritt Refuses to Play Venues with Vaccine Requirement: ‘Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is’ * Top university scientist quits, says scientists excluded based on politics * VIDEO: Tyranny: Pastor forced by government to repeat 'medical experts' from the pulpit


VIDEO: Proof aborted babies ARE in the jab * VIDEO: Pfizer's Chief Scientific Officer Philip Dormitzer Questioned by Project Veritas Over Leaked Emails * VIDEO: Dr Vladimir Zelenko risks his life by saying this * QR Codification of the World * VIDEO: THE REAL BILL GATES * VIDEO: Guess who pays the Fact Checkers? * Victoria facing ‘crisis upon crisis’ amid COVID-19 and corruption probe: Alan Jones * Sweden, Denmark Pause Moderna’s COVID Vaccine for Younger Age Groups Citing Reports of Myocarditis * VIDEO: ONS data "deaths" 30k within 21 days of jabs * Healthy Young Mother Dies of Vaccine-Induced Blood Clot. Then Twitter Censors Her Obituary * VIDEO: Whoooooops * VIDEO:Biden BUSTED As Pfizer ADMITS There’s No Vaccine Approved By FDA In The U.S. In Recorded Call * VIDEO: Using masks cause bacterial lung infection (The mask IS designed to get you sick!) * VIDEO: You are nearly 5000% more likely to die of the vaccine than the actual flu * VIDEO: Dr Fauci & Co (2019) 'Why Don't We Just Blow The System Up' * 7% of Israel’s serious COVID cases had three vaccine shots * VIDEO: Pfizer Scientist Nick Karl Confronted By James O'Keefe Over Shocking 'Natural Immunity' Admission * VIDEO: ISRAEL ERASING 'VAX' INJURY REPORTS * The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine” * 100-200 Members of Congress, Families and Staff Treated with Ivermectin. No Hospitalizations * VIDEO: Has Justin Trudeau Been Duly Vaccinated? Registered Nurse Expresses Doubt on Authenticity of Trudeau’s Vaccine Jab * New Evidence Showing Harmfulness of Corona Vaccinations Presented to International Criminal Court * CDC: 16,310 Dead 778,685 Injured Following COVID-19 Shots – 2.5X More Deaths than Following All Vaccines for Past 30 Years – 2,102 Fetal Deaths * Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply this Winter? * Attorney says cop can't walk, now hospitalized with stroke symptoms after COVID vaccine * Elderly woman jailed for refusing to leave ailing daughter's bedside * Nurse whistleblower debunks lie that unvaxed are overwhelming hospitals, blames lost staff from vax mandate


VIDEO: Queensland Police officers begin quitting service over COVID vaccine mandate * VIDEO: GOVT UK Says PASSPORTS By Mid December 2021 * VIDEO: Government stalking?! * VIDEO: High school student arrested for defying mask mandate * The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset” * Havana’s Response to COVID-19: Has Socialist Cuba Fallen for Big Pharma’s “False Narrative”? * Merrick Garland’s America. The US Department of Justice Targets Dissenters


Colorado County Is 99.9% Vaxxed, But Residents Still Getting COVID * TV station asks for stories of unvaxxed fatalities but gets deluged with jab death and injury stories * High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality compared to the Non-vaccinated * VIDEO: Hidden camera: Pfizer scientists admit natural immunity better than vaccines * Skin problems, neuropathy, paralysis all part of over 500,000 adverse events reported after COVID vaccine * Mom dies of vaccine-induced blood clot, obituary gets 'misleading' label when posted to Twitter


VIDEO: YouTube Bans Vaccine Misinformation * VIDEO: Man claims he got denied a house for not having ab j * VIDEO: Australia attacking its citizens * BOMBSHELL from attorney Thomas Renz: Nearly 50k Medicare patients died soon after getting COVID shot * VIDEO: Covid 19 Delta outbreak: 24 cases today, Government unveils vaccine certificate plan * UCHealth denies kidney transplant to unvaccinated woman in stage 5 renal failure * VIDEO: Operation Dark Winter * Video: Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport”: Towards a World War III Scenario * “Our Species is Being Genetically Modified”: Humanity’s March Toward Extinction? Analysis of the Microbiome and Virome * ‘You Don’t Own Your Body’: Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins Slams NBA’s Vax Policy * Retaliating against church amid COVID lands government official in hot water *
Colorado refuses Religious Exemptions

September 2021


VIDEO: 35,000+ Vax Deaths in UK, December thru June * VIDEO: There is a PANDEMIC! A murder by the Vaccines! * VIDEO: Ghana's President Shocks UN by Reversing the World's Dead Africans COVID Prediction on Them * VIDEO: Johnson & Johnson: 'Kids Shouldn’t Get A [COVID] Vaccine;' There are "Unknown Repercussions" * Johnson & Johnson exec warns against company's vaccine * The COVID-19 “Vaccine” and the Nuremberg Code. Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide * Not even half of Americans believe Biden to be accurate about COVID * Nearly half of voters oppose vaccines for young children * Top doc: Pull COVID-19 vaccines off the market now * 'Crimes against humanity': Thousands of physicians condemn COVID policymakers


Fauci Effect: Philippine Local Official Proposes Vaccine Cards To Be Worn Like IDs in Public – May Happen in the US (Remember the Yellow Stars? This is straight out of Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler's playbook) * Boris Johnson’s Govt Revamps Vaccine Passport Push Under Winter ‘Plan B’

VERY Shocking Video * FDA Officials, Other Scientists Say Most People Don’t Need Vaccine Boosters (Yet the media says otherwise - DAILY) * * VIDEO: Jim Jordan Calls Out VP Kamala Harris For Vaccine Tweet: 'That Makes No Sense' * VIDEO: FDA meeting Now we know why two top FDA officials resigned * Check Out PAGE 2 of this Vaccine Lawsuit * The Emmys prove it's time to destroy the COVID caste system * Members of Congress, staff exempt from Biden COVID-19 vaccine mandate * VIDEO: FDA Vaccine Hearing * VIDEO: PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings * Vaccine deaths in detail * Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal Celebrates Birthday Maskless After Bashing Anti-Maskers * VIDEO: 'Evil at highest level': HHS whistleblower claims massive cover-up of vaccine risks * Resistance emerges: Brave hospital defies Biden, ends COVID-vaccine requirement for staff * Weatherman of 33 years fired for refusing COVID vaccine, goes out with epic final statement * Bang! Murder-suicide instantly classified as COVID deaths * Pfizer pushes 'safe' vaccine for kids 5-11 after FDA rejection *  * Sarah Palin brings science to vaccine decision: She's counting on this factor instead


VIDEO: How vaccine passports could impact festivals, cafes, work and our freedom * VIDEO: Vaccination buses hit South Auckland streets * Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing medicine-filled plants to replace injections * The COVID-19 “Vaccine” and the Nuremberg Code. Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide * Workers Are Being Put in “The Line of Fire”: Organized Labour and Mandatory Vaccines * Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport”: Towards a World War III Scenario * Teen says she went to Walgreens for flu shot, then she's told to come back for her second dose


VIDEO: Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion * VIDEO: SHOCKING REVELATION - DOCTOR EXPOSES COVID BIOWEAPONS PROGRAM & REVEALS VACCINE WILL KILL MILLIONS * VIDEO: PSYCHOPATH FAUCI EXPOSED * Australian Police Violate Lockdown Rules to Host LGBT Office Party * VIDEO: Hospital administrators CAUGHT ON CAMERA scheming to fabricate covid numbers and SCARE the public * VIDEO: Jabbed & passed away Part 3 * VIDEO: Over 300 deaths in children aged 12 - 18, since March, after having the vaccine *  * VIDEO: The vaxxed are 27 times more likely to develop Covid symptoms than the unvaxxed! * VIDEO: Vaccine Effectiveness Plummets!! Israeli PM: Double Injected Are MOST At Risk, Need More Injections * VIDEO: PFIZER insider claims 💀 near 200,000 within a week of getting VAXX - Dr. TENPENNY sages * VIDEO: Charles Hoff, MD has nine (9) patients who are permanently disabled because of the Covid vaccine * VIDEO: Woman given 'chemical restraint' to trick her into COVID shot * Questions to ask employers who mandate COVID vaccine * Soaring through the roof: Vaccine deaths skyrocket


VIDEO: 'I'll use my powers as President to get them out of the way;' Biden says * Cebu City allows indoor dining, personal care services for vaccinated persons *
Newest mask threat to adults: Make kids wear them or face jail * Biden's vaccine mandate deadline creates perfect storm for deadly nationwide nurse shortage * VIDEO: Secret video: See nurse make hospital admit she was fired for not taking vaccine

VIDEO: If you took the vaccine and you want to live, LISTEN TO THIS * VIDEO: Addressing The Global Plandemic (It's hard to keep lies hidden- they always seem to be blurted out) * VIDEO: West Virginia – VACCINATED PEOPLE DROPPING LIKE FLIES * Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Debacle Is a Dire Warning to America * LBC views: Extending Covid lockdown powers could be a disease in itself * Who’s Really Being Hospitalized? * VIDEO: Cotton: Fauci Scolded People for Going to Games, Not Masking Kids While He Was Lying about Funding Research That Caused Pandemic * VIDEO: Rand Paul: NIH, Fauci Still Funding Wuhan Lab, House and Biden Need to Pass Measure Banning Funding * War vet died after hospital ignored court order for ivermectin * Media's ivermectin hit piece totally debunked after hospital says no overdoses from the medicine


VIDEO: Australia debuts 'Orwellian' new app using facial recognition, geolocation to enforce quarantine * VIDEO: Israel Gets Sicker, Palestinians Just Fine * Switzerland warns of terror attacks on Covid-19 vaccine sites (IOW the Government now has a "reason" to stand there with GUNS) * VIDEO: Spiritual teacher Dalai Lama pushing the jab * No Vaccine, No Classes Mandates Spread as Academic Year Begins * 12 to 15 Year Olds Can Defy Parents to Be Vaccinated, Says Health Sec Days After Vax Minister Denials * VIDEO: GOP Rep. Gallagher: Fauci Lied about Wuhan Funding and Him Still Having Job ‘an Affront’ to COVID Victims, Media ‘Useful Idiots’ for CCP * South Florida Doctor Refuses to Treat the Unvaccinated (This just proves she is NOT to be trusted with your life)

VIDEO: Healthy high level athletes dying after Covid911 Jab * VIDEO: Do CELEBRITIES Have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS * VIDEO: The FDA broke all their own rules for ‘approval’ of Pfizer jab * VIDEO: Toronto Police Say No To The JAB * VIDEO: Doctors and Hospitals are getting paid a fortune to vaccinate you, and your kids * VIDEO: Stop Going To Doctors & Hospitals, You Don't Need Them, They're Making You Sick * VIDEO: DR. DAVID E MARTIN AND PATENTS * VIDEO: The vaccinated are filling the hospitals, i wonder why * VIDEO: All vaccines ON HOLD GERMANY * There’s growing concern vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 than previously thought * VIDEO: Vaccine Passport Exemption * VIDEO: Former Pfizer VP Latest Message On Covid Vaccines - Everyone Must Listen! * MASSIVE LIST of people dying moments after getting jab * VIDEO: The FATE of the UNVAXXED in India - filmed with a POTATO cam * VIDEO: CORRUPT Australian MSM withholding news of 3 kids dying when 24,000 of them were injected * After Italy Requires Vaccines to Catch a Train, Anti-‘Vax Passport’ Protesters to Block Railways * Resistance to vaccine mandates grows among tens of thousands * Harvard epidemiologist: Major study demolishes case for vaccine passports * Poll: Most nurses worry about COVID vaccine's negative long-term effects * U.S. troops speak out against COVID-vaccine mandate * VIDEO: Vaccine Passport Exemptio


VIDEO: Australia Builds The First "Quarantine Facility" To Keep The Community "Safe" (Some people will do anything for money) * VIDEO: ANKLE TRACKERS For Schoolkids * VIDEO: Demon from Australia Confirms Cycle of Vaccines * VIDEO: Israel's NWO VACCINE PASSPORT only VALID if JABBED 3 TIMES and only GOOD for 6 MONTHS! (That means those vaccinated will be considered unvaxxed) * Baltimore City Schools to Mandate Vaccinations for High School Athletes


VIDEO: Dr Sean Brooks at SW Ohio School Board Meeting: "Getting the Vaccine Will Cause your Death" (Somebody had to be blunt! I'm glad a Dr did so) * VIDEO: Nurse gives out some truth, its the people who took the vaccine who are getting sick * VIDEO: Certified Federal Medical Investigator Gives Terrifying Info About COVID Testing Swabs * United States Senate today announced: 'Corona is a lie'! The media is covering up the truth * VIDEO: Covid19 shows Papal loyalty via 666? * GASLIGHTING AMERICA: Did the FDA actually approve a FUTURE covid “vaccine” from BioNTech that does not exist yet? * VIDEO: CDC lies * VIDEO: Lack of Beds = Lack of Nurses * VIDEO: Smart Lad Sees Through The BS * VIDEO: DR. DAVID E MARTIN AND PATENTS * 200 British Business, Faith, and Political Leaders Launch Campaign Against Vaccine Passports * Staten Island Hospital Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate: ‘I Am Not a Lab Rat’ * Study: Surgical and Cloth Masks Filter Roughly 10% Efficient at Blocking Aerosols (DUH) * Chicago police union '100% against' vaccine mandate for officers * Gab launches brand-new job board to help unvaccinated Americans * VIDEO: Fire captain probed for calling mandatory vaccines 'tyranny * Liberty Counsel: FDA approval doesn't mean Pfizer shots are 'safe'


VIDEO: France. No vaccine passport = no food. Covid fascism * VIDEO: Vaccinated Only to Movies in New York * VIDEO: Man Goes Wild At Board Of Supervisors Meeting Over COVID-19 Measures * VIDEO: NHS Leaked Document Will SACK UNJABBED For OTHER REASON * VIDEO:
Attorney Thomas Renz: Hospital Administrators Killing For Cash, Threatening Docs * VIDEO: Vaccine passports in Canada * Despite Vatican Allowance, Archdiocese Of Philadelphia Bans Religious Vaccine Exemptions * VIDEO: FDA Approval ILLEGAL! Doctor Reveals Pfizer Insert Proves Criminal Regulation Violations! * VIDEO: IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL * Delta Air Lines Will Make Unvaccinated Employees Pay Charge * High School Requires Athletes to Wear Coronavirus ‘Proximity Monitors’ * Shock survey: Most economists favor COVID vaccine passports, mandates * Israeli PM: You're not protected with only 2 COVID shots * VIDEO: Governor's new order requires masks OUTDOORS * VIDEO: Mark of the COVID beast: Store denies people food, water without vaccine passport (No it's not the mark, it is the infrastructure to the mark)

VIDEO: Debunking The Fraud Of Germ Theory * VIDEOS: LIES! 'Media' Falsely Claims FL Morgues Overflowing, Refrigerator Trucks Used for Bodies * VIDEO: New York throws party for the vaccinated - no one comes! * VIDEO: Mental Health Worker Speaks Out * Conflict of Interest: Reuters ‘Fact Checks’ COVID-Related Social Media Posts, But Fails to Disclose Ties to Pfizer, World Economic Forum * VIDEO: Don't vaccinate the marines * VIDEO: Absolutely Nails It In 25 Seconds * VIDEO: Uk: People Of Manchester Shame A Convid "Test" Centre * Ican Obtains Unredacted Email Reflecting Fauci’S Collaboration With Chinese Virologists * VIDEO: Certified Occupational Therapist Whistleblower: More Patients Are Dying From The Vaccine Than Covid * VIDEO: Free Blood Clots With Every Vaccine * VIDEO: 'It's OFFICIAL! We're At WAR! Dr Tenpenny, Dr McCullough & Dr Palevsky DROP BOMBS On The COVID LIE! * VIDEO: Maskless Democrat Cindy Axne Complains About Iowa Fairgoers Not Wearing Masks * Data behind US COVID-19 booster plan shows waning vaccine effectiveness * VIDEO: Whistleblower: I've seen more people die from COVID-19 vaccine than virus * COVID lies: The most dangerous plague of all


VIDEO:  No jab no job times up for some August 20th 2021 CONFIRMATION Soon come UK * Here's how to tell employer you can't take a COVID shot  * VIDEO: GRAPHIC LANGUAGW - An Unvaxxed 5 Month Pregnant Woman With Bad Heart Refused Medical * VIDEO: No jab No Uni - when will this vaccine passport MADNESS end? * New Mexico Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate, Issues Certain Vaccine Mandates * VIDEO: Pope appears in video promoting vaccination *
Don't talk to your neighbors': 1 country reimposes lockdowns after single COVID case * Fauci wants Americans to 'put aside' concerns about personal liberty and freedom

VIDEO: WOW!! Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!  * VIDEO: Lucifurase glows in the dark - Black light street lights to confirm jab status?? * VIDEO: HUGE Canadian Court Victory Proves Covid19 Is A Hoax & All Restrictions Now Dropped * CθVlD-19 ‘False-Positive” ρCR Test Scam * VIDEO: POWERFUL ~ THIS PARENT SPEAKS AT A SCHOOL BOARD MEETING AND GIVES THEM THE FACTS ABOUT #COVID19 * VIDEO: Hospitals FULL WITH VAXXED! * Anthony Fauci Admits He Is Playing Politics with Americans’ Health * Squad’ Member Rep. Rashida Tlaib Caught Maskless on Dance Floor at Wedding Party * Day 3: Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash Continued Sunday with Crowded Brunch * Hypocrisy: Barack Obama Dances Maskless Among Hundreds of Guests * VIDEO: Savage Doctor Drops Facts About Covid to School Board * VIDEO: The Hidden Truth of Bacteria, Parasites And Viruses, Part 1 * VIDEO: The Hidden Truth of Bacteria, Parasites And Viruses, Part 2 * VIDEO: Inspiration From The Book, "Goodbye Germ Theory" * VIDEO: TRUMPS DOCTOR VLADIMIR ZELENKO TALKS TO ISRAELI POLITICIANS AND HEALTH MINISTER ABOUT VACCINE * VIDEO: Israel severe infections VACCINATED


'I'm not a slave': Man detained in Singapore mental hospital after refusing to wear mask * VIDEO: Australia - Police pull man over while driving, tell him he has to go to the hospital * VIDEO: CDC Publishes 'Green Zone' Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Masses Imprisonment * VIDEO: No Covid-19 vaccine pass, no entry: Italy offers a glimpse into travel's new normal * Anthony Fauci: FDA Vaccine Approval Will Encourage Private Entities to Mandate Shots * VIDEO: BREAKING NEWS - US Military Will Require the JAB by Mid-September! * VIDEO: Protests Erupt in Tennessee and Kentucky over Mask Mandates and Forced Vaccinations * VIDEO: White House working with Employers to Mandate Vaccine (No jab - no job) * VIDEO: It's starting: Police demand papers from restaurant goers in horrifying video * Begin turning in your neighbors now: Australian officials issue Soviet-style COVID broadcasts *
U.S. House candidate: 'We should be allowed to shoot' anyone who doesn't take COVID seriously enough

VIDEO: FACEBOOK COVID VACCINE "FACT-CHECKERS" FUNDED BY VACCINE COMPANIES * VIDEO: FRAUD EXPOSED: Laboratories Confessed – There’s No COVID Delta Variant Tests! * VIDEO: It says so right on the box! * VIDEO: Bret grills CDC director on perceived 'fearmongering' over new virus mutations * 'VIDEO: 'Stop the Shot': Watch live townhall exposing dangers of COVID vaccines * VIDEO: White House goes silent when asked about Obama's potential 'superspreader' party * VIDEO: Graphs: Sweden never shut down or masked up, America did and liberals will hate the results * School board stands up to Dem governor, refuses mask mandate despite takeover threat


VIDEO: AUSTRALIA COVID PROPAGANDA VIDEO * EU Covid Certificate now also recognised by Vatican City and San Marino * VIDEO: Fauci says unvaccinated Americans are "propagating this outbreak" as Delta spreads (He's lying - there's not even a test for "delta") * CDC: Delta Variant Infections in Vaccinated People May Be as Transmissible as in Unvaccinated * VIDEO: WOULD THE "VAXXED" HAVE US ARRESTED & FORCE JABBED?? * VIDEO: NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio announces vaccine mandate in NYC for several indoor activities (Buy and Sell test) * VIDEO: NYC’s Vaccine Mandate Will Likely Be ‘Copied Around the Country’ * J.D. Vance Calls Vaccine Passports ‘Segregationist and Authoritarian’ * ‘WalkOutWednesday’ to Protest Forced Vaccinations at Jobs, Schools * VIDEO: McEnany: Biden ‘tiptoeing’ towards ‘Orwellian’ and ‘ridiculous' vaccine mandates like NYC * Major food company mandates COVID vaccines for all workers * Unvaccinated holdouts on NFL team ordered to wear special armband at practice (Hitler would be smiling) * What a shot! New vaccination law jabbed as threat to parental rights

JULY 2021

VIDEO: I See So Some Had The Placebos NADHIM ZAHAWI SLIPS UP!  * VIDEO: Israel: More vaccinated dying and needing hospital, Than Unvaxxed * VIDEO: Reporter actually said "unvaccinated people put vaccinate people at risk" (Wait - WHAT?!)  * CDC withdraws fraudulent PCR testing protocol that was used to falsify covid “positives” to push the plandemic * SHADY DEALINGS Mystery of Chinese scientist who filed patent for Covid vaccine weeks before pandemic declared… then died * Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines, Cites Whistleblower Testimony Claiming CDC Is Under-Counting Vaccine Deaths * 07/21/2021: Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing (Why wait till December if they know it's bogus? - It's because it cultivates patients) * VIDEO: GLOBAL Anti-vax Rallys (Media Ignored  it) * Why Speaking English May Spread More Coronavirus Than Some Other Languages (ROTFL) * George Soros And Bill Gates’ Backed Consortium To Buy U.K. Maker Of Covid Tests For $41 Million * Bill Gates buys COVID testing company and it’s a giant money grab * AUDIO: DeSantis: Biden Admin. Wants Kindergartners ‘Muzzled’ with Masks, But ‘They Don’t Give a Damn about COVID’ on Border * Establishment Media Outlets Demand Masks for Vaccinated Employees (So why get the vaccine?) * Nolte: I’m Beginning to Regret My Decision to Get Vaccinated * Donald Trump Defies Joe Biden Remasking Orders: ‘Don’t Surrender to COVID. Don’t Go Back!’ * GOP Lawmakers Blast Biden’s Coronavirus Surrender: Americans ‘Have Had Enough of Biden and Fauci’s Fake Science’ * Alarm sounded: COVID-shot mandates pose risk to millions * Doctors push back against mandating experimental COVID shots


VIDEO: Soy Boy Says We Must Be Force Vaccinated * VIDEO: 5 Dead Presidents in the past few months...what they had in common * VIDEO: Vaccine Passports Confirmed * VIDEO: Israeli PM Naftali Bennett Those Who Refuse the Jab Will Not Be Able To ... * VIDEO: Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey: "Time To Start Blaming The Unvaccinated Folks" * Columbus judge is adding a new term to defendants' probation: Get your COVID shot * Australian MP says unvaccinated people “need to be controlled and restricted” * VIDEO: FEMA Camps, I Mean "Safe Havens" * VIDEO: Why Are They In Such A Hurry To Vaccinate EVERYONE? * VIDEO: Geraldo Rivera: Unvaccinated Are ‘Arrogant, Selfish’ — ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Vaccine, No Service’ * UPenn Sponsors ‘Vaccine Street Team’ to Go Door-to-Door in Philadelphia * Teachers Unions Push Mandatory Masks, Vaccines for Students * Kamala Harris Threatens America: ‘Only Way’ to End Mask Mandates Is to ‘Get Vaccinated’ (Yet they say the vaxxed need to wear masks) * VIDEO: National Police Association slams Jan. 6 probe as ‘dog and pony show,' calls for investigation of Floyd riots * VIDEO: Ted Cruz's question about China sanctions silences Biden intel official during testimony (WHOA! That was obvious) * VIDEO: Cuomo: 'We have to' knock on doors, put people in cars and drive them to get COVID vaccine * Boom! 1st major federal agency mandates COVID-19 vaccines * Over 50 U.S. medical groups demand vaccine mandates to avoid more lockdowns * VIDEO: 'Voluntary phase is over' on vaccines, says mayor

Ohio Gov. DeWine Signs Bill Banning Schools from Mandating Coronavirus Vaccines * VIDEO: French protesters show up in force to defy covid vaccination mandates * VIDEO: Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW * Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company * Immunologist Demands WSJ Editorial Board Retract ‘Dangerous Lie’ About COVID Immunity * VIDEO: (Tucker) Over 60% of Double Vaxxed end up in Hospital with Life Threatening Covid * VIDEO: Rand Paul: I Will Be Seeking a Criminal Referral Against Fauci for Lying to Congress


Inside The Vatican’s Surprising Alliance With Biotech Venture Capital (Surprising? Not if you believe Revelation 18:23 - As I stated in my video, the Vatican is behind the Covid19 PLANdemic) * VIDEO: MSNBC’s Ruhle Calls on Airlines to ‘Pay the Government Back’ by Mandating COVID Vaccines (Soon they will change "Vaccine" to "Sunday Laws")* North Carolina County Starts Offering Door-to-Door COVID-19 Vaccinations * VIDEO: BoJo Says You Must Be Vaxxed * VIDEO: Concentration Camps in CA * VIDEO: Covid Passports * VIDEO: STOP BEING HUMAN #Australia / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown (They fear people talking to friends) * VIDEO: Covid Conversation BAN

VIDEO: BUSTED! Watch them put their masks on FOR THE CAMERA! * VIDEO: US funded China’s coronavirus research * VIDEO:The Final Refutal Of Virology * VIDEO: JUST IN: Jim Jordan Attacks Fauci's Actions At Start Of COVID-19 Pandemic (Theater designed to pull onus off the "vaccine" itself?) * We do not have a pandemic in Australia * CDC Experts Disagree With Pfizer on COVID Boosters, Threatening Pharma Giant’s Billion Dollar Revenue Stream (Nothing will change - they will ignore the CDC like they did before when they said only 6% of the 500K died of Covid) * VIDEO: BUSTED! Elon Musks Neural Lace Brain Interface Is The Graphene Covid Vaccine! * Graphene Oxide Nanosheets In Covid Vaccines * VIDEO: Situation Update, July 1st, 2021 - Covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies * Vatican seeks all-out effort to combat vaccine hesitancy (Expected - since Covid is his baby) * The Majority of People Dying From COVID Today Have Been Vaccinated; Still, (they say) Please Continue To Get Your Vaccine * VIDEO: How Many Coincidences Make a Conspiracy? * Singapore: Chinese-Made Coronavirus Vaccine Recipients Don’t Count as Vaccinated * VIDEO: 17-Year-Old Diagnosed with Heart Condition After Pfizer Vaccine Shot * Healthy boy, 13, dies in his sleep after receiving second COVID vaccine dose *  *  *  * 


Singapore preparing road map for living with Covid-19 (They need to make it permanent as it's the infrastructure to enforce the mark of the beast) * VIDEO: Martial law is 'masquerading as medical law * Leaked Docs Shows Plan For Permament Lockdown Of Uk * Amazon Tv Show Promotes Sterilization Of Humanity Through Vaccines: Utopia (2020) * VIDEO: (GRAPHIC Language): Stew Peters Interviewing Shaun Ebright Prison Guard Whistleblower - Breaks Anonymity! * VIDEO: QR codes to be compulsory in all Victorian workplaces * New QR code rules are in place across Victoria with fines up to $1,652 * South Korea mandates QR codes to log customers after nightclub coronavirus outbreak * NZ COVID Tracer QR codes * VIDEO: ASDA Mask Discrimination. Manager won't allow maskless person to buy food * South Australia to host trial halving quarantine period for vaccinated returned travellers (Just locking down the MOB infrastructure) * VIDEO:Inmates Can Earn Slightly Shorter Prison Sentences By Getting COVID Vaccine * VIDEO:Treatment of Bowral shop owners 'undermines public trust' in police * VIDEO: Psaki on Door-to-Door Vaccination Effort: ‘This Is About Protecting People and Saving Lives’ * Florida Lawmaker: Arrest the Federal Government’s Door to Door Vaccine Shills * VIDEO: Joe Biden to Send Government Officials Door to Door Across America to Pressure People to Accept Vaccination (They CAN'T force, but they wll try to coerce)

JUNE 2021

VIDEO: UPDATE 3-FDA to add warning about rare heart inflammation to Pfizer, Moderna vaccines * Russia is the first country in the world to dissect Covid-19 corpses (going against WHO’s criminal orders of no autopsy’s allowed for covid deaths), and after a thorough investigation, it was determined that Covid-does NOT exist AS A VIRUS * VIDEO: Dr Jane Ruby * VIDEO: Pregnancy Loss Miscarriages and Stillbirths After Covid-19 Vaccine Over 500 Reports In VAERS (Over 4 HOURS of info!) * VIDEO: Exposing Shocking Lies At The Jab Centre * VIDEO: Newswatch Live – 2 | 6-17-2021: Dr. John Reizer On Dangers Of Covid Vaccines For Children & All * VIDEO: They Know We Know They Are Lying So Keep Spreading The Word * VIDEO: Expert Mary Tocco Explains The Dangers Of Childhood Vaccines * VIDEO: DR. Francis Christian Was Fired For Trying To Save Children From The Deadly Kill Shot * VIDEO: 46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine * VIDEO: mRNA Vaccine Inventor Calls For Stop Of Covid Vax * YouTube Risks Prolonging Pandemic by Censoring Potentially Life-Saving COVID Treatment * VIDEO: SHOCKING!! Nasal Swabs are Soaked in Etheline Oxide (which is cancer causing) declares Registered Nurse Cassandra * Physician: ‘Fanaticism’ — Not Science — Governs  CDC’s Aggressive Push to Vaccinate Even Those With Natural Immunity * Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 11,000 in Ages 12 to 17 Following COVID Vaccines * Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 11,000 in Ages 12 to 17 Following COVID Vaccines * College-Aged Vaccination Risks Likely Outweigh COVID Risks + More * Covid PCR test swabs: CONFIRMED GENOCIDE * VIDEO: Cadaver Bags * VIDEO: SHOCKER! Your Body Cannot Make Anti-bodies To Something Not In Your Body, So What’s In The Vaccine? * VIDEO: NBC: ‘Bat Woman’ at Wuhan Lab ‘Has Multiple Connections with Military Officials’ * Ohio Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Coronavirus Vaccine Requirements * VIDEO: YouTube censors scientist’s popular podcast for mentioning ivermectin * VIDEO: Tearful mom tells senator how COVID vaccine put daughter in wheelchair *


VIDEO: 153 GONE! * VIDEO: Training in your backyard is illegal * VIDEO: Leaked Docs On Permanent Lockdown Of Uk In 3 Weeks! (Now 2 weeks) * VIDEO: Harris encouraging leftist volunteers to knock on people’s doors to harass them to get vaccinated * Forced displacement reaches new high amid COVID: UN (Reminds me of Executive Order #11004) * New face mask prototype can detect Covid-19 infection (And we should trust them?) * CDC, FDA Prepare Mass Distribution of a Merck/Sanofi Six-in-One Vaccine for Kids, Turning Blind Eye to Safety Signals * Shirking from home? Staff feel the heat as bosses ramp up remote surveillance (Yet another way to keep track of people) * Covid PCR test swabs: CONFIRMED GENOCIDE * VIDEO: McDonald`s refuse service for not showing medical papers (They’re testing the BUY AND SELL of the mark – proof? SEE THIS or watch this video) * VIDEO: Many will see this as funny – most will see it as true * Abu Dhabi to Ban Unvaccinated People from Most Public Places * Australian Town 800 Miles From Nearest City Goes Into Full Lockdown After a Single COVID Case

VIDEO: New Study Exposes Dirty Masks * VIDEO: Serious Illness On The Rise In Children * VIDEO: Fauci is a Democratic activist, not a neutral public health expert * VIDEO: Majority of Physicians decline Covid911 shots, according to survey, nearly 60% * VIDEO: PARENTS WATCH NOW – Ex NHS Nurse Louise Hampton Speaks The Truth & FACTS VIDEO: Covid vaccine is a KILLER (A MUST WATCH) * VIDEO: 1976 Flashback. Propaganda Campaign To Get People To Take The Vax! * VIDEO: The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fauci’s Most Notable Critic… Was Kary Mullis MURDERED? Is Fauci FLEEING the country? Will justice FINALLY be Done?!? * VIDEO: They Literally Tell You The Double Vaccianted Will Die * VIDEO: Why The Pfizer Vaccine Attacks The Heart? * Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”? * VIDEO: New Yorkers Who Lost A Family Member Last Year Can Now Lie &Say That Person May Have Had Covid &Get $9,000! * VIDEO: Tyranny In NY Pharmacy- Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Prescription For Hydroxychloroquine For Dr. Zelenko * Homemade HCQ (quinine) * VIDEO: There Was None Admitted To Covid Wards Past Months That Was Not Vaccinated * VIDEO: Hundreds Of Ukrainian Tourists Refuse Govt Covid-19 Quarantine And Break Out Of Kiev Airport * VIDEO: Even Tap Water Gets Tested Positive * VIDEO: But There Is Pandemic, People Can’t Breathe, Yet…1000s Of Ventilators Dumped * VIDEO: Private School In Miami Warns Teachers Against Taking COVID-19 Vaccine * VIDEO: Profs Dr. Beda Stadler – PCR Test Cannot Tell If You Have A Virus Or Some Dead Chunk Of Virus * U.S. CDC delays meet on heart risk from COVID-19 shots due to Juneteenth holiday * VIDEO: Nasal spray could be more effective than current COVID vaccines * VIDEO: Government told to stop the jabs because they are toxic * VIDEO: Jimmy Dore (Comedian) What happened to me since getting the Moderna jab * Almost 4,000 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts have tested positive for COVID-19 * VIDEO: After Covid-19 Vaccine CAR CRASHES Wrecks & Near Accidents When People Lose Control While Driving * VIDEO: You have to be an absolute idiot to believe in vaccines * VIDEO: O Canada * Leaked Airline Documents Reveal Horrific Details About ‘Vaccinated’ Pilots By Stew Peters Show * VIDEO: Warning! Why The Vaxxed Are Acting Strange – And Why It Will Get Even Worse * VIDEO: Australian Politician Drops Some Truth Bombs * Police Hunt Dr Hammad Al-Saaid, Alleged to be Behind 100,000 Fraud Coronavirus Tests (100,000? More like 100%) * Former CBP Chief: Nearly All Illegal Aliens Caught at Southern Border Are Unvaccinated for Coronavirus (They don’t care because they know the virus is FAKE) * CDC Finds More Cases of Heart Inflammation Than Expected in Vaccinated Young Males * Peter Daszak dismissed from U.N.-backed COVID-origin probe * Fauci’s bosses funded virus research by Chinese-military front * Biden’s plan to cancel life-saving cures for seniors


VIDEO: UK Govt Plans For Mass Death Event, Blood Before/After “Vaccine”(photos) * VIDEO: Eurocrats Approve Digital Passport: First for the Jab & then Your Whole Existence * This Tennessee College Is Hitting Unvaccinated Students With A $1,500 Charge * VIDEO: States Start Loading Covid Tracker on Citizens Phones (Google is helping them) * Punjab province in Pakistan to block SIM cards and salaries of unvaccinated people * VIDEO: Support for Care Workers. They deserve better than being blackmailed by the State * VIDEO: Vatican Conference 2021 Bridges Religion And Vaccines Connects With Chelsea Clinton Foundation * VIDEO: ‘COVID vaccine or jail?’: Duterte warns as Delta variant surges * VIDEO: Climate Pandemic * Unvaccinated West Point cadets reportedly in ‘solitary confinement’-like conditions (All this for a “virus” that is 99.997% survivable for the young and 94.6% survivable for the old! UPDATE: Only 6% died of Covid!!) * Philippine President of 1 country warns he’ll arrest unvaccinated, inject them ‘in your butt’ 

VIDEO: Outnumbered blasts ‘St. Anthony Fauci’ for claiming critics are anti-science * VIDEO: Cruz: Fauci Led a ‘Systematic’ Effort to ‘Mislead the American People’ * VIDEO: EXPOSED! Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body * VIDEO: Chinese Government Scientist Filed Covid Vaccine Patent Before Pandemic Began * VIDEO: 30 Yrs Ago, Dr. Robert Willner Accused Anthony Fauci Of Genocide during the AIDS ScamDemic * VIDEO: The inventor of the PCR Test himself, Kary Mullis on, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his Fraud * VIDEO: Plandemic Indoctornationߔ¥450000 Injured By Bill Gates Vaccine In India & Africa * VIDEO: Death By Mask – Mask Wearing, Bacterial Pneumonia Infections, And The 1918 Flu * VIDEO: Corona Vaccine For Dummies * 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code * VIDEO: Anti-Vax Doctor Pushes Conspiracy Theories * CDC Report on Hospitalization Rates in Teens Misleading, Says Doctor * VIDEO: Police Being Handed Evidence Of Cancer Causing Swabs Coated With Ethylene Oxide * VIDEO: Warning! Oil and Gas Companies Planning on Vaccinated Employees Dying * VIDEO: GRAPHIC language – German Dr is Speaking out! Children are DYING! * VIDEO: They Cannot Hide Their Evil Plan Anymore (WAIT FOR IT!) * VIDEO: “Face Masks Don’t Work.You’re Either Being Paid or Played”-Dr Merritt * VIDEO: Belgium Minister Bart Somers Gets Fake Jab * VIDEO: GOP Senator Accuses Fauci Of “Collusion” With Big Tech * VIDEO: Marsha Blackburn: Fauci Must “Step Aside” * VIDEO: CDC removes 150K deaths from VAERS system – VACCINE GENOCIDE!! * VIDEO: Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS * VIDEO: Project Veritas Obtains New Insider Tape Revealing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Top Executive Heidi Swartz Prioritize Punishing Truth Seekers Over Acknowledging Secret Censorship of ‘Actually True Events or Facts’ * As Drug Makers Set Sights on Vaccinating 5-Year-Olds, Latest VAERS Data Show Number of Injuries, Deaths Continues to Climb * CDC to Convene Emergency Meeting on 226 Reports of Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine in People Under 30 * VIDEO: Fox 26 Reporter Releases tape of ‘Corruption,’ ‘Censorship’ * VIDEO: The “U.S. Supply Deal with Merck is a “Colossal Waste of Taxpayer Money for a Drug We Don’t Need * VIDEO: MURDERED ? Brandy Vaughan Anti-Vaccination Activist Found Dead * Doctors challenge CDC claim that COVID kills ‘healthy’ kids * Washington Post: Many COVID precautions are ‘hygiene theater’ *


G7 Summit: CAFOD calls for UK action on climate and post-pandemic (Exactly was we expected) * VIDEO: The media environment in Brisbane is ‘outrageous, disgraceful, and always goes to 11’ * 178 health care workers suspended from Houston Methodist hospital system for refusing COVID-19 vaccination * Child Psychiatrists Warn That The Pandemic May Be Driving Up Kids’ Suicide Risk * Biden says he will be announcing a vaccine plan for the world * VIDEO: John d. Rockefeller has corrupted modern medicine. He says it’s’ good business keep us sick * VIDEO: Bill Gates Paralyzes Children In India And Africa With Polio Vaccines * VIDEO: Climate Pandemic * Biden’s Military — West Point Cadets Faced with Solitary Confinement for Refusing COVID Vaccine * Judge Dismisses Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit by Staff of Houston Hospital * VIDEO: Pakistan Turning Sim Cards Off For Unvaccinated People * VIDEO: U.S. Military are giving children COVID vaccines in Idaho schools * VIDEO: She was attacked for not wearing a mask! * VIDEO: Woman Brutally Attacked By Police In Spain For Walking Down The Street During Curfew Without A Facemask * VIDEO: Vaccinate or terminate: Houston Methodist hospital workers leave jobs behind over COVID vaccine requirement (The Nurses KNOW what happens when you get the shot) * VIDEO: Heathrow London UK quarantine Prison Camp (They’re making sure all they need is in place for when they enforce the mark) * Covid-19: British Prime Minister delays lifting of restrictions (All this for a “virus” that is 99.997% survivable for the young and 94.6% survivable for the old! UPDATE: Only 6% died of Covid!!) * VIDEO: Woman Shames Unvaxxed and Says We Have No Skin in the Game (They will use the exact same excuse when they switch from VACCINE to SUNDAY LAWS) * Massachusetts Bill Seeks to Strip Parental Rights and Track Vaccination Data * Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family (Still following Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler’s Playbook) * Judge issues ruling on hospital workers challenging COVID-vaccine mandate

VIDEO: NHS Nurse Speaks Out About What Is Really Going On In Her Hospital (The mask is now killing people!) * VIDEO: Covid Vaccine Less Than 1% Effective?! * WOW!! VIDEO: OSHA Turns Blind Eye To Vaccine Injury * VIDEO: Rand Paul: Fauci emails paint ‘disturbing picture’ of COVID narrative * Aged care workers do not have to reveal if they’ve had COVID vaccination, says Department of Health * VIDEO: No government should ‘coerce’ its citizens to get the COVID vaccine * EXPOSED: Fauci knew back in early 2020 that covid vaccines threaten to enhance disease * 117 Employees Sue Texas Hospital Over COVID Vaccine Mandate — Do They Have a Case? * VIDEO: Psaki: We Won’t Stand By Attacks On Fauci, “He’s Answered A Lot Of Questions On The Emails” (IOW – He will  do as he was hired to do) * VIDEO: TTAV2020 “Vaccine Roundtable” (Part 1) * VIDEO: Crime of the Century!! Firing Dr Anthony Fauci does not go far enough, he needs to be tried, and put in Federal prison * Vaccine vs Virus: Fatalities Skyrocket as COVID Vaccines Increase * Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death’ * Venezuela: Doctors Say Socialist Regime’s Coronavirus Statistics Are a Lie (All the nations have agreed to the same lies proving the NWO is already here) * County that counted car crash as COVID death finds it inflated virus death toll by 25% * Scientist heading virus-origin task force is same man who thanked Fauci for dismissing lab-leak theory * Top epidemiologist: Fauci’s answers make ‘absolutely no sense’ * VIDEO: CBBC Evil Newsround Vaccine Propaganda


VIDEO: The vaccination certificate that Europe hopes will restart travel (They’re testing how to enforce the MARK) * Offering beer, babysitting and barbershop outreach, the White House launches new initiatives to boost vaccinations * VIDEO: They killed small business and REFUSE to listen to the desperate owners * VIDEO: Morrison: Vaccination certification to be available by July via digital wallet * Scott Morrison insists vaccine passport key to unrestricted domestic travel, despite states’ criticism * National cabinet agrees mandatory vaccines for aged care workers * VIDEO: Paralympic Australia imposes vaccine mandate on athletes * Anti-lockdown scientists challenge theories of Geert Vanden Bossche, though vaccine ‘global catastrophe’ not ruled out * New York Celebrates over 2 Million Excelsior Pass Vaccine Passports Issued, Offers Special Perks (The sheeple have been corralled) * Lockdown Forever: UK’s ‘Freedom Day’ to be Delayed up to a Month: Report * Jab for a Shag? UK Govt Enlists Dating Apps to Promote Coronavirus Vaccines 

VIDEO: What The Satanic Government Admits About The Evil CONvid Jab – Don’t Get It!!!!! * VIDEO: Convid Vaccine Trials Stopped Immediately Because All The Animals Were Dying! * VIDEO: The Biggest Protest Yet – Please Share Because You Know Msm Won’t Mention It * VIDEO: Doctors Diagnosis Of The Magnetism From The Covid Vaccination: It Is Real People Are Magnetic * Hard Data Proves Big Pharma Knew Covid Vaccines Would Worsen And Prolong The Pandemic * VIDEO: Heart Inflammation In Youth Recently Vaxxed * Good news: Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection * What did Bill Gates’ grandfather do during the Spanish Flu? * VIDEO: Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Claims Coronavirus Lab ‘Cover-Up’ Made Her Flee China (Notice the date) * VIDEO: Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality (More deaths AFTER being vaccinated) * 9 New ‘Vaccine Billionaires’ Amass Combined Net Worth of $19.3 Billion During Pandemic * VIDEO: Fauci Under Fire * VIDEO: NURSE-Planned COVID Crisis Next Week * VIDEO: 1990’s Cartoon Knew What They Had Planned * VIDEO: No jab, no work policy for aged care ‘not recommended’ by health officials * Massive lawsuit filed against hospital as health-care staff revolt against vaccine rule * VIDEO: Doctor Says ‘We’ve Made A BIG MISTAKE With Vaccine * Report: Anthony Fauci Said in Released Emails ‘Drug Store’ Masks Are ‘Not Really Effective’ * Report: Fauci’s Released Emails Show Science Expert Concerned Coronavirus Could ‘Look Engineered’ * Biden, Twitter and founder Jack Dorsey sued as social giant ‘enforcing’ COVID-19 policies * COVID deaths plunge after major world city introduces ivermectin * AGAIN: Study shows masks did not slow spread of coronavirus


VIDEO: Massive: World Renowned Doctor Blows Lid Off Of Covid Vaccine * VIDEO: The People in Canada are under attack!  (All this for a “virus” that is 99.997% survivable for the young and 94.6% survivable for the old! UPDATE: Only 6% died of Covid!!) * Canada: Pop-up Clinic Offers Kids Free Ice Cream To Get Covid Vaccine, No Parental Permission Required * VIDEO: Get the jab, meet a stripper! * VIDEO: Youth don’t need adult permission to get vaccinated, experts say * VIDEO: Kroger offering $1M cash prize, free groceries for a year to get vaccinated * VIDEO: What The HEALTH Is This? * VIDEO: NURSE-Planned COVID Crisis Next Week (IOW nurses and doctors are OK with it) * VIDEO: Lefties make ‘handbrake U-turn’: Yesterday’s COVID-19 ‘conspiracy theory’ is now ‘perfectly feasible * VIDEO: Gavin Newsom on California’s Comeback Plan (They need to speed things up before millions start dying of the Vaccine) * Pope Francis Calls for ‘New World Order’ After the Pandemic * VIDEO: Carrots for the Sheep * DeSantis: CDC in Effect ‘Mandating’ a Vaccine Passport for the Cruise Industry * Papers Please! Faced with Freedom, Britons Want Domestic Vax Passports 

MAY 2021

VIDEO: The New Nuremberg Trials 2021 * VIDEO: Heartbreaking message from Pfizer vaccine victim Angelia Gipson Desselle * VIDEO: Texas records zero COVID-19 deaths after Biden’s ‘Neanderthal thinking’ comment * VIDEO: They Are SAFE…Repeat…They ARE SAFE…Repeat * VIDEO: GAYDAR hits 100% – Vax Advertisement for Kids * VIDEO: Gates to Trump DO NOT INVESTIGATE VACCINE SAFETY (Why is Gates being asked ANY questions on this? He has no education in any of it – BUT – he does have a LOT of CA$H) * ONE child dies and Peloton recalls its ENTIRE line of treadmills – yet when thousands of children die from vaccines, there’s no recall, no lawsuits and no government oversight * Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design) * BOMBSHELL: Connecticut govt. secretly tells health care workers COVID vaccines are DEADLY, but withholds the same information from the public * VIDEO: US Companies Backtracking on Mandatory Jabs: Don’t Want to Pay for Damaged Employees * VIDEO: Manmade virus * VIDEO: Remove Informed Parental Consent * VIDEO: COVID-19 is a bio-weapon and Fauci is the creator * VIDEO: French Nobel Prize winning virologist says the vaccine is making people sick and more vulnerable * VIDEO: 87,000 Nurses Refuse C-19 Vaccine – Dr. Elke De Klerk, the founder of Doctors for Truth! * Bill Maher – Fully Vaccinated – gets COVID-19 * VIDEO: the Vaxxed are Infected w Nanoparticles? * VIDEO: COVID VACCINE COERCION * C.D.C. Is Investigating a Heart Problem in a Few Young Vaccine Recipients * BREAKING: Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale * VIDEO: COVID Vaccinated People Within 2 Years * WOW! VIDEO: Journalist In 2014 Predicts 2020 ‘Plandemic’ With Uncanny Accuracy From 2010 Rockefeller Doc (PROOF This WAS planned!) * VIDEO: Rand Paul: ‘Fauci Should Be Made to Testify Under Oath’ About Wuhan Lab Funding * Anthony Fauci Admits Funding Wuhan Lab but Still Denies ‘Gain of Function’ * Bar Avoids Fine After Gretchen Whitmer Violates Order There — These 56 Restaurants Weren’t So Lucky * CNN: Biden Shut Down Trump Admin Probe into Origins of COVID-19 in China * VIDEO: Watch: Ad Highlights Tragedy of Gretchen Whitmer Nursing Home Scandal * ‘Ignore the CDC’: Top doc says we’ve reached herd immunity * VIDEO: Prominent physician: Don’t get a COVID shot * Washington Post: Wuhan lab-leak scenario ‘suddenly credible‘ * PolitiFact deletes fact check on Wuhan lab-leak theory as more info points toward leak * Rand Paul goes public with ‘personal decision’ on COVID shot *


The Pandemic Is Fast Forwarding Us To A Cashless Society—And Making Life Harder For The Unbanked * SCIENCE promotes VIOLENCE: Journal “Nature” calls for violent arrest of anyone who won’t accept injections containing mercury, human abortion cells, and cell-altering mRNA sequences * UK now pushing pregnant women to take covid vaccines despite miscarriage, infertility risks * Meet your automated, totalitarian medical police state future: Johns Hopkins demands AI robots and drones enforce covid vaccine war against humanity * BOMBSHELL: Gates Foundation, DARPA funding self-replicating, weaponized vaccine technology that began under Apartheid, to exterminate Blacks… and now it’s powering the covid vax * White House, dating apps team up to add VAX sticker on profiles (Why? Just change the agenda from VAX to MARK and you will know why) * They are planning another “pandemic” for 2025-2028 (I placed it on my server here for when they hide it) * France to Introduce Mandatory COVID Quarantines for British Travellers * Hungary Govt: Power-Hungry EU Institutions ‘More of a Problem than a Solution’ in Pandemic

VIDEO: BACKDOOR DEALS * VIDEO: Covid “V Deaths” – The Numbers Don’t Lie * VIDEO: FDA will not Authorize or Approve any Covid-19 Vaccine * VIDEO: Compilation of Officials Saying Vaccines Kill & Sterilize – Honest, Freudian Slips, or Mistakes? * VIDEO: This Live Mask Test Shocks Viewers * VIDEO: Pharmacist Shows Blank J&J Covid 19 Vaccine Insert * GENOCIDE in the U.S. Continues: 3,848 DEATHS 118,902 Injuries Following COVID Injections – Children Now being Reported as Dying Also * VIDEO: Metal In The Vaccines * A Bill That Removes Fauci from His Position Is About to Hit Congress (They waited too long – the damage is done) * VIDEO: Fauci CAUGHT HIDING Key Facts From Senate On Lab Leak Hypothesis * VIDEO: “The World engaged in the largest vaccine trial ever” – Australian Health Minister. Who consented?!! * VIDEO: Interesting Population Forecasts For 2025 (reupload) (I recall seeing this years ago – it appears plausible now – They plan to kill 2/3 of people in USA by 2025) * VIDEO: Woman says 100% of the patients in her local hospital COVID Ward over the past 2 months are vaxxed * VIDEO: WOW! Most vaccinate nation is now the sickest! Notice graph #1 and 2 * David Rasnick: new strain of the coronavirus, or a giant con? How deep do the lies go? (The “scientists” are finally catching up to what obedient Christians saw day 1) * 2 Months After Biden Called End of Mask Mandate ‘Neanderthal Thinking,’ Texas Reports 0 COVID Deaths * VIDEO: ‘I Don’t Care if You’re Vaccinated, You Little Dink’: Teacher Goes Viral with Unhinged Rant at Unmasked Student (He was vaccinated and she mad he won’t wear a mask!) * VIDEO: COVID-19 Vaccine Safety System Gaps May Miss Unexpected Side Effects, Experts Say (The AMA purposely shut down the side effects system) * VIDEO: Dr Tenpenny: the mRNA shot is deadly, in 42 days to a year out, a large number of people will die from auto immune disease * VIDEO: Carlson: ‘A Great Unmasking Is Finally upon Us, but Not Everyone Is Happy About It’ * Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Fine Local Government Entities for Enforcing Mask Mandates * VIDEO: ‘It doesn’t make sense’: Watch 10-year-old hammer school board over mask mandate (A 10 year old has more wisdom than ANY of his teachers) * FAA probing Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s flight to Florida for possible federal violation * CDC admits: More than 220 people have died with COVID-19 after getting fully vaccinated (Actually more die of the Vaccine than the virus!) * Reports Indicate Vaccines Causing More Injuries, Deaths Than Natural COVID-19 Infections * VIDEO: Rand was right: Fauci admits he wears face mask for show * WOW!! CDC Admits: More Dead from COVID-19 Vaccine Than ALL Vaccines From Last 20 Years Combined (Orig Source) * MIT study finds anti-maskers ‘trust science’ more than others * COVID cases in India drop after government promotes ‘Trump drugs‘ * Rock superstar rips vaccine ‘propaganda’ after ‘disastrous reaction’ to COVID shot * VIDEO: Joe Biden: “Get Vaccinated or Wear a Mask Until You Do… The Choice Is Yours” (His own party doesn’t trust him – should YOU?) * Ohio governor offers $1 million lottery prizes to urge COVID-19 vaccinations * CDC Guidance Permits Only the Vaccinated to Worship * LA County Sheriff Going Home to Home Forcibly Injecting Handicapped Adults and Children with COVID-19 Shots Against Their Will * German vaccine tsar: everyone may need a third dose next year * VIDEO: UK Government Forcing Head Teachers To Put ‘On A List’ The Name Of Parents Who Don’t Want To Vaccinate Their Children Or Have Them Wear A Mask! * VIDEO: Biden Issues Warning to Americans: ‘Those Who Are Not Vaccinated Will End Up Paying the Price’ * VIDEO: The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket * Opinion: Anti-vaxxers are dangerous. Make them face isolation, fines, arrests * Anthony Fauci: We Will Require Coronavirus Vaccine Booster Shots ‘Within a Year’ (Methinks a LOT will happen in the next year to show just how evil this man is) * State tells businesses: You must ‘verify’ vax records of customers (Hitler did the exact same thing) 

CDC greatly exaggerated risk of outdoor virus transmission * VIDEO: Chinese document discussing weaponising coronaviruses provides ‘chilling’ information * VIDEO: Clinical Procedures For Packing Covid Swabs Are Strict (Reminds me of how they packaged he masks) * VIDEO: JABBED – The Covid-19 Vaccine – Your questions answered! (MUST WATCH – SEE FIRST 8MINS) (These doctors prove the majority of doctors are EVIL – need more proof? See this) * VIDEO: Independently Verified: Some Covid Test Swabs Leave Spikes Impaling Flesh * VIDEO: THE BIG VACCINE SPIN * UNICEF says Covid-19 hitting children hard in South Asia (Not to worry – they are lying AGAIN) * Covid-19: India passes 20 million cases amid oxygen shortage (We actually have SDR church members in India reporting – It’s all a lie! They see NOTHING happening ) * VIDEO: Victim of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 gene altering injection (Instead of getting the jab and then making a video – why not watch the videos first and then DON’T get the jab?) * VIDEO: Seychelles – World’s Most-Vaccinated Nation Activates COVID Curbs as Cases Rise! NWO JAB FAIL! * Israel: Why Is All-Cause Mortality Increasing? * VIDEO: ‘This is what government refuses to tell you’ * VIDEO: Dr Palevsky Explains The Death Jab * VIDEO: Chinese document discussing weaponising coronaviruses provides ‘chilling’ information * VIDEO: School Nurse Suspended For Saying Masks Harm Kids * VIDEO: BUSTED! Whitehouse Press Caught Faking the need for a MASK! * VIDEO: 8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can Kill You – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny * VIDEO: Large Percentage of Frontline Workers Refuse Covid “Vaccine” — Find Out Why (Up to 60% of Doctors and nurses refuse the vaccine) * VIDEO: Saagar Enjeti: New Details REVEAL Fauci, Media Coverup Of Lab Leak Hypothesis * VIDEO: Social media censorship of vaccine expert (Geert Vanden Bossche & Bret Weinstein) * VIDEO: Rand Paul: ‘Dr. Fauci Came to Congress Yesterday and Lied’ About Funding of Wuhan Lab * ‘Pretty awful’: Healthy 17-year-old boy gets blood clots in brain after COVID vaccine * VIDEO: New Zealand makes VACCINES MANDATORY under law with a $4,000 fine or IMPRISONMENT * Science, faith and Dr. Fauci meet this week at the Vatican * VIDEO: Israeli Police Raids AlAqsa Mosque during Prayer! * VIDEO: At least 44 killed, dozens injured following stampede during Lag B’Omer event in Israel (The “Covid walls caused them to die) * Why COVID Vaccines Are Dream Come True for Central Banks * VIDEO: Australia’s $66,600 Fines And The UNITED NATIONS * VIDEO: MEPs set out their conditions for an ‘EU COVID-19 Certificate’ (Yet I seriously doubt ANYONE speaking will ever get the vaccine) * NHS app to be used as ‘coronavirus vaccine passport’ for holidaymakers from Monday (Still don’t think this sets the stage for the MARK?) * Extinction of the Human Species? Harvard (Jesuit) Researchers Say Not to Panic Over Declining Sperm Counts * VIDEO: Covid Collaborators: Pushing the Vax Narrative on the Sheeple * Panel suggests WHO should have more power to stop pandemics (NOT going to happen unless Rome can benefit politically) * VIDEO: Melinda Gates using economic recovery as an argument to vaccinate the entire world population (He mental hiccup at 36:00 proves she’s reading a script) * Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possibly go wrong? (Just breathe deeply – you’ve been vaccinated! BTW – it was prophesied * VIDEO: The Great Reset is ‘one of the greatest threats’ to democracy and freedom * VIDEO: Biden is ‘brazenly exploiting the pandemic to centralize control’ * Vaccine Passport for International Travel Will Soon Be on NHS App, UK Govt Confirms

VIDEO: If you thought COVID-19 was bad…watch this! (He knows the vaccinated will start dying en masse – as planned) * VIDEO: BOMBSHELL!! A Must Watch!!! Nurse In Halifax Breaks Her Silence! * ANOTHER BOMBSHELL! VIDEO: FDA Will Not Authorise Any Covid Jab Or Approve Any Covid Jab * VIDEO: 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It * VIDEO: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny warns that once you’re Vaccinated * VIDEO: Yale epidemiologist states Hydroxychloroquine used as a prophylactic, could save 100,000 lives! (plus ZINC) * VIDEO: Dr. Harvey Risch: 60% of New Covid Patients Have Been Vaccinated * VIDEO: Miscarriages Up 322% Since February * VIDEO: Why You Can Be Forced To Get The Covid Vaccine * VIDEO: 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It * More than 500 people admitted to hospital with coronavirus after getting vaccinated * VIDEO: Doctor Refuses To Accept Vaccinated Patients * VIDEO: The real virus is NOT COVID it is STUPIDITY * VIDEO: The wheels are starting to fall off the ‘pandemic panic wagon’ * Government likely burying documents on COVID-19 because they’re ‘embarrassing’ * VIDEO: Could Vaccines Make Covid-19 Worse? * VIDEO: Situation Update, May 3rd, 2021: Vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick! * Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions * Big Tech now colluding with Big Pharma to keep the truth from Americans as Instagram bans Robert F. Kennedy’s vaccine truths * VIDEO: Joe and Jill Biden wear NO MASKS when visiting the Carters! * VIDEO: Watch: Biden Violates Coronavirus Guidelines Ahead of Speech: No Social Distancing, Fist Bumping * VIDEO: Social Distance Nightmare: Congress Members Surround Biden Following Address * VIDEO: WATCH: Dr. Jill Biden and the Second Gentleman Kiss Through Masks * VIDEO: State of Oregon Changes Athlete Mask Mandates After Runner Collapses * VIDEO: Biden wears a mask outside alone but not when indoors with frail 90-year-olds * VIDEO: Fauci reveals all children must get the Vaccine (This man is killing so many people! Pray for him) * VIDEO: Dragging Kids Out The Shop (They’re learning how to persecute the Christians who refuse the Vatican MARK) * 4 Reasons Why India’s COVID Crisis Threatens the World Economy (Just more fake news fearmongering – it won’t end until plague #7) * VIDEO: Gurcharin Singh – MSM are using India for propaganda, it’s all lies! * Catholic Church urged to help educate people about Covid-19 vaccines (So as to perfect their enforcement of the mark next) * VIDEO: They’re Taking Out Everybody * VIDEO: Authorities May Have to Enter People’s Homes, And Forcibly Remove Family Members * Michigan now forcing two-year-olds to wear a mask all day * Airlines won’t call travelers’ COVID-19 vaccination proof ‘vaccine passports‘ * VIDEO: New mum blackmailed to take COVID TEST if she wants to see her newborn child * VIDEO: Indian villagers don’t want to take vaccine nor to get tested (This is exactly how they will enforce Sunday Laws) * VIDEO: Leo the globalist ushers in the “vaccine bonus”!! * VIDEO: Situation Update, May 3rd, 2021: Vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick! * What are the global implications of India’s second COVID wave? (Just as the first wave was a proven lie – so is the second) * Covid-19 vaccine refusers should be crushed, says WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin, a medical fascist * Push for U.S. ‘vaccine passport’ grows as Canada announces its own * VIDEO: ABC News correspondent: ‘Shun’ people who refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine * Report reveals some liberals can’t quit COVID lockdowns * VIDEO: Vaccine Passports Used To Create A Lesser Class of Citizens? 

APRIL 2021

VIDEO: These Brave Doctors are Upholding Their Hippocratic Oath & Putting Patients—Not Profits—First * VIDEO: Nurse fakes jabbing Anthony Hopkins then squirts vaccine out of window * VIDEO: Worldwide Face Mask Emergency Brewing!! We Don’t Know What Percentage Of Several Billion Masks Are Infected With Nanoworms!! * VIDEO: How politicians, celebrities and all satanic sellouts get their vaccine * VIDEO: (GRAPHIC LANGUAGE) “PCR Swab Test Cancer Alert” * Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists; company faked mumps vaccine efficacy results for over a decade, says lawsuit (Pass a law to remove Dr liability – people will simply die en masse) * VIDEO: Only 8 hours after this COVID-19 patient took ivermectin, she snapped back to health * Norway: Death risk from AstraZeneca higher than of Covid-19 (The “vaccine” is killing more people than Covid19 is) * OPEN LETTER from Lyndon Medical Clinic * Laboratories In US Can’t Find Covid-19 In 1500 Positive Tests * VIDEO: Watch “How Dr. David Chesler saves his nursing home residents from COVID-19” on YouTube * VIDEO: Bill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine! * VIDEO? The Funniest Covid video of 2021! (Funny? – Not at all) * CDC: Fully Vaccinated People Should Wear Masks in Certain Settings, Avoid Large Gatherings (So why get vaccinated?) * VIDEO: Why Did We Keep ‘Playing Along’ with Mask Mandate After BLM Riots? — ‘We Acquiesced to Their Power Grab * China Criticizes Peru Ex-President for Coronavirus Case Despite (being vaccinated with) Chinese-Made Vaccine * Nancy Pelosi’s Strict Masking Rules Will Not Apply to Joe Biden During Congressional Address * VIDEO: MIT study: You’re no safer from COVID social distancing at 6 or 60 feet * ‘No science behind any of this’: Rand Paul pummels Biden’s mask ‘theater‘ * VIDEO: COVID-19 Side Effects And Deaths The Medical Mafia Controlled Media Won’t Show You * VIDEO: Geert Vanden Bossche PhD Send Urgent call to WHO.. Time to Switch Gears * VIDEO: Arizona Law Gives Business Owners Authority Over Mask Mandates (This proves the mask is useless) * Travel Points Testing program launched at welcome centers, airports * VIDEO: Vaccine Reactions Surge, Media & Fauci Mislead Public | Dr. Jane Ruby * VIDEO: WARNING!! From an Unvaccinated Person in Israel VIDEO: COVID In Colorado: CU Boulder Study Shows How Asymptomatic People Spread Disease, Act As ‘Super Carriers’ (NONVAXXERS are now SUPERCARRIERS?! – Study prophecy? Then you know this is just a TEST) * Column: COVID Vaccine the Key to Getting 135,000 Fans into Indianapolis 500 (They’re testing the buy and sell enforcement) * VIDEO: No End of Masks in Sight Despite President Biden’s Original Plan for ‘Just 100 Days’ of Masking * Americans will need vaccine passport to travel to Europe * VIDEO: New Zealand Tranny PM Jacinda Ardern – “No jab, no job” * VIDEO: Vaccine Passports Used To Create A Lesser Class of Citizens?

 Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis (Yet another actual study proving the media and AMA doctors are lying) * VIDEO: Diners Chant ‘Get Out’ At Health Officials (More and more videos are popping up like this – But notice what the city does next) * VIDEO: CNN staffer says COVID-19 is ‘gangbusters’ with ratings: ‘Let’s make it higher’ * VIDEO: Display Board in Ireland. COVID 19 PLANDEMIC * 5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 74 Dead: CDC * Thousands of People Got Infected With COVID-19 Despite Getting Fully Vaccinated * VIDEO: Jim Jordan faces off with Dr. Fauci in explosive hearing * VIDEO: Pfizer Exec Caught Hoping Virus Never Ends Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Curfews Masks Quarantines * VIDEO: Vaccine Side Effects Force Suburban School District to Close * VIDEO: Jesuit Superior General Arturo Sosa Publicly Admits Plandemic is Theirs * Chinese economy rebounds by more than 18 per cent since Wuhan lockdown (Just one more fact proving it was all about MONEY) * Covid Once Spared the Young. Now More Are Going to the Hospital (With so many “cases” how many people do YOU know with Covid?) * VIDEO: 2 Year Old Girl Dies After Being Given Two Covid Shots! * VIDEO: Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed (They needed the hoax to get people vaccinated) * VIDEO: Mask Mandates The Data and Science Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdowns (You may laugh when you watch, but you will know it’s true) * VIDEO: Nicaragua Ignored The Science! (They PROVED it’s all a lie) * VIDEO: Life Insurance Unchanged By COVID? (They’re unchanged because they can’t legally sell a product with payments based on faked numbers) * VIDEO: Kate Shemirani – These Are Not Vaccines – This Is Genocide (SHOCKING!) * VIDEO: Masks Are Making You Sick & It Seems That Is Simply Part Of The Plan * VIDEO: ‘Fear is being used to control you’: Major protest rips masks, vaccines * 43-year-old father of 7 paralyzed, can’t talk 3 hours after receiving COVID-19 vaccine * France: Police instructed to bend lockdown rules for Muslims during Ramadan * 22 in Chicago Nursing Homes Tested Positive for COVID-19 After Vaccination * VIDEO: Diners Chant ‘Get Out’ At Health Officials (More and more videos are popping up like this – But notice what the city does next) * COVID-19: Government to consult on mandatory vaccine for staff in care homes for elderly (All this for a “virus” that is 99.997% survivable for the young and 94.6% survivable for the old! UPDATE: Only 6% died of Covid!) * VIDEO: <span ” Helvetica Neue”, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 20px; font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: 2; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); text-decoration-thickness: initial; text-decoration-style: initial; text-decoration-color: initial; display: inline !important; float: none;”>There Are 150 More Vaccines Coming * Border Guards Don’t Know How Many Fake Covid Test Certificates Are Used To Get Into UK (Fake news designed to create a need for a STRICT Covid ID) * U.S. warns: ‘Do Not Travel’ to 80% of countries * Hawaii Looks to Adopt Vaccine Passport for Travel Between Islands (If they do this, EVERY State will follow their lead!)

VIDEO: 25 Questions to ask about the Pandemic? * Ex-Pfizer Vice-President: COVID-19 Vaccines to Cause “Mass Depopulation” Event Within 2 years (And yes, they will use this man-made disaster to “lockdown” and kill even more by claiming a newPLANdemic) * VIDEO: NEW COVID VACCINE BLOOD CLOTTING CONCERNS (It is now CONFIRMED – the “Vaccine” is in fact killing people) * People who have received both doses for cv19 vac are making up 60-70% of current hospitalisations * Why the UK changed covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine advice for under-30s (Blood clots!) * DMX Received Covid Vaccine Days Before Heart Attack – Family Says NO DRUGS! (He got the “vaccine” so he could travel – 1 week later he was dead) * CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People: Study * A&E departments swamped with patients with AstraZeneca vaccine side-effects * VIDEO: Saagar Enjeti: Lab-Leak Hypothesis Could Reveal EPIC Screwup Of US, Fauci AND China * VIDEO: You’re NOT allowed to question the Vaccine! (They’re hiding SCARY facts!) * ‘Throw away your masks and burn your vaccine passport’: Rand Paul * Top aide to Whitmer posts Florida beach photos just days after governor’s travel warning (AGAIN!) * Venezuelan mayor marks homes of COVID patients with red symbol (Remember Hitler’s yellow star?) * Beijing colour-codes buildings to show workers’ Covid vaccination rates * VIDEO: Canada sending COVID positive travelers to ‘internment’ facilities * Only the VACCINATED will be saved? Confusion after St. Vincent PM says only those with Covid jab can flee VOLCANO on cruise ships (Excellent opportunity to expose the lies – yet, they too will be ignored) * VIDEO: Protesters burn masks at Florida rally against COVID measures * Israel Pediatric Society supports vaccination of ages 12-15 against COVID (Yet they know it has a 99.997 survivor rate – and so why vaccinate? EVERYONE will know why soon) * Erie County Exec Says Vaccinations Mandatory for Bills, Sabres Games * VIDEO: U.S. city goes fully tyrannical, builds fence around COVID-defying restaurant to shut it down

COVID scandal: Feds ignored 2016 law requiring use of real world evidence * VIDEO: BANNED BY YOUTUBE: Dr. Ryan Cole Shatters Covid Myths and Slams the Experimental Vaccines * From Europe: 3,964 People Have Died from Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” – 162,610 Injuries * Kim Iversen: Pfizer Exec Caught Hoping Virus Never Ends So Pharma Can Make Bank (The fact they demand you wear a mask AFTER they get vaccinated proves – it was never a vaccine) * How to talk to believers of Covid-19 conspiracy theories (The truth is making it rough for them) * VIDEO: Wait Until You Find Out What They’re Not Telling You About Covid-19 * VIDEO: Canada recalls face masks containing graphene until it assesses safety (They’re putting chemicals IN THE MASKS!) * ‘We see nothing alarming,’ says Norwegian drugs regulator, after 13 deaths linked to Pfizer vaccine jabs (1 death is alarming! – But Jesus did say the love of many shall wax cold) * Thousands of Israelis test POSITIVE for Covid-19 despite receiving Pfizer/BioNTech jab * The Strange Sinovac Vaccine Phenomenon: Countries Report Increased Cases After Using Vaccine * VIDEO: Statement On Urgent Open Letter From Doctors And Scientists To Ema – Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi * UK records big rise in blood clots after AstraZeneca COVID vaccine * VIDEO: My Story We Need To Ask Questions Dad Died After Vaccine * VIDEO: Another fake vaccination viral video (Politicians know not to get the vaccine) * Britain identifies 30 cases of blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccine * VIDEO: Whistleblower Dr Michovitz, Fired & Imprisoned, Reveals All About Fauci’ * Facebook ‘corrects’ woman’s complaint vaccine ‘is killing me,’ then she dies * WHO: No guarantee that vaccines prevent COVID-19 transmission * European Union: COVID-19 vaccine has ‘clear association’ with brain blood clots * Congressman: Fauci needs to explain taxpayer cash sent to Wuhan lab * VIDEO: Texas Proving Masks Don’t Work * World leaders unite to call for WWII-style ‘pandemic treaty’ * VIDEO: Scientists fear emergence of vaccine-evading Covid mutations within next year (This sets the stage for anti-vaxers to be hated and persecuted) * Rutgers will only let vaccinated students attend classes this fall, transforming its campus into a medical experiment (Reminds me of the idiocy of claiming “Don’t let your unvaccinated child in our school of vaccinated children! They’ll get sick!) * Boris Johnson to announce how nightclubs and sporting events will reopen with nine vaccine passport trials * VIDEO: New ad featuring Hollywood stars the ‘latest grift’ * VIDEO: Fact check: Quarantine ‘camps’ are real, but COVID-19 camp claim stretches truth * VIDEO: Confirmed: Camp Ashland to be used as a Coronavirus quarantine site (Exact same method Hitler used) * US military approves 11 Corona-virus Quarantine Camps next to major Airports * Madagascar Joins COVAX Covid-19 Vaccine Programme (Yet another country that has caved to the financial benefits of Covid – The Pope has been busy) * VIDEO: Shock video: Man questioning masks attacked, has window shattered for daring to question media narrative

MARCH 2021

VIDEO: Statement On Urgent Open Letter From Doctors And Scientists To Ema – Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi * VIDEO: Queensland government ‘caught in a massive COVID lie’ * They’ve killed God; I can’t feel God; My soul is dead” AstraZeneca halts COVID-19 vaccine trials after second volunteer “develops neurological problems” * VIDEO: Biden sent a political operative from DC to block cameras & even threatened another senator @border (This proves the PLANdemic is fake – If there was a pandemic, why aren’t these people masked and separated or “vaccinated?”) * VIDEO: TRUTH CAN BE FOUND * VIDEO: Former Cell Phone Company Boss Blows Whistle On 5g Coronavirus (This confirms what we knew on day one with 5G and Covid – Look into “Georgia Guidestones” THAT is their agenda. And do NOT worry! This weapon wont work on obedient Christian! Proof? See Isaiah 54:17) * VIDEO: “SOCIAL DISTANCE” SHAM * VIDEO: C-D-C Blows The Lid Off The COVID Pandemic—Media Goes Into High Gear to Cover It Up… * VIDEO: WATCH: Fauci Takes Off Mask Once He Thinks Cameras Are Off * VIDEO: Austrian MP Shows Even A Can Of Coke Tests Positive On Covid Test * VIDEO: (re-post) URGENT WARNING FOR HUMANITY * VIDEO: WHO team did not investigate China’s cover-up of COVID-19 data * Twitter Censors Official Coronavirus Adviser and Renowned Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff * VIDEO: GOP Rep. Steube: ‘Absurd’ to Require Vax Passport for Citizens While Migrants Aren’t Tested * VIDEO: W.H.O. Adviser: Evidence for COVID Originating in Wild ‘Is Nonexistent’ So Far * WHO buries COVID lab-leak theory at bottom of investigation report * Social media don’t allow breaking COVID narratives, despite frequent backtracking on findings * Excellent news: COVID intensive care units shutting down across America * More fatal blood clots tied to AstraZeneca vaccine in Germany * Mandatory-mask pusher nearly passes out while wearing mask * Wisconsin Supreme Court slaps down Democratic governor’s ongoing mask mandate: ‘Such unilateral, unchecked power was anathema to the framers of our constitutions’ * UK Supreme Court Judge Expects People Will Be Forced To Wear Masks, Stay Home For Ten Years * New York’s revolutionary COVID-19 ‘Excelsior Pass’ will lead USA back to normalcy (flick a switch and it now enforces the mark * Twitter Cracks Down on COVID Vaccine Misinformation * Updates to our work on COVID-19 vaccine misinformation (Truth is not misinformation) * VIDEO: Tracking and enslaving people via app * Kobach: A Tale of Two States: New York Legislators Propose Vaccine Mandates While Arizona Legislators Push Back * VIDEO: Naomi Wolf: Vaccine passports spell ‘the end of human liberty’ * Horowitz: The coming death match against vaccine passports in the states (There’s your BUY & SELL test!)

VIDEO: Absolute PROOF: The COVID-19 PCR Test is TOTAL FRAUD! * VIDEO: Why The Lockdowns are being Continuously Extended * AstraZeneca caught lying about COVID vaccine trials * Will the Pandemic Break the Government School Monopoly? Data Says Homeschooling Is Skyrocketing (FINALLY!) * Horowitz: Masks are experimental medical devices that must be optional, according to law * Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19 * COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless (They knew this for over a year?!) * Event 201 (PROOF it was all planned) * VIDEO: Left behind? As Israel reopens, what now for those who refuse vaccines 

VIDEO: DEL DEBUNKS CDC MASK SPIN * VIDEO: Rand Paul Questions Efficacy of Mask Mandates — ‘Why Shouldn’t the Burden Be on the Government?’ * Gaetz: DeSantis’s ‘Biggest Regret … Is that We Ever Locked Down for Even One Day’ * Seattle’s King County to Spend $5 Million of ‘COVID Relief’ on Fighting Anti-Asian Bias * BUSTED: MSNBC Members Use Photo from 2019 to Shame Miami Spring Breakers over Coronavirus * Thousands take action opposing COVID vaccines developed with fetal cells (Only “thousands”?!) * Britons face £5,000 fine for breaching foreign holiday ban under new Covid laws coming into force next week (Not to worry- it will NOT stop the Loud Cry) * Plans for mandatory vaccination for care home workers ‘being looked at’, Matt Hancock confirms * Vatican COVID-19 commission seeks to ‘prepare the future’ (Setting the stage for the prophesied GLOBAL takeover) * KRISPY KREME® Giving FREE Doughnuts to Everyone Who Shows COVID-19 Vaccination Card – All Year Long * Danger and despair in Madagascar: President Rajoelina opts for ‘miracle cure’ over Covid-19 vaccine (Pray for him – they may kill him next) * Unvaccinated employees in five industries must take a PCR test every fortnight * ‘Covid decade’ threatens to hold back UK and exacerbate inequality * Year of Lockdowns Have Cost British Economy £251 Billion * Marc Morano: ‘Lockdowns’ Are ‘Essentially a Model’ for Green New Deal’s ‘Planned Recession’ * UK: Happy Lockdowniversary! 12 Months of Shutdowns, Travel Bans, and Stay-at-Home Orders (Yet they said it will only be for TWO WEEKS) * American state pushes for permanent mask mandate (Oregon)

Texas, Florida Report Fewer Coronavirus Cases than Blue State New York Despite No Mask Mandates * VIDEO: Ex Prime Minister Yabbott Making Sense (He makes sense, but does NOT see the big picture) * WOW! Europe’s Vaccine Trolley Crash (The analogy is dead on! (no pun intended) * VIDEO: John Kerry Just Got EXPOSED * VIDEO: It’s ‘abundantly clear’ that ‘we’re not all in this together’ * More ‘covid suicides’ than covid deaths in kids * VIDEO: Pastor jailed in Canada for preaching during the pandemic * VIDEO: Pfizer wants military bases-bank reserves * ‘Emergency Brake’ – Merkel’s Germany to Extend and Tighten Lockdown Restrictions * Social Distancing and Wearing Masks Could Last ‘Years’, Says Govt Scientist (Key word here = “Govt” Scientist) *

VIDEO: Statement On Urgent Open Letter From Doctors And Scientists To Ema – Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi * VIDEO: If you can prove the vaccine is deadly, they will delete your videos (Their actions alone prove the truth is on our side) * Norwegian experts say deadly blood clots were caused by the AstraZeneca covid vaccine * VIDEO: ‘Vaccine Secrets’: What Parents Should Know Before They Vaccinate Their Kids * Virologist: ‘We Are Going to Pay Huge Price’ for COVID Mass Vaccination Campaign (The AMA knows this – but the $$$ is their god) * DHS Secretary Mayorkas Confirms Border Crossers Released into U.S. Without Being Tested for Coronavirus * PHOTO: American Airlines Announces Investigation into John Kerry’s Violation of Federal Mask Mandate * White House Silent on Photos of John Kerry Not Wearing Mask on Commercial Flight * VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul demands Dr. Fauci point to scientific data showing vaccinated people need to wear masks. He doesn’t * VIDEO: Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic – Benefits versus Risks: Interview with Geert Vanden Bossche * Israel passes emergency law to use mobile data for COVID-19 contact tracing (It is SO OBVIOUS now that this will be used to track Christians refusing the mark) * Coronavirus: Israel enables emergency spy powers * Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Could Become Most Lucrative Drug in the World * Tanzanian President John Magufuli is dead (He denied the Covid 19 hype – he is now dead) * Papers Please: European Union Unveils Coronavirus Vaccine Passport Scheme

WHO reviews AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine as more countries suspend use of jab (It’s like putting a stop sign in an intersection after many already died) * VIDEO: Gravitas: Pfizer’s abusive vaccine deals * VIDEO: Does the AstraZeneca vaccine cause blood clots? * Sen. Joni Ernst: U.S. Funded Wuhan Institute of Virology Coronavirus Research with NIH Grants * Some GOP Lawmakers Hesitant on Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘Natural Immunity Exists and Works’ * VIDEO: Democrats Block GOP Bill to Test Illegal Immigrants for Coronavirus * COVID prevention an alternative to vaccines * ‘Blood clots’: Major European nations suspend COVID-19 vaccine * Six March Madness Refs Sent Home Due to Positive Covid Test, Contact Tracing * Airline boots family from flight because autistic 4-year-old can’t wear a mask (Regardless of all the proof masks don’t work)

VIDEO: Denmark, Norway suspend AstraZeneca vaccine over blood clot fears (NOTICE! They only stop the vaccines AFTER people die quickly) * Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel’s Germany Over Drosten PCR Test * “Pandemic is Over” – Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says “Second Wave” Faked On False-Positive Tests * Unprecedented: CDC & UK Govt Stop Tracking Influenza For 2020-21 Flu Season * VIDEO: An Alarm Call to the World from Doctors * VIDEO: NYT Piece Finds PCR Test Not Fit for Purpose – Stunning Admission * Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People * The PCR False-Positive Pseudo-Epidemic & Those Lighthouse Labs * Global Team of Experts Finds 10 FATAL FLAWS in the PCR, Demands It’s Urgently Axed * VIDEO: Trojan Horse Vaccine Virus – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny * VIDEO: Boxing Legend Marvin Hagler DEAD HOURS AFTER VACCINE * VIDEO: Dr John Coleman ex Mi6 dont take the vaccine * VIDEO: A COMING COVID CATASTROPHE – The Highwire * VIDEO: Vaccine Lunacy * Politico: Democrats Want COVID Welfare Provisions to ‘Last Well Beyond the Pandemic Itself’ (Now that millions are used to “socialist funding”) * Facebook to Label All Coronavirus Vaccine Posts with ‘Official Info’ (They can’t keep up with all the truth exposing them) * YouTube Blacklists 30,000 Videos It Claims Are Coronavirus Vaccine ‘Misinformation’ (I am one they censored * Rand Paul savages Dr. Fauci as a wannabe philosopher who spins ‘noble lies’ * VIDEO: Texas 65-year-old woman arrested after refusing to mask up or leave Galveston bank, bodycam shows * VIDEO: OUTCRY TO THE WORLD FROM ISRAEL (Still don’t think they’re testing the MARK OF THE BEAST?!) * Pope Francis Calls for ‘New World Order’ After the Pandemic (Are YOU starting to see the BIG picture yet?) * VIDEO: Project Veritas: Facebook Global Planning Lead Admits Zuckerberg Has More Power Than Any King in History (Yet most still ignore it) * VIDEO: Blackburn: COVID Relief Bill a ‘Federal Power Grab’ — ‘They’re Trying to Force Their Will and Centralize Federal Government’ * 2 liberal icons: America now on a path to ‘totalitarianism’ 

VIDEO: People Are Dropping Dead Like Flies In Israhell Immediately After Taking The Hoaxid Vaccine * VIDEO: Psaki: Biden Will Direct States to Ensure All Adults Eligible for Vaccine by May 1 (All this for a “virus” that is 99.997% survivable for the young and 94.6% survivable for the old!) * VIDEO: Dirty Data Foundation – No foundation = Scam * VIDEO: 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says * Covid19 Gov. Death Stats : Based on Your Feelings * Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been double-counted, officials admit * More countries adopt vaccine passports to ‘boost tourism’ * VIDEO: ‘Vaccine Passports’ Hit New York (No buying or selling without the pass – they are prefecting the mark of the beast system)

VIDEO: CDC study on mask mandates based on incomplete methodology * VIDEO: 99% chance COVID-19 was lab-made, scientists call out the WHO * Some Border Patrol Migrant Detention Centers Show Up to 500% COVID-Capacity (The Govt knows Covid is FAKE) * Poll: Over 75 Percent of Taiwanese Refuse Chinese-Made Coronavirus Vaccine * W.H.O.: Countries Should Not Require Coronavirus ‘Vaccine Passports’ * Rand Paul urges vaccinated people to ignore ‘government scolds’ and ‘live free’ * Stanford doc: Lockdowns ‘biggest public health mistake’ ever * Dallas Jewish Conservatives plan ‘mask-burning’ party to celebrate end of Texas mandate * Researchers: CDC ignoring science, ‘harming children’ with its fear-driven guidance on schools * VIDEO: Texas school district has never required masks or distancing — and students are thriving * VIDEO: Here’s how much of Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill actually combats the virus — and what the rest is for * VIDEO: Fauci: When we don’t have the science on reopening, we go with our gut (CONFIRMED: There Is No Science to back their claims) * VIDEO: German lawmaker steps down in scandal over face-mask deal (I would think ALL governments are making money on the PLANdemic) * Growth Rate of Student Loan Debt Doubles During Coronavirus Pandemic 

Government data shows masks had no impact on COVID spread * VIDEO: The Great Reset is a ‘coup’ by the globalist elite * VIDEO: Denmark Say NO To Lockdown Law & Government Relent * America’s rich made $637 billion in COVID; we lost 40 million jobs * Billionaires’ wealth rises to $10.2 trillion amid Covid crisis * VIDEO: Dr. Anthony Fauci One Year Ago: ‘People Should Not Be Walking Around with Masks’ * VIDEO: Hutchinson to Biden: Ending Gov’t Mask Mandates ‘Not Caveman Thinking, That’s Common Sense’ * VIDEO: Dan Crenshaw skewers COVID bill with perfect ‘Democrat Math’ parody video * Video: You’ll Never Guess What’s In The Tests * VIDEO: Told Ya – Cyprus ‘Jab Or NO ENTRY’ May 1st The New Normal Begins * Report: Cuba Forcing Citizens into Coronavirus ‘Camps,’ Offering Dangerous Drugs * VIDEO: Montana Sen. Steve Daines: ‘Shameful’ Senate Dems Allow Billions of Tax Dollars to Fund Abortions * Canada Post suspends mail delivery to 2 Toronto highrises after some residents seen without masks * VIDEO: Coronavirus ‘vaccine passports’ offer ‘freedom,’ ‘mobility,’ access to ‘certain jobs’ — and are inevitable, NYU medical ethics prof tells CNN

VIDEO: Jesuit educated Anthony Fauci in his own words (Read the Jesuit Oath) * Popular Retailers Leave Mask Requirements in Place as Red States Lift Restrictions (Need more proof it’s political theater? See this) * Pictures: Pope Francis Defies Pandemic, Arrives in Iraq to Rally Christians (But the Pope is not a Christian) * We Know Nothing: Baffled W.H.O. Admits No Closer to Finding Coronavirus Origin (It’s because it is NOT A VIRUS) * WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar & CNN Parent Company Apologize for Saying Coronavirus ‘Really Good for Ratings’ * Dem Rep. Gonzalez on FL Outperforming States with Strict Restrictions: Seems Like ‘Luck’ ‘of a Coin Toss’ (They ADMIT lockdowns don’t work by calling it “luck”) * VIDEO: COVID-19 Relief Bill Provides Billions to Bail Out Abortion Industry * VIDEO: Joe Biden Again Travels ‘Home’ During CDC Travel Restrictions * VIDEO: SHOCK: Hateful MSNBC Floats Withholding Emergency Services to Texas (This confirms it always was political theater) * WHO drops plans for promised report on COVID-19 origin (That’s because you cannot isolate a proven FAKE VIRUS) * CDC changes COVID-19 guidelines to let Biden admin house migrant kids at 100% capacity * VIDEO: Military To Go Door To Door! And Where Are Your Children??? * Report: World Needs Equivalent Of Pandemic Lockdown Every Two Years To Meet Paris Carbon Emission Goals (Watch them start “Lockdown Sundays” to ready the sheeple) * Papers, Please: Britons Travelling Abroad Must Carry Lockdown Exemption Form or Be Fined £200 * Gavin Newsom Recommends California Residents Wear Two Masks (Yet as the pic shows, he doesn’t even wear one properly) * Andrew Cuomo: Indoor Residential Gatherings Will ‘Remain Limited to 10 People’

Texas, Miss. lift mask mandates, allow businesses to reopen at 100% * Poll: 41% Say They Are Not Willing to Receive a Coronavirus Vaccine (I would think it’s more than 41%) * President Biden’s border crisis is a superspreader event * Feds (Biden) release COVID-positive illegal aliens in Texas * Texas ‘100% open’ while Biden says wait another year * WHO defends appointing compromised U.S. scientist to Wuhan investigation * New Orleans Archdiocese Asks Catholics to Avoid Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine (Aborted baby cells are in the vaccine) * VIDEO: Dr. Ben Tapper, proponent for bill LB 643 exposes Pfizer’s criminal record * VIDEO: German Ministry of Interior report calls covid a “Global false alarmVIDEO: EU head to propose COVID-19 vaccine passports for travel * Dr. Anthony Fauci: I Do Not Think We’ll Be Back to Normal by March 2022 (Not to worry – only the leftist media believes this guy) * VIDEO: No Vaccine, No Food – Supermarket in Israel Checking Vaccine Papers (The Jews are ignoring their own history on this one!) * VIDEO: No ’secret agenda’ about The Great Reset

VIDEO: JUST IN: Kristi Noem rips Joe Biden in CPAC 2021 speech (She exposes the lies with actual data!) * VIDEO: London Mayoral Candidate Piers Corbyn Arrested for Campaigning Against Lockdown (They’re trying too hard to cover “something” up) * VIDEO: WATCH: Anti-Vaccine Protests Return to Dodger Stadium (Getting Covid is safer than the vaccine) * VIDEO: Teachers-union boss who led school closures caught dropping daughter off at private school * Commentary: More and more Americans are realizing that Dr. Fauci is not their friend * VIDEO: TikTok video shows Gavin Newsom inside a restaurant while not social distancing (I wish I kept count! This has happened so many times!) * VIDEO: “COVID-19 does not exist. The coronavirus has never been scientifically isolated” * VIDEO: 391 Days Later Daily Mail & Mainstream Media FINALLY WAKE UP (Foul language) * VIDEO: Message To Boris 1 Year On WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!! Covid Scold: Govt Scientist Tells Britons Not to Enjoy Good Weather Too Much (Obey! Obey! Obey!) * Czech Republic Deploys 30,000 Police, Troops to Enforce New Lockdown Rules * ‘Cornerstone of Our Democracy’? UK Govt Plots to Extend Protest Restrictions After the Lockdown (Waaaay too Obvious!) * It’s time for Biden to halt ‘what looks like a COVID-19 cover-up’ * VIDEO: Pastor: Churches can help rebuild trust, play major role in vaccinations (The 501c3 in action) * VIDEO: Passport For A Pint ( JAB AND DRINK CRAZY WORLD )


House Democrats: Free Border Crossers into U.S. to Stop Coronavirus Spread in Foreign Countries * VIDEO: Democrat Impeachment Lead Jamie Raskin Violates Coronavirus Restrictions, Appears on House Floor without Mask * VIDEO: “COVID-19 does not exist. The coronavirus has never been scientifically isolated” * Peer-reviewed study: Ivermectin cuts COVID infections, deaths by 75% * VIDEO: CPAC crowd boos when being told to follow mask rules (A lot more people are aware of this farce than they care to admit – Notice the 2 on stage HAVE NO MASK) * Amazing: UK health authorities announce not a single case of flu detected this year * Study shows no COVID spread from school sports (2 reasons they said this: #1 Covid is just a common cold – #2 They need the money they make with sports) * Coronavirus: Washington High School Band Uses Individual Tents to Practice * ‘Everyone Agreed’ on Vaccine Passports, Says Merkel at EU Coronavirus Summit (All this for a “virus” that has a 99.7% survival rate) 

Rand Paul: Democrat $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill ‘a Big Mistake’ — ‘Not the Time to Put the Country Further into Debt’ (All $ort$ of way$ to u$e Covid to their advantage) * VIDEO: John Kennedy on Democrat COVID Bill: ‘This Isn’t a Coronavirus Bill — This Is a Left of Lenin, Neosocialist Wish List’ * Britain Leads the World: Harshest Lockdown in West, But Significant Death Rates (More and more proof – lockdowns kill – and they can (and will) blame Covid) * India’s Coronavirus Caseload Plunge Continues (They admit the rate is 1.34% knowing a pandmeic needs to be 7.0% to be valid) * COVID was ‘best thing ever’ for Biden’s campaign, aide admits (Hence the term PLANdemic) * Meghan McCain savages Fauci, calls for new leader who can ‘understand science’ * Long-term isolation, like a COVID lockdown, is as bad for you as smoking 15 cigarettes a day * Horowitz: Large Wisconsin study shows almost zero virus transmission from youth sports * VIDEO: (old news) they have been giving children flu shots even after parents said DON’T DO IT! * VIDEO: ‘Less than 1%’ of COVID package is going to vaccines, says Sen. Marshall (If they can make money – you will be wearing the mask) * Gretchen Whitmer Requires Masks in Michigan Smoking Lounges ‘at All Times’ (So the people with the weakest lungs can now weaken them even more?) * NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: Wear Two Masks Until June * VIDEO: State senator forced to sit in humiliating ‘box’ for refusing to wear a mask * VIDEO: Now They Want You To Wear Smart Masks

VIDEO: Cats And Dogs NONSENSE! * VIDEO: Coronavirus: Victoria records no cases as protesters march * VIDEO: Scalise: Coronavirus Bill a ‘National Disgrace’ Being Pushed by Far Left — ‘Nothing to Do with COVID’ * 25 Hedge Fund Managers Made $32 Billion in Pandemic * Report: Maskless Super Bowl Revelry Did Not Lead to Coronavirus Outbreak * VIDEO: Psaki Dodges Questions on Cuomo’s Leadership Amid Nursing Home Deaths Investigation * STUDY: Fan Attendance at NFL-NCAA Games Did Not Increase Coronavirus Spread * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGE: Biden’s COVID policy, politically, ‘is economic policy’

Biden admin. struggles to explain why Fla., Calif. have similar COVID-19 numbers despite opposite responses COVID Victim’s Sons Slam Cuomo for Consistently Lying, Mishandling Nursing Home Scandal * CDC: ‘Flu Activity Is Unusually Low’ this Year, 165 Flu-Associated Hospitalizations in Last 4 Months (But again, the mainstream media will ignore this and the Govt will keep destroying the economy)  * SDA Oakwood University is Seeking $100,000 to $250,000 a Year in State Money to Run Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics for the Government * Vatican Threatens to Fire Employees Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine * Senate GOP: Biden Amnesty Floods U.S. Workforce During Coronavirus Crisis * Pastor jailed for holding church services amid pandemic restrictions * Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth: ‘I Am Seeing Signposts on the Road to Auschwitz’ 

Fauci, who praised N.Y. for ‘correctly’ responding to COVID, says he ‘can’t’ comment on Cuomo scandal VIDEO: They call it contact tracing – but we know Covid 19 is fake – They will use it to track weak Christians * Health officials say the coronavirus will likely become endemic in the next several years. What does that mean? * VIDEO: Morrisons Want Exempt To WEAR YELLOW STICKER (Remember the yellow stars Hitler used?) * VIDEO: Do As We Say Or Else!

BOMBSHELL PROOF! VIDEO: Hot mic at White House Press Briefing – Covid is a normal flu! Pollak: Joe Biden’s School Policy Exposes His Fraud on ‘Science’ * VIDEO: DeSantis: ‘No Basis in Reality’ for Coronavirus Domestic Travel Ban; Joe Biden Is a ‘Lockdowner’ * ANOTHER Mayor who traveled after telling you to stay home claims trip was ethical * Blackout of Cuomo nursing-home cover-up scandal during MSNBC, CNN primetime * CDC recommends putting panty hose over your face along with mask (They are literally trying to kill sick people – Hitler would be proud!) * CDC makes decision on negative-coronavirus test before you fly (No need – FOR NOW) * Pope seeks ‘Copernican revolution’ for post-COVID economy * Why Vaccine Passports Are ‘Inevitable,’ Explained By Tony Blair

 Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate * VIDEO: Rubio: Biden Administration Proposal to Limit Florida Travel ‘Clearly Unconstitutional’ — ‘They’re Trying to Punish Florida’ (the LOCKDOWNS proved to make people sick) * DISHONEST NY Times Pretends All Anti-Vaxxers Are ‘Far-Right’ * Study finds CDC inflated COVID numbers by 1,600% * Gov. Cuomo aide reveals N.Y. state withheld nursing home COVID-19 death data * Social Distancing, Masks Could Be Enforced Till End of Year: Report * Paying the Price for Lockdown: UK Economy Suffers Biggest Drop in 300+ Years * CDC: Wear Masks ‘Anytime You Are Indoors or Outdoors with People You Don’t Live With’ * UC Berkeley Institutes Police-Enforced Lockdowns, Bans Outdoor Exercise (Banning outdoor exercise confirms it’s NOT about Covid) * Michigan Pushes Contradictory Mask Rules for Winter Sports Return * UK COVID police state: Draconian requirements, 10 years in prison if caught avoiding the law * Biden mulls domestic travel restrictions despite improving COVID backdrop

 VIDEO: Carlson: Media Rollout for Vaccine ‘Came off Like a Diet Pepsi Commercial at the Super Bowl’ — ‘Tons of Celebrity Endorsements, Not a Lot of Science’ * Lockdown Europe Style: Prostitutes Return to Work, Bars Kept Closed * Tampa Mayor Jane Castor Labeled a Hypocrite Over Super Bowl Mask Claims * Another California official gets caught tossing a party while everyone else is forced to lockdown * Sole American member of WHO panel probing COVID origin: Don’t trust U.S. intel * Dems announce taxpayer funding for COVID-19 funerals, including for illegal aliens (The family will be tempted to put “Covid 19” in the death certificate to get a free funeral so as to boost the numbers even more) * Texas sheriff says President Biden is releasing ‘thousands’ of illegal aliens into the US without COVID-19 tests * VIDEO: Here Comes The JAB PERSUADERS * Attorney-General: Forcing teacher to vaccinate can be made legal * Greece Announces Vaccine Passport ‘Trial Run’ System With Israel * Goal posts moved again: Biden’s COVID-19 team thinks    US may not achieve ‘herd immunity’ by Thanksgiving — or even later

The pandemic could continue for seven years under current vaccination rate (Just another lame excuse to maintain control over the people) * VIDEO: The Face Mask Confusion * VIDEO: The Mask Question * VIDEO: Florida grocery store bucks mask mandate; owner says Covid death toll is ‘hogwash‘ * VIDEO: Masks are killing you – Take them off now – Doctor * Most Catholic Schools remained open all along – they used the PLANdemic to lure non-Catholic students in * Iowa’s governor lifts statewide COVID mandates, encourages personal responsibility: No more mandatory masks, social distancing, or gathering restrictions * USING CORONA VIRUS HYPE TO ROME’S MOB COMPLIANCE ADVANTAGE: Kevin Durant Pulled from Nets Game Due to Contact-Tracing * TSA says mask violators could get hit with fines of $1500 or more

VIDEO: Is There A Flu Shot / COVID Link? – Questions For Corbett * Biden’s Release of COVID-Untested Migrants ‘Unconscionable,’ Says Texas Democrat Senator (Notice how the fakery ends when new voters are needed?) * Wisconsin Republicans Plan to Repeal Democrat Governor’s State Mask Mandate * REPORT: Texas Sends 10K COVID Tests to Border as Biden Releases Untested Migrants * CDC Director: ‘We Can Re-Open Schools Safely, Even if all of the Teachers Are Not Vaccinated’ * Peruvian court rules Bill Gates, George Soros criminally liable for ‘creating’ pandemic * Cuomo says indoor dining can resume despite COVID being worse than when he banned it * Lockdown states suffer more COVID deaths on average * VIDEO: Jill Biden: We Owe It to Our Dogs to Keep Wearing Masks (Yet she has no mask on next to her dogs) * Establishment Media Attack Kristi Noem for Prioritizing ‘Personal Freedom’ in Coronavirus Response * Report: Joe Biden May Mail Millions of Masks to Americans (“Return to Sender” will make a huuuge statement) * Denmark to Introduce World’s First Corona Vaccine Passport: Report * UK Chancellor ‘Concerned’ by Health Technocrats ‘Moving the Goalposts’ to Keep Lockdown * Hong Kong cops threaten to ‘kick door down’ for anyone who doesn’t open for COVID test * UK Working on ‘Vaccine Passport’ for Britons to Holiday Overseas (Just as the war on terror was a hoax to remove freedoms – so is Covid 19) 

 VIDEO: Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews defy Israel restrictions for rabbi’s funeral * VIDEO: How to End the Fed, CDC Faked 1600% C19 Deaths, Election Fraud 2020UPDATE, Flu is MISSING USA! * BUSTED: CDC Inflated COVID Numbers, Accused of Violating Federal Law – Government Manipulation Revealed* VIDEO: Why Has the Flu Disappeared? * New York State Senate Democrats Block Subpoena for Nursing Home Fatality Data * Tokyo Organizers: ‘We Will Hold the Games’ Regardless of Pandemic (Cash stronger than Covid?) * BUSTED: New evidence ties COVID-19 creation to research funded by Fauci * CDC: Teachers do not need to be vaccinated in order to safely reopen schools * CDC: Mask Order Will Be ‘Further Enforced’ by ‘Federal Authorities’ * Federal mask cops targeting bareface Americans (Roman Catholic Emperor Hitler would be proud) * Will lockdowns never end? Top Biden adviser issues alarming COVID warning

VIDEO: There is ‘no epidemiological justification’ for lockdowns * Dr. Anthony Fauci: No Data Showing Double Masking Works * Horowitz: Norwegian study shows very little transmission in school without masks, as suicide crisis intensifies * Top infectious diseases expert says double masking may actually increase COVID infection: ‘May do more harm‘ * Congressman tests positive for COVID-19 after receiving both doses of Pfizer vaccine * VIDEO: Gretchen Whitmer’s Coronavirus Cops Target Detroit Eateries After Charitable Viral Video * COVID chaos: The battle for the American mind * VIDEO: CDC mandates masks be worn on planes, public transportation starting next week * Tony Blair: ‘Inevitable’ global vaccine passports should be implemented now * VIDEOS: UK Police Harass And Arrest People For Going To Work, Shops * An Idaho woman said she had no choice but to wear a burka ‘like a Muslim’ so she could avoid a mask mandate * Atlanta Man Pistol-Whipped by a Store Employee for Not Wearing a Mask


VIDEO: CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths (They revealed 94% of all deaths did NOT die of Covid) * Tanzanian President Promotes Steam to Fight Coronavirus, Warns ‘Vaccines Are Not Good’ * VIDEO: FNC’s Dean: Cuomo Needs to Be Subpoenaed on Nursing Homes, Might Need Federal Probe on Other States * Joe Biden Ditches Mask Precedent in the Oval Office (He can – we can’t?) * Biden Administration ‘Actively Looking’ at COVID-19 Test Mandate for Domestic Air Travel * Domestic violence calls in the UK soar during lockdown (All part of their plan) * Conservative MP calls for GPS tracking of Brits to ensure COVID compliance * Just 1 cost of lockdowns: A million cases of cancer undiagnosed * Doctor tells NBC Americans should consider wearing FOUR face masks

Rep. Jim Jordan Calls Out Press Secretary ‘Double Standard’ on Masks * Biden Administration Officials Susan Rice, Jen Psaki Go Maskless During Press Briefing * COVID hypocrites in high places * Florida school teachers reportedly caught partying, traveling while remotely ‘working’ — when confronted, they complained the district was spying on them * Teachers’ Unions ‘Keep Moving Goalposts’ on Criteria for Reopening Schools * Dubai: Restaurants Offer Discounts for Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine * Argentine Senator Defends Quarantines: ‘You Have Rights, But Not in a Pandemic’ (Problem is, there is no pandemic) * 131 Arrested on ‘Calmer’ Night of Dutch Coronavirus Curfew * Conservative MP Calls for GPS Tracking of Quarantined Britons * Ontario Authorities Patrol Costco, Walmart to Enforce Masking, Distancing * Rand Paul’s disturbing face-mask prediction * Supreme Court rejects church, refuses to further ease COVID caps * NY health officials threaten residents with involuntary COVID quarantine if they don’t self-quarantine * Covid: Australian anti-lockdown suspect’s arrest draws controversy * VIDEO: UK bill allowing for child spies is ‘really quite Orwellian’ (Hitler would be proud)

VIDEO: CBS caught broadcasting ‘fake news on the coronavirus’ * VIDEO: DO NOT PAY ANY LOCKDOWN or FACEMASK FINES until after you have watched this video * VIDEO: Government admit they put covid-19 on every death certificate (Surveillance statistics?) * Gretchen Whitmer: ‘Can’t Stand People That Have One Rule for Others, Different One for Themselves’ (Wait! What?!) * U.S. doctor: Manipulating bat-based coronaviruses is easy * The New York Times argues with itself about coronavirus * CNN celebrates new sheriff in town by hypocritically deleting its COVID death ticker (Yet another proof it’s ALL been political theater) * Report: Dr. Fauci is highest-paid employee in the federal government — even higher than the president (Hence the narrative) * Go to the Supermarket’: COVID Cops Threaten Families With Fines for Buying Farm Stand Milk (Supermarket milk has Pharmaceuticals – Farm stands don’t) * Virus-Battered Israel to Close Airport, Vaccinate Teens * Macron Govt Threatens Third Lockdown If 6 PM Curfew Unsuccessful * VIDEO: Germany opens jails for those who refuse to quarantine (This is where we all knew it was headed) * Bishop Strong-Arms Parishioners

Gretchen Whitmer Eases Michigan Restaurant Restrictions Two Days After Joe Biden Inauguration (Blatant proof lives and businesses were destroyed for political reasons) * D.C. Mayor Urges Celebration of Restaurant Week After Lockdown Shutters More than 70 Eateries (Echo of my last comment) * VIDEO: Nolte: Biden’s Already Betrayed His Own Mask Mandate and the Troops * Biden Family Violates Mask Mandate for Photo Op at Lincoln Memorial * VIDEO: 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says * Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been double-counted, officials admit * The Coronavirus Hoax By Psaki tries to defend photos of Biden maskless at Lincoln Memorial * Now WHO admits ‘gold standard’ COVID test is unreliable (How CONvenient eh?) * VIDEO: Fox News asks why Biden wasn’t wearing mask ‘at all times‘ (She doesn’t answer the question) 

VIDEO: Glaring inequality at funeral shows ‘we are not all in it together’ (The cops only force those they don’t fear) *  Gretchen Whitmer Travels to D.C. for Inauguration After Discouraging Residents from Leaving Michigan * Teachers-union head demands schools remain closed, but sends her kid to open private school * Lockdowns cause 10 times more harm than good, says peer-reviewed study * Plurality of Brits Support Govt Phone Surveillance to Enforce Lockdown: Poll * 20 COVID Cops Invade Flat over Report of ‘Party’, Only to Find Three People

VIDEO: Dr. Carrie Madej – Human 2.0 A Wake Up Call To The World * The Only Pandemic in America Is That of Unbridled Fear and a Total Lack of Intelligent Thought * The Coronavirus Is Not Causing Deaths- – Weak Immune Systems Are * Leaders Of Western Nations Misled Over Quarantine/Social Distancing * Lockdowns cause 10 times more harm than good, says peer-reviewed study * Woman Arrested for Sharing Video of ‘Empty’ Hospital in England * VIDEO: Virtually empty D.C.-area hospital captured on video as government, media, perpetuate COVID surge myths * Most U.S. Hospitals Are Empty. Soon They Might Be Closed for Good * Remember this VIDEO? Are we being fooled? Empty Hospitals * Greece Extends Lockdown Indefinitely * Covid-19 Certification/passport – MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT COMMERCIAL AGREEMENT * The Common Pass Project * Coronavirus vaccine can be made mandatory, Brazil’s Supreme Court rules * COVID enforcers harass women for driving 5 miles to exercise * N.Y. Times pushes idea of wearing 2 masks at once to combat COVID (Me thinks they’re testing to see how easily the sheeple will bow) * Germany to put COVID rule-breakers in ‘detention camp‘ (This is exactly what Hitler did using “pandemic fears“) * Airline adds hundreds to no-fly list over mask violations * The New CDC Director Just Issued This Very Dark COVID Warning (Ask your friends that work in the EMPTY hospitals what they see

 VIDEO: Doctor spills the beans * VIDEO: ER Doctors Reveal Disturbing COVID Truths Media Won’t Tell You (Old news in a new light) *