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Updates 05-06-20

Alex Jones is a Jesuit Coadjutor. He preaches FEAR to keep the people clamoring to Roman churches and even their Vatican controlled politicians for help. He also preaches the government is very evil to give people a false sense of security thinking "someone" is out there fighting for them. The government knows what they're doing will upset the people. This is why there are over 600 prison camps on US soil right now. But, in order to buy time, they hire Jones to calm the masses. How does this work? Think about it. You watch the NEws and you get upset at all the crazy laws as well as police brutality. Eventually you get so angry you act out. However, if there is someone out there exposing the government, then you think all is well because you have someone like Alex Jones in your corner. But think about this for a minute. Besides all the proof (below) that he is a Jesuit coadjutor, when was the last time anyone survived that had evidence against the government? That's right, if you have gobs of evidence like Jones purports to have, you either end up dead or in jail.

Also keep this in mind. Alex has filmed himself many times coming into government offices with cameras and a megaphone yelling about how evil the government is. He literally speaks crazy enough to get people to want to riot, yet not one time is he tazered, knocked to the floor, or tackled by police! If any of us tried that we would be in deep trouble!

The other toss of the coin?

Big government can be evil, yes, however Jones is working hand in hand with the government to "expose" them so the people will eventually say "Enough! We want RELIGIOUS politicians!" This is the only way they will be able to move the people into accepting the "so called" religious leaders. Especially those Sunday preachers with 501C3 that now have power to lobby laws. This fear and desire to "do the right thing" is needed if they are to be able to get religious laws like SUNDAY LAWS passed just as prophecy predicted. Alex Jones is working directly with the Jesuits of Rome to generate massive fear in the people so they will look to their Jesuit controlled leaders for more laws to control them or as the politicians sell it, to "protect" them. Do some research and you will find that Alex Jones has made MANY predictions that never came true. He acts as if his sources are 100% accurate, but upwards of 70% are mere lies and rumors. He has often been caught on camera (see below) lying to the people. He wields these lies to keep the people interested, and for some reason no one seems to care when what he says will happen never does. The only thing he is good at is instilling FEAR in the hearts of the people. This is exactly what they need to do to keep the people controlled. PLUS, the perk to all this is, Satan knows he was able to use fear on Christians just like he did when he got the apostle Peter to sink in the water 2000 years ago. Those pushing the fear are the most fearful people out there. They fear our God and what He is able to do through His people, so they pump fear out there to try and get us to look at all their smoke and mirrors like Peter did the wind and the waves. They know if they can get real Christians to fear, their prayers won't be as effective, and the agenda of the beast in Rome will be met.

I had a video posted here wereJones was graphically exposed on his own show threatening a caller. He literally asks the guy to meet him at his next appearance so he can beat him up! But not long after that video was aired, it suddenly fell off of YouTube. However... I was able to find it posted again. Here it is...

This man is not a Christian, even though he says he is. James 1:26 bluntly says is a man cannot bridle his tongue his religion is vain! Every time someone tries to expose the Vatican on his radio show he gets VERY violent and protects it like it's his god, and he always uses 4 letter words true Christians would never use! Jesus clearly said in Matthew 7:20, "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."

Is this a sane man? Do well balanced Christians act like this? Notice the following videos...

Keep in mind, when I was originally emailed about Alex Jones years ago, I only scanned YouTube for about 10 mins to get this much information on him. Over the years I found much more. Again, if any of you want your research on this man posted where loved ones that are being conned into trusting this guy can be warned, contact this ministry, and after checking out what you have to share I will post it on this page for all to see.

I've known of this man for years. Judging by his skyrocketing popularity, it has become plain this guys rise to fame has been funded by big government under direct orders of Rome. Truth is, Jones got his start on January 1, 2000. He used the Y2K crisis to catapult himself into the public eye. He did a broadcast when the date changed  from 12/31/1999 to 01/01/09 and scared the daylights out of millions of people! He was telling bold faced lies about planes falling from the sky, Nuclear power plants melting down, riots and anarchy in major cites, ICBM's launching nukes, etc. NONE of it was true of course, but that launched his career. Imagine that! He got his start by telling bold faced lies! Truth is, he is still lying to generate a following. His videos and webpages about FEMA coffins being stored for a government takeover have been debunked. (as you saw above) Still many people trust this guy. They do so simply because they don't know the real truth. Another amazing thing about Alex Jones' radio show is he allows anyone to call in that has information only based on rumors to be broadcasted as truth! When these people are asked for their names or sources they always refuse as if to protect themsleves. I personally caught Jones in a couple lies years ago wherein he predicted certain events by actual "dates" and when these days came and went without events occuring as he predcited, like many other false prophets online, he pulled the pages that predicted such events. Plus, when I posted questions on his website forum asking why certain things didn't occur as he predicted, my commente were erased.

Jones is being used by Rome just like the Jesuits were used when they came up with their false theories of a 7 year tribulation, Antichrist and the so called secret rapture to scare people back into the Catholic pews! Martin Luther's inspired work caused them much grief in Rome because the Word of God was shown to back up the Truth he preached about Rome! That truth moved many out of Rome. So they used lies to scare them back just like Jones and others do today.

By the way, there was a man that recorded all of Alex Jones' lies to tape back when he got his start during the so called "Y2K crisis." He used what he recorded to expose the man in such a way that angered Alex like never before. Is this why that man died in 2001? When Jesus returns those that killed him will be exposed before all mankind! So yes, we will all know soon enough. The man they killed was William Cooper. See some of his work exposing Jones here on YouTube below.

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Some time ago I received an email that I think some of you would benefit from. Below is an excerpt from that email...




If you have any information that exposes Alex Jones contact this ministry and after checking it out I will
post it on this page so you can have a permanent viable online source of proof he is working for Rome!





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