November, 2004                                     Presents of God ministry

Persecution TODAY!

This newsletter contains graphic scenes of martyrdom!

Christian greetings everyone in these last days of life on Earth. In the last few months I have been getting rather upset about the constant open hatred of the Christian by the powers that be. Upset only in a way that reflects deep sadness and joy at the same time. For these that are killed for their faith in Christ are most assuredly blessed with a peace filled life eternal. A strange comparison to the faith of those that claim they receive Heaven by killing others instead, is it not? We as Christians are blessed with peace that cannot be expressed adequately in any language. Praise the Lord!

What makes it all seem disturbing however is the USA Government has been able to prevent the media of this so called “free” land from reporting on what all the other countries seem to be able to report on. Some with tasteless glee to say the least.. Take for example the graphic pictures in the French Newspapers and Magazines that show Christians being beaten to death by Muslim mobs with sticks, stones, knives, picks, metal rods, meat hooks, machetes, and other assorted weapons. They even photographed the mobs desecrating the bodies as well!

In this first picture on the left is an older Christian gentleman that was killed by a group of Muslims for his faith in Christ. The article went on to say they stole his groceries and anything else of value on his person, and left the rest laying beside him. I scanned this in from the French magazine named, "Paris Match" that a dear friend of the ministry sends me on occasion. In fact the remaining photos you will see are all from two issues of the same magazine. This magazine, and other like it are freely available all over the world, expect here in the United States of course where we boast of freedom of speech.

On the right you see a mob chasing a Christian named Jimmy Siahae from their town. He came into town looking for work because there was none where he lived. The picture shows them with clubs, knives, long meat hooks, machetes, and other assorted weapons to use on him. Already in this picture he is showing many signs of severe wounds.

What really amazes me about this whole mess is, not only does the magazine report on this freely as if it is common place. The photographer is careful to get as many graphic details as possible here. I couldn't scan the entire page into my scanner because it was a huge two page spread that shows what looked like dozens of very angry people attacking this Christian. And the grand majority of the crowd appeared to be in their 20's.

In this picture on the left we see the same Christian man that was being chased and beaten by the mob at his moment of death. You can't see all the sharp instruments they were pummeling him with, as this too was a huge two page layout too big for my scanner. (Paris Match magazine is almost twice as big as TIME or Newsweek) If you look closely, you can see one of the mobsters has a machete at least 3 to 4 inches into this young Christians side. This young Christian man did in fact die this day for his faith in a peaceful and loving Saviour named Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for His pain is now over and only extreme happiness and eternal life is his next reality. Look closely at his face in the previous picture, for I am sure this Christian will be seen again one day. We can now see the face of a Heaven bound Christian before our Lord returns to take us home. Again, I ask, how does the photographer sleep at night? Kinda makes you wonder who actually incited the mob, and who is actually behind all these pictorials that are obviously designed to intimidate and generate fear in the hearts of Christians.

The next series of photo's on the right merely show the crowds standing proud over their kill as if he is a deer in the woods with an impressive set of antlers. They desecrate and make fun of the dead Christians for a photo op. Again, look at the crowd and you will see the grand majority, if not all, are very young people. I would think the oldest ones there were in their mid 20's.

These mobs also show that they are cowards on top of everything else. They attack with long weapons so as to make sure they are safe, "just in case" the peaceful Christian lashes out at them. The Christian never had a chance, even if he did seek to defend himself.

In this photo on the left it shows them walking on the dead bodies of our beloved brethren. A fitting and prophetic look into the end result of those that walk upon the bodies of Christ's followers as if to mock our Lord. For it is written well in Malachi 4:3 that the true believers will one day, "...tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts."

This final photo shows a young Muslim starting to cut the head of the Christian off his dead body. This new and quite repetitive increase in decapitations is by no means just a passing phase or a fluke. It is prophesied to occur in our day!

It has been estimated at this time that at least 450 Christians are killed each and every day for their faith in Christ in many countries all over the world. And it’s not just the Muslims doing it. That’s over 160,000 a year dying for Christ. What a bittersweet blessing this is! For it is a wonderful gift to give ones life for the Lord Jesus Christ. And they do so without any ill will towards others. Unlike other religions that guarantee Heaven if you do kill others.

All too often this is the case for our Christian brothers and sisters. We suffer ridicule, hatred, beatings, torture, and sometimes death all for the sake of Christ and His peaceful Truth. Praise the Lord for His strength! Praise the Lord for His ability to help His people stand strong! For this has been His way since day one. When one falls in death, three more stand in their place. The believer can never stand with the ease-loving world for a season, so as to escape fleeting afflictions if even for a lifetime. I like the way Moses put it in his day. Listen to this bittersweet Truth that describes the fate of those that would choose eternal life while still standing on a mortal world.

Hebrews 11:24-27,35-50 "By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter;  Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;  Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward.  By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible. Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection:  And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment:  They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented;  (Of whom the world was not worthy) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.  And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise:  God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect."

When Jesus takes a hold of you, the Christian cannot imagine stepping off His platform. Is not Heaven cheap enough even though we endure a lifetime of trials?

Not too long ago we heard of teenagers being beaten to death by their jailers in China simply because they claimed Christ as Lord. We hear of the constant struggle of our brethren in India, Russia, or even the Sudan. In Africa, Iran, and Iraq Christians are being killed for their faith. Just a couple summers ago 50 believers were slaughtered by Muslim jihad fighters on the Island of Halmahera. 17 more in the provincial capital of Ambon as well that month. And still 34 more that same month in another village on the island of Halmahera. Then a few months later 208 believers took refuge in their village church building, only to be slaughtered by Muslim mobs that killed everyone in their small Indonesian village. But do we hear about this via our own American news services? No we do not. When the terrorists killed those children in the school in Russia, did the US Media alert the nation the killing started directly after the captives were asked to deny Christ? And were you also aware a young girl proclaimed “Christ is risen” just before the guns and bombs went off? That proclamation no doubt fueled the anger of those that killed them.

The US Government, irregardless if it is run by a Republican or Democratic leader, won’t release these stories especially after blitzing the media with so many pro-Islamic comments proclaiming the Muslim faith to be a peaceful one. Most of the information has to come from international sources because the American “so called” Christian Government doesn’t want to stop the killings. Unless of course they have oil or some other commodity they can use to ensure their pockets are filled with cash. Seriously, look around. Are we attacking China for killing Christians and jailing hundreds of Preachers? No we aren’t. Do we attack, or at least ask India to remove their national laws putting Christians up as fair game for anyone with a desire to kill them? No we do not. Do we ask the Muslim nations to stop using mobs to kill Christians in their cities? Again, no. Am I asking to go to war with these people? No, of course not! I am merely making a point here. What prophecy declared to occur WILL occur. No way around it. All we can do is get our house ready. This is proof as far as I'm concerned that the short time of trouble has begun, and we as Christians need to get back to a faith that echoes that of apostolic times. A Christian needs not fight a war that is directed towards their God. He will fight for us as He always has. And this fight comes to an end soon, as those of us that understand prophecy are quite aware. This no doubt is the reason for the upsurge in violence towards the faithful, for Satan indeed knows his time is short! Maranatha! (Come Lord Jesus!)

2 Corinthians 4:6-12, "For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.  We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;  Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;  Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.  For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.  So then death worketh in us, but life in you."

It may be death for some of us, but when others look on, it is new found life to them. They realize that Christians are in fact the peaceful ones here. They see the forgiving eyes, they see the peaceful hearts, they see they don’t resist, even unto death. And they see they won't deny their Lord no matter what. They see they have no guns, knives or even clubs to use on their attackers. Instead the Christian chooses to use love, peace, and words that cut hearts instead of flesh. Yet, they are the ones that are tagged dangerous. It’s kinda like the emails I get on a regular basis from people with four letter words, death threats, and outrageous claims concerning my walk merely because I preach Christ Jesus and His present peace filled Truth.

In today’s society Christianity is played like a fine tuned instrument. If one calls Christ Lord, yet embraces a bevy of demonic lies and teaches others to do the same, they are called great in the kingdom of men. And where one calls themselves a believer and embraces the Law of God as a true pattern of obedience and mirror designed to help us see our filthy rags, this Christian is called a cult, a nut, or even a terrorist. Now I don’t know the lifestyle of Eric Rudolph, nor do I believe the lies of the media we now know is 100% controlled by Rome at this time. I don’t even need to know Eric Rudolph personally to know why the US Government saw fit to chase him down and create in him a national media event over a year ago. His story ran in the Boston Globe back in June of 2003 regarding the charges laid out upon him. And after his capture, I have yet to see a single mention of his case in the news for or against the claims made previously. Could it be they lied again and now they refuse to fess up to what they did to yet another innocent Christian? No clue. What I am concerned with is the new terminology that has now become prevalent in many online news sources thanks to the Boston Globe. What I am talking about is the Boston Globes claim on June 8, 2003 that Eric Rudolph was  CHRISTIAN TERRORIST. They used those exact words in their articles.

Of course the term "Christian Terrorist" is one that was inevitable. This ministry as well as numerous other ministries have been warning Christians for years that the Governments of this world would eventually consider Christians to be terrorists. And by the way, that’s TRUE Christians I’m talking about here. Not the fake ones that give lip service unto the Lord and then walk and act as does the World.

Now "Eric Rudolph" may or may not be guilty of such crimes. I am not sure either way. This make no difference at this time. My point is... they are now starting to mention Christianity and terrorism in the same breath FOR A REASON! This is of course regardless of the fact that the true Bible believing Christian is a peaceful Christ-like character. They have God's Word on that! However, most non-Christian faiths look at Christians as being evil and hateful thanks to Rome claiming to be Christian herself. Her mass murders and tortures over the years was perfectly designed by Satan to fuel the fires we see burning today. I blame the Roman Catholic church 100% for all the hatred brought out on Christians today! For if the Christian was allowed to be portrayed in their true light, they would be known as the peaceful people they truly are! Instead, Rome called herself Christian while burning millions at the stake!

The Government controlled media needs to start this Anti-Christian rhetoric so as to assure their desires are possible in the near future. And what are their desires? TO SHUT US UP! They know we have no weapons, they know we have no troops, they no we pose no threat to their physical bodies whatsoever. But the TRUTH we preach threatens Satan and his final agenda. So since he controls the powers that be already, he angers them against us using ingenious methods that seem right unto the man, but in the end is his destruction! They tag our Gospel preaching to be HATE SPEECH and thereby illegal!

UN's ICC Outlaws "Hate Speech"

The United Nations' International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, seated in Tanzania, convicted three Rwandan media executives for their role in causing the mass slaughter of the Tutsi tribe in 1994. What they did to cause the genocide was run radio stations sponsored by the Hutu-dominated government called "Radio Machete" and "Radio Hate." The U.N. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the Untied States is a signatory, expicitly outlaws "hate speech": "Any advocacy of national racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law." The criminalization of dissident speech and thought in race, ethnicity, nationality and religion is a basic pillar of the New World Order now taking shape under American bayonets in Iraq and across the planet. The masters of the New Order can't expect to run it harmoniously if the different races, religions and nations they manage are free to think and say what they want about each other. Therefore, freedom has to go. The power of the planet's new master-class will stay. -The Conservative Chronicle, January 14, 2004

Granted, these Rwandan DJ’s were in fact using their words to generate hatred in the hearts of their listeners, which in turn caused the deaths of many. That is a bad thing, yes. But can you see the ingenious thread of Satan tying this all together here? Now that hate speech is illegal in International law, will they be able to use it against the Christian? Count on it! In fact just nine months later they are doing exactly that! In my September 2003 Newsletter I share how Canada has now made it illegal to preach to Homosexuals about their decadent lifestyles! If you choose to ignore that law, and the homosexual you are trying to help hates you enough for doing so, his pure hatred can cause your pure loving words to appear to be HATE SPEECH, and you will get up to 5 years in jail for it! And keep in mind the U.N. is running the entire show here because soon all nations will loose their sovereignty, and the one world government will become a reality under Roman Catholic controlled U.N. rule. And does this United Nations group of men show signs of COMPLETE Roman Catholic infiltration yet? Truth is, where Rome goes people, their sinful ways will eventually become obvious. So are they in control of the UN?

U.N. accused of rape, pedophilia, prostitution

Posted: November 24, 2004 reporting
1:00 a.m. Eastern

The United Nations claims it is investigating about 150 allegations of sexual abuse by U.N. civilian staff and soldiers in the Congo, some of them recorded on videotape.

The charges include accusations of pedophilia, rape and prostitution, said Jane Holl Lute, an assistant secretary-general in the peacekeeping department. Lute, an American, said there was photographic and video evidence for some of the allegations and most of the charges came to light since the spring. In May the United Nations reported some 30 cases of abuse among peacekeepers in the northeastern town of Bunia, where half of the more than 10,000 soldiers are stationed.

…It's hardly the first scandal involving U.N. workers and troops in Africa. Former United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali's tenure was marked by scandalous charges that he played a leading role in supplying weapons to the Hutu regime that carried out a campaign of genocide against the Tutsi tribe in 1994.

As minister of foreign affairs in Egypt, Boutros-Ghali facilitated an arms deal in 1990, which was to result in $26 million of mortar bombs, rocket launchers, grenades and ammunition being flown from Cairo to Rwanda. The arms were used by Hutus in attacks which led to up to a million deaths. The role of Boutros-Ghali, who was in charge at the U.N. when it turned its back on the killings in 1994, was revealed in a book by Linda Melvern. In "A People Betrayed: The Role of the West in Rwanda's Genocide," Boutros-Ghali admits his role in approving an initial $5.8 million arms deal in 1990, which led to Egypt supplying arms to Rwanda until 1992. He says he approved it because it was his job as foreign minister to sell weapons for Egypt.

Back in 1997, there were reports Belgian U.N. troops roasted a Somali boy. A military court reportedly sentenced two paratroopers to a month in jail and a fine of 200 pounds for the offense.

Another Belgian soldier reportedly forced a young Somali to eat pork, drink salt water and then eat his own vomit. Another sergeant was accused of murdering a Somali whom he was photographed urinating upon. Another child, accused of stealing food from the paratroopers' base, died after being locked in a storage container for 48 hours. Fifteen other members of the same regiment were investigated in 1995 for "acts of sadism and torture" against Somali civilians.

The pattern of abuse was not confined to Belgian troops. Belgium was actually the third country in the peacekeeping group to charge troops with serious crimes against Somali citizens -- including rape, torture and murder. In 1995, a group of Canadian paratroopers were investigated for torturing a Somali to death and killing three others.

Gruesome photos were published in a Milan magazine of Italian soldiers torturing a Somali youth and abusing and raping a Somali girl. Paratroopers claim they were specifically trained in methods of torture to aid interrogation. According to one witness, Italian soldiers tied a young Somali girl to the front of an armored personnel carrier and raped her while officers looked on.

Few other news agencies – especially in the United States – have devoted any coverage to these atrocities. The Village Voice was one notable exception.

The South China Morning Post published an AFP report about an Italian battalion commander who sexually abused and strangled a 13-year-old Somali boy. There are also allegations that, in 1993, Italian soldiers beat seven suspected Somali thieves, killing one; that they beat to death a 14-year-old boy who sold a false medal and beat a couple in a car.

To view the entire article, visit

Isn’t this something? We now have an obviously Roman Catholic infiltrated form of GLOBAL government about to take over the world, and they are already committing horrendous acts as if they are being tutored by the Vatican itself. Did you catch that one insane act? They actually roasted a young boy!? Only a mind that sees absolute enjoyment in the pain of others would even think of doing such a thing. This reminds me of what you read in Foxes Book of Martyrs and how the Roman Catholic church slowly roasted people alive! And this is occurring on the eve of this entity’s global rule? This I am sad to say is no mistake!

And by the way, the sudden surge of headless bodies popping up all over the place is no mistake either. I go into far more detail on this of course on my “Guillotines in America” page on the site.  This too is no mistake! This method of killing is being played out in videos, newspapers, passed as law in the states, and now we see it as the end result of young people merely seeking to protest unjust laws…

French 'decapitated' protestors
21/11/2004 13:42  - (SA)

Paris - Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo said on Saturday he believed reports were true that French troops had decapitated local demonstrators during anti-French riots in the West African state this month. "I wasn't in the hospitals myself but everyone who went there said so: you may take it that the evidence provided by several people is true," he responded online from Abidjan to a website discussion in Paris.

Asked by AFP, French army information services in Paris would say only: "We have no comment to make on this kind of statement." Cardinal Bernard Agre, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Abidjan, first made the decapitation charge, saying November 11 on Radio Vatican: "I have just come from the hospitals. It's unbearable, these young people decapitated by the French army." people had been killed and some 1 300 injured "by the murderous bullets of French soldiers."

Now odds are these young people weren’t killed for their Christian faith, but the point I want to make clear is Revelation plainly states that in the last days the children of God will be getting their heads cut off by Rome and her friends. This constant repetitive occurrence of decapitating people is designed to create a morbid acceptance by the already conditioned sheeple of the world. The guillotine is now becoming an accepted method of killing the world over. And where a guillotine is not available, a sharp or dull blade will suffice. Does anyone recall the Adventist missionary Lance Gersbach who was decapitated over a so called “land dispute” back in May of 2003? This is happening a lot more often then most want to admit.

Christians are now depicted in the media as well as Hollywood as strange, hateful, dangerous, terrorists, and now according to the New York Times, VENGEFUL MOBS!

Christians as "Vengeful Mob."

[NYTimes Columnist Maureen Dowd, wrote in her Sunday, November 14 column, "Slapping the Other Cheek"]: "You'd think the one good thing about merging church and state would be that politics would be suffused with glistening Christian sentiments like 'love thy neighbor,' 'turn the other cheek,' 'good will toward men,' 'blessed be the peacemakers' and 'judge not lest you be judged.' Yet somehow I'm not getting a peace, charity, tolerance and forgiveness vibe from the conservatives and evangelicals who claim to have put their prodigal son back in office. I'm getting more the feel of a vengeful mob -- revved up by rectitude -- running around with torches and hatchets after heathens and pagans and infidels.", November 16, 2004

It's ingenious how Satan will twist things around isn't it? What this reporter is describing are NOT Christians by any stretch of the imagination. History has proved it is the Pagans, and Infidels that are mobbing the Christians. At least that’s what the photo’s depict in the start of this Newsletter. Ellen G. White put it ever so plainly when she said, 

"The forms of religion will be continued by a people from whom the Spirit of God has been finally withdrawn; and the satanic zeal with which the prince of evil will inspire them for the accomplishment of his malignant designs, will bear the semblance of zeal for God. .... Romanism in the Old World and apostate Protestantism in the New will pursue a similar course toward those who honor all the divine precepts."  The Great Controversy, p. 615

What used to be a Roman problem has already become a Protestant problem. For those of us that frequent the Newsgroups, and online chat rooms, or even partake in street preaching know, Protestants are now using the same exact hate filled methods that Catholics have been taught to use over the years to try and stop the message we as “peculiar” Christians preach regarding the 4 angels of Revelation 14 & 18. Just the other day I received a mass email proclaiming we the “Remnant of God” people (that’s how they put it) as a bunch of lo-lifes and judiazers for proclaiming the Law of God as binding upon Christ’s followers. The email was actually directed towards a dear sister and friend of this ministry. They hated her faith so much that they saw fit to attack her, and me as well for my teachings in a mass email so as to show their disgust for the message of Jesus Christ that we both claim as Truth. It's become quite amazing to me lately how a peaceful and loving religion such as Christ's Truth generates such intense hatred in people. Especially from those that claim Christ as Lord!

Satan has come up with an ingenious plan to “try” and close the mouth of the Christians in the more civilized nations now as well. He is using the Homosexual souls he has completely possessed with the most vulgar and unnatural lifestyle on record to further his hatefilled agenda towards God’s people. We are already aware of the laws in Canada that is showing signs of being mimicked in California as we sepak. But were you aware it's happening all across the globe as well now?

Pastor gets prison for sermon
Sentenced to month in jail for offending homosexuals
Posted: July 8, 2004 1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2004

A Swedish court has sentenced Ake Green, a pastor belonging to the Pentecostal movement, to a month in prison, under a law against incitement, after he was found guilty of having offended homosexuals in a sermon, according to Ecumenical News International. Green had described homosexuality as "abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society" in a 2003 sermon. Soren Andersson, the president of the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights, said on hearing Green's jail sentence that religious freedom could never be used as a reason to offend people.

It's illegal in Canada to preach to Homosexuals, it's about to be illegal in the USA, it's now illegal in Sweden, and it's illegal in many other countries now as well. The strange thing here is, Homosexuals are a very small minority. Yet, they are the most vocal, and thanks to Rome's Homosexual Agenda, they have a very powerful political voice. Rome backs them 100%. Rome needs to have the Christians shut up about this sin so their child molestation lawsuits dwindle down, and they will do anything to ensure that end! So expect this beast to "speak and cause" (Rev. 13:15) a bevy of strange laws in this area of decadence as well as others! It's an absolute must if this prophesied Homosexual entity in Rome is to have its one world government. And it’s also a necessity to ensure many Christians find themselves at the business end of a guillotine.

It was prophesied that Roman Catholic leaders  would be Homosexual.
Daniel 11:37, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

Common knowledge at this point is that the Vatican is known to be the largest organized group of men that "have no desire for women" on earth. Even their doctrines of demons declare no priest can marry a woman! Want MORE proof all prophecies point to Rome? If so, click here

For Immediate Release  11/15/04

PHILADELPHIA - A preliminary hearing has been set for December 14 in Philadelphia City Court to determine probable cause for charges against eleven Christians arrested for alleged “hate crimes” while exercising their First Amendment rights at Philadelphia’s “Outfest” on October 10. The charges brought against Repent America’s Michael Marcavage and ten others during the homosexual “coming out” event consist of three felonies and five misdemeanors, which could result in up to 47 years in jail.

“Outfest” is an annual block party sponsored by Philly Pride Presents, Inc. to celebrate so-called “National Coming Out Day,” a celebration of homosexuality. A 15-block downtown area was designated for the event; however, there is no cost for admission and thus no separation between Outfest participants and the general public walking on the same public streets. Prior to the event, Marcavage, director of Repent America, was denied his application to have a display booth at Outfest, in order that he might proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to deliver homosexuals from their lifestyle. Because of the public venue, guaranteeing First Amendment rights, Marcavage and his group attended in order to open-air preach, hand out tracts, and carry signs with Scripture and the Gospel message.

They were met by the “Pink Angels”, an organization founded by attorney Chuck Volz, senior advisor to Philly Pride Presents, who had stated in a pre-event interview that their group would carry large signs to block Christians’ access to Outfest participants. A group of the “Pink Angels” locked arms to create a human wall to blockade the public sidewalk and prevent the Christians from proceeding.

The Philadelphia Civil Affairs Police Captain, William Fisher, initially broke the blockade when requested to do so by Marcavage, and confirmed that they had freedom to go where they ! wanted on the public street and sidewalks. However, Fisher failed to take subsequent action when the “Pink Angels” again surrounded the Christians and began to blow whistles, scream obscenities, and hold their approximately 10-foot-high pink Styrofoam boards to obscure the Repent America workers from anyone’s view. After a complaint by an Outfest vendor, and some discussion with Marcavage about the legalities of both the “Pink Angels” and Captain Fisher’s actions, Fisher moved the Christians to a more remote location. However, the “Pink Angels” continued to surround, obstruct and shout at the Christians.

Neither City Attorney Karen Simmons nor Chief Inspector of the Civil Affairs Division, James Tiano, would deal with the boisterous behavior of the “Pink Angels” nor would specify what laws, if any, Repent America workers were breaking. However, when Marcavage and his group attempted to walk to another area, Chief Tiano unexpectedly placed all eleven Christians under arrest.

The Christians, including a juvenile, were held from 1:30 Sunday afternoon until Monday morning, with a sixty-seven-year-old woman not released until ten days later. They were charged with three Felonies: Criminal Conspiracy, Ethnic Intimidation, which falls under “Hate Crimes”, and Riot; as well as five Misdemeanors: Reckless Endangerment, Possession of Instruments of Crime, Failure to Disperse, Disorderly Conduct, and Obstructing Highways. None of the “Pink Angels” were cited or arrested.

Only days prior to the arrests, the American Family Association’s Center for Policy and Law (CLP) had filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court (Marcavage vs. City of Philadelphia), claiming the City of Philadelphia exhibits a “policy, practice and custom” of denying Marcavage’s First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights by continually harassing, intimidating, threatening, and arresting him for his street ministry. CLP attorneys are currently gathering facts and deciding on a strategy to respond to the latest charges stemming from the “Outfest” event.

The preliminary hearing will take place on December 14 at 9AM in courtroom 606 of the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center.

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Eleven Christians Arrested, Jailed, and Charged Under Hate Crimes Legislation
(sample pictures now available)

What’s amazing to me here is, the charges levied against the Christians, and the Christians ONLY were what the “Pink Angels” were actually doing in the first place! The Christians showed love, the Pink Angels showed hatred, and the loving and peaceful Christians were the ones arrested. And why not? There are no laws at this time protecting the rights of the Christian, so the weak kneed authorities go to the path of least resistance. Sure it speaks of "religion" in some laws, but as is always the case, non-Christian religions are almost always defined and protected here. Rome has made quite sure the powers that be will “speak and cause” unjust laws that will protect the decadent sinners, and at the same time vilify the peaceful Christian. And they are able do this no matter how vile and Satanic the hatred flows in those they protect…

Islamists butcher new Christian
Body of man who converted sent to family in 4 pieces

Posted: July 30, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2003

After slaughtering a Muslim-turned-Christian, Islamic extremists have reportedly returned the man's body to his Palestinian family in four pieces.

According to a report from the Barnabas Fund, the newly converted man left his friends and family earlier this month bound for a mountainous region of the Palestinian Authority area. He reportedly took Christian material with him – videos, cassette tapes and a Bible. After approximately 10 days, the body of the man, who left behind a wife and two small children, was returned to his home, having been cut into four pieces. The family believes the act was meant a warning to other Muslims who might consider becoming Christians.

The Barnabas Fund is withholding further details about the story due to concern for the safety of the family.

The organization records incidents of Christian persecution in the Holy Land and elsewhere, and works for changes in the way Islam is taught. Under Muslim sharia law, any male who leaves Islam faces the death penalty.

According to the Barnabas Fund, local Christians working to support converts from Islam report that Islamic militants in the Palestinian Authority area deliberately target converts. The terror group Hamas reportedly receives funding from Iran specifically for this purpose.

Do you suppose Christians will have to deal with those that hate them so much that they would crucify them as a mockery to our Lord? Sadly, this type of hatred has already begun as well

Damare, a small Sudanese boy was taken as a slave and forced to tend camels after his village was attacked by radical Muslims. One day Damare, who had been raised in a Christian home, snuck away from his master to attend a church service. When he returned, his Muslim master was waiting for him and accused of committing a deadly act, "meeting with infidels." The master then dragged Damare into a field where he nailed his feet and knees into a large board while the boy cried out in agony

Damare was miraculously rescued and has told The Voice of the Martyrs that just as Jesus was nailed and forgave, he forgives also. What bold faith from a simple Sudanese boy! –Voice of the Martyrs

The devil is seeking to disrupt every aspect of the Christian’s life. It may not seem to have hit close to home yet for some. But this may only be from a lack of knowledge. It may be very close by, but hidden from site at this time. Your next door neighbor. A close friend who fears to speak of it. A co-worker. A loved one. Everywhere you turn you may find a peaceful and loving Christian being ridiculed, persecuted, slandered, and yes even tortured and killed near you without you knowing. Just because we live in the USA doesn’t mean we are protected by any means. Especially now that our own Government has placed the proverbial bullseye upon all Christians. All of us know about how our Government thinks about the Christians and protects the nonbeliever, especially the violent ones. Satan is merely showing his forceful hand to try and intimidate those of us that still stand firm in Christ. No matter, for it is indeed written...

Isaiah 54:17, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD."

We have already won! The peace of Jesus confirms this even today! His prophecy is fulfilling perfectly. He is indeed risen!

Finally… It all boils down to this…

The Distracted Superpower

While the war on terrorism has domnated [U.S.] headlines, the great engine of globalization has kept moving forward. For almost every country today, its primary struggle centers on globalization issues --modernization, investment, economic growth, poverty eradication, disaese prevention, education, urbanization, the preservation of identity. On all these, America is now largely silent. Developing nations that once feard globalization are beginning to learn how to use it to their advantage. China is gaming the global capitalist system to its benefit --devoting immense resources and brainpower to its negotiations on trade, commerce and business law. Most countries and compaines see that globalization is creating enormous economic opportunites, but also new problems. "We have increasing global trade and commerce, but we still have a hodgepodge of differing standards for everything from earnings to ethics." said the charman of the board of the German company BASF. But Washington is not likely to take the lead on creating new standards or solutions. Even though the United States seeks greater cooperation in the war on terror, it has not tried to create a global system that shares information and creates common standards of security. This lack of leadership means, ultimately, a less secure world. While Washington worries about traditional problems of empire --disorder on the periphery-- there is a new globalizing world slowly taking shape, in search of leadership. -Newsweek, February 2, 2004

Any guesses as to WHO they will choose as leader?

By the way.. have you seen the PATRIOT ACT yet? If not, click here

You may also want to see this short video

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Dear POG M, If you are right, in light of the Word of God, about sunday being the mark of the beast, here is another verse in favor of it: Deut. 11:18, "Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes".  Don't take any mark(visible, or invisible), from any man, God does the marking! Eph. 1:13


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Dear Presents of God Ministry:

Thank you for blessing my life by opening my eyes to the pervasive pagan symbolism that pervades nearly every church on earth.  A person has to ask themselves,  why would a church of God display any form of pagan symbolism on their walls?  I will never be able to enter any church again without looking for signs of paganism. Thank you for blessing my life!  

God Bless You! 
Cathy of Salt Lake City, Utah

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My Dear Brother Nicholas,
Thank you so much for yur speedy reply re my questions about the 'holidays'.  I know you must be very busy doing God'd work, so I am expecially appreciative.  The cobwebs are clear on this topic for me now and they make perfect sense.  

Again, thank you, and God Bless!

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I was reading your guillotine page and that really woke me up. In the past before I even found your website on a search engine. I recieved a book in mail I believe in the early or mid ninties entittled "The National Sunday Law". That really woke me up back then and  I realised that Rome is a city founded on seven hills. Palatine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline, Caelian, and Aventine. Any way where ever we have a capitol it is called capitol hill and  so forth. The fact we use the term capitol shows how we have been tainted by Rome. The fact we have a senate stinks of rome. It is like our country was groomed to be the mirror image of the BEAST. So  yes, our country becomes and looks more like rome as years go by. Gross darkness is taking over the world and people just standing by ignoring it like everything is normal. Free mason symbols on our currency and people think nothing of it. It is like this country was doomed before  it started. Yes, I truly believe that the end is as near as the death of the now Pope John Paul II. There is a Jewish Cardinal in the Catholic Church. Jewish people in the past have tried to say certain Rabbi's were thought  the be the Messiah. The Jews are looking for a Messiah and haven't realise that Jesus has already came. They might herald the Jewish Cardinal as Messiah if he becomes Pope. Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger is the name  of the Vatican's Jewish Cardinal. Honestly tribulations is around the corner.



i would first like to say what a great newsletter =)  secondly my sister told me that 7th day adventist church is falling. i didnt believe her. but in your newsletter you had stated something like it and i had found a older newsletter that you did some articles on it.. i cant believe this. is this true? whats going on? =(


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Hi I have listen to the audio,and I would like to record these truths so that others can learn because not everyone have a computer.Ther seem to be no way that I can record these truths can you help to do this. Please let me know soon.


My fervent prayer is that you are blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter. I also pray you share it with others that are trapped in Babylon.

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