Simple Religious Exemption
No Pastor needed - this is YOUR duty
As a Bible beliving Christan I am notifying you that I am exempt from this activity based on my sincerely held religious views. God created me with an immune system and I will not alter His design. It is a sin against my God given conscience to allow unwanted intrusions into my body which is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are."












No conflict of Interest here! Move on people!

VIDEO: Vaxxed have a 990% more chance of dying

 "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." -Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister
VIDEO: 25 Questions to ask about the Pandemic

The Mask To Mark Agenda Unveiled

PROOF: Pope is Behind Covid19

"Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction." -Mahatma Gandhi

“I am no longer 'trying to dig up evidence to prove' vaccines cause autism. There is already abundant evidence....This debate is not scientific but is political” ― David Ayoub M.D.

“One of the medical profession's greatest boasts is that it eradicated smallpox through the use of the smallpox vaccine. I myself believed this claim for many years. But it simply isn't true!” ― Dr. Vernon Coleman















REMOVE Contact Tracing from iPhone

REMOVE Contact Tracing from Android Phone

ANOTHER VIDEO to remove contact tracing

PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission

“The more it (vaccination) is supported by public authorities, the more will its dangers and disadvantages be concealed or denied.” ― M. Beddow Bayly

“I am & have been for years a confirmed anti-vaccinationist. Anti-vaccination has no backing from the orthodox medical opinion. A medical man who expresses himself against vaccination loses caste. Tremendous pecuniary interests too have grown around vaccination.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“The fact is that sooner or later, Andrew Wakefield will be exonerated, his theory will be accepted, and a vaccine-autism connection will be proven.” ― F.E. Yazbak M.D. F.A.A.P
















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VIDEO: Plandemic II: Indoctornation (FULL MOVIE)

Below is a list of
blog posts I made from early March 2020 and on - along with the video links of same that explain why the powers that be have openly used their prophesied one world government to get every nation on the same page with this PLANNED-demic that will set everyone up that is needed to enforce the soon coming mark of the beast using the long expected climate change agenda.

NOTICE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic
Congressman Sponsor of Bill
Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

VIDEO: 30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won't Ask







Below articles and videos are about using Covid 19 to cultivate forced
to overwhelming proof Covid 19 is a lie - it's all political theater.

"THE MASK IS A WEAPON OF OBEDIENCE!" -Robert F. Kennedy Jr 09-23-2020



June 2024

VIDEO: This could be the biggest free speech case in our lifetime * VIDEO: Lisa Boothe eviscerates Fauci: 'You are a liar and a terrible person' * Huge victory for doctors fighting Biden censorship * Finland to receive first EU procured bird flu shots * World Health Assembly agreement reached on wide-ranging, decisive package of amendments to improve the International Health Regulations (Notice their new definition of a pandemic and how it's based on protecting "economic disruption")

In a first, AstraZeneca admits its Covid vaccine can cause rare blood clots * Juror handed huge bag of cash to say COVID-fraud suspects are innocent * Dark scheme for global pandemic takeover has infectious problem * Fauci admits he made up tyrannical COVID guidelines like child masking and social distancing * 'Extreme cash haul': Fauci scientists got $690 million from Big Pharma * VIDEO: BREAKING NEWS: Sparks Fly As Jim Jordan Ruthlessly Confronts Dr. Fauci About Lab-Leak Theory * VIDEO: 'Ideological Bulls--t': Rich McCormick Grills Fauci On Audio Of Him Discussing Vaccine Requirements * Larry Allen, a Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, Dies Suddenly at 52 * VIDEO: Fauci called out for 'thuggish' comments unearthed during House hearing * 61% of U.S. adults will have some type of cardiovascular disease by 2050, report finds * Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths

May 2024

W.H.O. Pushes to Seal Global Pandemic Treaty as Closed-Door Talks Conclude * Medical Authoritarianism: Mayo Clinic Denies Life-Saving Lung Transplant to Mother for Refusing COVID Vaccine

CNN Political Commentator, Republican Adviser Alice Stewart Dead at 58 * Bill Gates Pushes Vaccinations in Food Supply to ‘Fight Climate Change’ * Ex-CDC Director Breaks Silence on COVID Vaccine Safety * Federal Court Strikes Down Colorado University’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate as Unconstitutional * VIDEO: Ex-CDC Director Admits ‘Significant Side Effects’ of COVID Vaccines in Young Healthy People — Calls for Independent Review Similar to 9/11 Commission * Anthony Fauci’s Top Adviser Bragged About ‘How to Make Emails Disappear’ * VIDEO: Is it the Jab or the Virus? Male & Female Infertility in a Post COVID World is Very Real!

Major Western power pushing back on 'insidious plan for global control' * VIDEO: Farage Launches Campaign Against Pandemic Treaty and to ‘Take Back Control’ From the World Health Organization * 'Undermines Sovereignty’ — UK Rejects Signing W.H.O. Global Vaccine Treaty * SICK: Climate Scientist Suggests “Culling” the Human Population with a Deadly Pandemic to Solve the “Climate Crisis” * Conservative Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot (5 times!) in Public – Stood Up Against Ukraine War and WHO Global Pandemic Accord * Cardiologist reveals how much doctors got bribed to push COVID shots * Court: School's refusal for COVID-shot exemptions is 'religious animus' * VIDEO: Chris Cuomo admits publicly for first time that he's suffering from his own covid vaccine injury * VIDEO: (GRAPHIC language) EPIC Flip-Flop! Chris Cuomo Says He’s V*xx Injured! * VIDEO: BOMBSHELL: Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals Drs. Were Being BRIBED To Push Vax | Beyond the Headlines * The Department of Defense Continues to Hypocritically Deny Military Service Members Medical and Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

BREAKING: Documents Reveal US State Department Officials Knew COVID Leaked From a Wuhan Lab and CCP Covered It Up Back in July 2020 – Then They Lied to the American Public for Years! * VIDEO: Disgraced Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Now Admits Government’s Lack of Authority to Enforce Mandates Despite Acting Like a Tyrant During Pandemic: ‘It Was All Voluntary’ * World Health Organization demanding $31 billion to repeat COVID mistakes * The Lie of the Century: The Origin of COVID-19 * Chinese Scientists Engineer Mutant Ebola Virus in Controversial Experiment, Causing Severe Symptoms and Deaths in Lab Hamsters * Former Michigan Football Star Obi Ezeh, Dies Suddenly at 36 * Here We Go: Two New COVID Variants Named ‘FLiRT’ Reportedly Spreading Across the U.S. * VIDEO: Cuomo Admits Antivaxxers Were RIGHT, Shares SHOCKING Admission * ‘Little Joe,’ Beloved Saint Louis Zoo Gorilla, Dies from Heart Attack Three Years After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines * Service Members Are Waiting For Congress and Department of Defense to Acknowledge That the COVID-19 Shot Mandate Was Unlawful and Harmful * Former NBA Player Darius Morris Passes Away at 33 — Cause of Death Unknown * Pfizer Reports Young Boy Dies From Cardiac Arrest After Participating in Gene Therapy Study

BREAKING: Arizona Republican Party Declares Covid-19 Injections Biological and Technological Weapons, Passes Ban the Jab Resolution! * Catastrophic reproductive damage after COVID shots: Gov't database * Cardiologists Identify COVID-19 Vaccine as Possible Cause of Young Professional’s Heart Problem * AstraZeneca Finally Admits in Court Documents Its COVID-19 Vaccine Can Cause Rare Side Effects * Dr. Mercola: Expect an 'avalanche' of 'contagious' COVID-shot dementia

April 2024

Corruption so rampant': Billions lost in 'mammoth' COVID fraud' * VIDEO: Wesley Hunt Mocks Pelosi's Act Of Kneeling In Kente Cloth During Tear Slamming COVID-19 Restrictions

Confirmed: Researchers Reveal COVID mRNA Vaccines Contain Component that Suppresses Immune Response and Stimulates Cancer Growth * VIDEO: BUSTED! US Govt forced Twitter to CENSOR Actually FACTS regarding COVID! * Whistleblower Who Exposed A Blatant Oversight in the VA’s Policy for Veterans With Vaccine-Related Injury Goes Public * VIDEO: Biden Campaign Requires Employees to Be ‘Up to Date’ on COVID-19 Vaccines * Kyle Marisa Roth, TikTok Star Known for Celebrity Gossip, Dies at 36 * Rico Wade, Producer of Hits for Outkast and TLC, Dead at 52 * Biden administration announces new partnership with 50 countries to stifle future pandemics * DEVELOPING: New mutant strain of monkeypox with ‘pandemic potential’ has been discovered in Congo village – Health officials call for ‘urgent measures’ to contain it

Sen. Rand Paul: 15 Federal Agencies Knew in 2018 that Wuhan Lab Was Trying to Create COVID 19 – NOT ONE PERSON Came Forward and Spoke the Truth to the American Public * VIDEO: WATCH: 'Tyrants!' Shock video as military pounces on member refusing COVID shot * WHO Coming Down the Home Stretch with Invasive Testing and Vaxxing Requirements for Tourists and Others Traveling Legally Across Borders * World population predicted to fall for the first time since the Black Deat

GLOBAL WARNING: Is Mass Casualty Event Among the Vaccinated IMMINENT?  * They are trying to VACCINATE FOOD?! * How CDC handled Congress' probe of China-tied lab in California * Former Chiefs Cheerleader, 40, Dies Unexpectedly After Childbirth (baby also died) * REPORT: Former NFL Player Vontae Davis Dead at 35 * Peter Sweden: IT HAS BEGUN: Italy Investigating Covid Vaccine Death * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Dark powers are 'conquering the human mind' * Top International Virologist Issues Dire Warning: “Massive, Massive Tsunami of Death Among Highly Vaccinated…is Imminent”

March 2024

WARNING: SELF-SPREADING VACCINES ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK * Hepcat Vocalist Greg Lee Dead at 53 * VIDEO: FDA Retreats: Will Remove Anti-Ivermectin Posts for COVID-19 Treatment * Japanese Preprint Study Urges Halt on mRNA Vaccines Amid Blood Bank Contamination Fears * FDA Admits COVID Vaccine Leads to ‘Significiantly Elevated’ Risk of Seizure in Toddlers * Peter Sweden: New mRNA Side Effect: “Safe and Effective” was a LIE

CDC Finally Releases 148 Page Study on Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine – And EVERY SINGLE WORD is Redacted! * VIDEO: NBA Legend John Stockton Sues Gov’t Officials Over COVID Persecution * ‘The World Knows That I Didn’t Take the Vaccine’: Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Relentlessly Targeted by Socialist Lula, Is Indicted for Allegedly Falsifying His Vaxx Records

THEY LIED TO YOU: New Study Finds People Who Took Ivermectin for COVID Recovered Faster – As TGP Reported Over Two Years Ago! * VIDEO: Biden makes his re-election pitch: "We have to start off by vaccinating America!" * Former Dallas Cowboys Lineman Char-ron Dorsey Dead at 46 * Steely Dan Keyboardist Jim Beard Dies at 63 * Hospital pays job applicant who refused mandated flu shot * 28-Year-Old Swedish Footballer Diagnosed With Multiple Small Blood Clots in Brain After Frightening Collapse, Under Intensive Care * After Botching Coronavirus Response, China Claims It Is Ready for ‘Disease X’ * Shot mandate dating back to 1905 gets constitutional challenge * NO WARNING ‘Healthy’ woman, 29, dies suddenly after body aches and feeling tired – with ‘no sign of what was to come’ * Pro Wrestling Star Yutaka Yoshie Dies Suddenly After Match – At 50-Years-Old * VIDEO: MUST WATCH: Unpublished Project Veritas Recording Reveals Pfizer Scientist Confirming the Risk of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines — Claims Side Effects of These Vaccines are “Very Sneaky

CDC Downgrades COVID to Same Severity as the Flu… But Says You Must Keep Having Vaccines * Former South Carolina Football Player DJ Park Dead at 29 * Thousands Claim Dubious Chinese-Made Sinovac Vaccines Gave Them Leukemia, Diabetes * Journalist who pushed concentration camps for unvaccinated dies suddenly

February 2024

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: How many people died from the COVID shot? * VIDEO: Doctors Confirm Vaccine Connection After Young Ontario Woman Paralyzed Following Moderna Shot – Then Offer Her Euthanasia as Remedy * VIDEO: The Viral Delusion - Episode 1 - The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 * VIDEO: Wayne Allyn Root: 11,005 Government Workers Got Exemptions from the Vaccine. We Wonder Why? * Queensland Supreme Court Rules COVID Vaccine Mandates for Police and Paramedics Unlawful * 'Now she can't have children': Health experts allege cover-up of COVID vaccine dangers

VIDEO: 'God help us': Shock embalmer video reveals 'strange white fibrous clots' * Groundbreaking Global Study on 99 Million Vaccinated People Reveals Increases in Neurological, Blood, and Heart Conditions Associated with COVID-19 Vaccines * WEF Pushing Disease X * A Matter of When, Not if’: W.H.O. Director Warns of ‘Disease X’ Pandemic at World Government Summit * VIDEO: Jacinda Ardern exposing her own idiocy * VIDEO: Well, this is yet another inconvienient truth... * VIDEO: THREE PILOTS DIED SUDDENLY IN ONE WEEK * Feds try and fail to get lawsuit over mandated COVID shots dismissed * American Red Cross Faces Scrutiny as it Requires COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients to Call Hotline to See if They’re Still Eligible for Blood Donation * Study of 99 MILLION ties COVID shots to heart and brain ailments * 17-Year-Old High School Student Dies at Hospital After Collapsing During Fishing Tournament Weigh-In

VIDEO: Mass vaccination and teachers death - part 1 * Centers for Disease Control Warns of Rapidly Spreading Fungal Infection with 60% Kill Rate * Make Your Mind Up! Now British Government Wants to Arrest People For Wearing a Mask * Furman Player Bryce Stanfield, 21, Dies After Collapsing at Practice * 'Absolute Horror’ — German Man Dies After Spitting Up ‘Litres of Blood’ on Flight From Bangkok (Fear Factor part 12?) * 1 state's plan to hold China accountable for COVID * Fox News Mainstay Dies at Age 46: ‘He Was a Beloved Part of Our Team’ * Service Members Were Coerced and Injured, and as a Result, They’ve Lost Nearly All Trust in Leadership Over the COVID-19 Shot

THEY KNEW IT! VIDEO: 1st Peer Reviewed Study Proves Big Pharma Knew about COVID Vax Dangers and Ineffectiveness * BAM! FINALLY it comes out!  Grand jury: Government response to COVID really about one thing * VIDEO: Unseen Crisis | Full Measure * 'Global moratorium' for COVID shots? Mainstream science considering halt * Teen Basketball Player Dies After Collapsing on Court During High School Game * Report: Washington State Used $340M of Federal Coronavirus Money for Illegal Immigrants * Rights Champ Decries W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty as Attack on Freedom * 'Who can we talk to?': White House leaned on Amazon to suppress anti-vax 'propaganda' * POLICE STATE: Emails Released by Jim Jordan Expose How the Biden Regime Bullied Amazon into Censoring Books Critical of the COVID Shot and Identify the Official Who Led the Charge * VIDEO: Sudden Death After COVID Shots * Not wearing a mask during COVID-19 health emergency isn’t a free speech right, appeals court says

January 2024

VIDEO: The Antidote: The Explosive Truth, Origin, and Antidote for C19 * VIDEO: NEW DATA REVEALS TSUNAMI OF COVID-19 VACCINE DEATHS * British Government Confirms Commitment to W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty * VIDEO: DR. PIERRE KORY DROPS “SUDDEN DEATH” BOMBSHELL * VIDEO: PFIZER ANNIVERSARY: “Why don’t we just mutate it ourselves…” I Veritas’ Biggest Investigation Ever * Child Protective Services 'kidnaps' girl for 'gender care,' revokes parental custody * Beef Company CEO Stands Up To Big Pharma: “I’ll Shut Down the Company Before We Ship a Single Bag With mRNA-Injected Meat * VIDEO: – ‘A Beautiful, Sweet Soul’: 14-Year-Old Illinois HS Basketball Player Dies Suddenly After Collapsing During Game * Steve Kirsch: No doubt about it, COVID shots CAUSE dementia * VIDEO: Megyn Kelly Speaks Out on Being Targeted by Moderna After Publicizing Her COVID Vaccine Side Effects * Bizarre Obelisk Shaped RNA Bits Disovered in Human Gut By Stanford Scientists

VIDEO: WEF: Biometric Digital ID Cards Could Track Vaccination Status, Dutch Queen Máxima Says at Davos * Roughly One Quarter Of Pentagon Purchases Related To COVID-19 Were Illegitimate, Watchdog Finds * VIDEO: Davos is now a ‘debaucherous insane asylum' * ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Actor David Gail Dies at 58 * RAMPING UP FEAR - again

DISEASE X” — Are The Globalists Planning Another Pandemic? * Analysis: mRNA shots for COVID bypassed 'laws and regulations' protecting Americans * Fauci 'doesn't recall' dozens of his actions about COVID pandemic * VIDEO: Rand Paul Fires Off on What He Really Thinks Fauci Deserves: ‘Frankly, He Should Go to Prison’ * W.H.O. Applauds Itself for Coronavirus Vaccine Efforts: Warns Virus Is ‘Here to Stay’ * Chinese Researchers Engineer Deadly Coronavirus Strain Targeting the Brain and 100% Kill Rate in Mice, Acknowledge Potential Human Spillover Risk * Former Saints Linebacker Ronald Powell Dead at 32 * Report: COVID-vaccine maker monitored popular critics of the jab

Florida surgeon general recommends against mRNA COVID shots, cites discredited theory * Doctors no longer forced to sing COVID narrative in one state * VIDEO: House Republicans Grilling Anthony Fauci in Closed-Door Session on Pandemic-Era Failures * Lawmakers: Anthony Fauci Admitted Six-Foot Social Distancing Was Based on Nothing * FEAR FACTOR: Tripledemic Concerns Heighten as COVID, Flu, and RSV Cases Surge

Florida State Surgeon General Ladapo Calls for Halt in Use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines * Fully Vaccinated 82-Year-Old Bernie Sanders Tests Positive for COVID-19 (The irony is - he can't admit his "vaccine" was faked) * Gil de Ferran, Indianapolis 500 winner and Brazilian icon, dies at 56 * Pandemic Forever: L.A. County Reinstates Health Care Facility Mask Mandate * VIDEO: Watch: Fauci’s Former NIH Boss Finally Admits COVID Lockdown Was ‘Another Mistake We Made

December 2023

VIDEO: Lawmaker urges: Declare WHO a terrorist organization * SHOCKING DISCOVERY: Viral Levels in the Wastewater Supply Skyrockets * CIA Being Sued for Hiding COVID Pandemic Records * List of Sudden Death and Incapacitations Among Pilots * VIDEO: Vaccinated Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest - Freedom Flyers Expose MASSIVE Airline Cover-Up * More Vaccine-Injured Pilots Speak Out as Groups Pressure Airlines, Regulators to End Mandates * Wife of Navy Whistleblower Being Investigated for Questioning COVID-19 Vaccine Running for Florida Seat * Stand-Up Comedian Neel Nanda Dies Suddenly at the Age of 32

JAPANESE SCIENTISTS FIND INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE THAT ALL COVID VARIANTS ARE MAN-MADE * VIDEO: Mass Vaccination and AIRLINE safety - Part 10 * GRAPHIC VIDEO: 30-Year-Old Brazilian Gospel Singer Pedro Henrique Tragically Collapses and Passes Away During Live Performance * Pro-Vaccine Canadian Journalist Who Advocated for Vaxx Passport and Called for Unvaccinated to be Fired Dies at Age 33 * Top health official in major nation under investigation for mass murder over COVID vaccine daeaths * FBI whistleblower tells WND how conservatives are painted as 'domestic terrorists' * VIDEO: A new COVID variant is spreading fast in the US. These are its most common symptoms (SCAMdemic 2.0) * How COVID torpedoed Americans' trust in health experts * VIDEO: 29-Year-Old Professional Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses Without Contact on Field During Live TV Broadcast, Causing Match to Be Suspended * VIDEO: Honor Guard Collapses in Front of Casket of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor * 'Shameful': State health department loses track of $1.4 BILLION! * Doctor faces discipline for saying healthy kids don't need COVID vax

Dr. Pierre Kory: CDC Will NO LONGER Track Data on Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19… Why Is That? * VIDEO: Rand Paul: Fauci claimed Wuhan research 'worth the risk' even if pandemic kills * ‘WHITE LUNG’ Comes to America as Drug Shortages Grow * COVID's mRNA shots now linked to VAIDS * Emily Matson Dies: Longtime Local TV News Anchor & Reporter Was 42 * Green Beret Veteran John Frankman: The Army’s Letter to Soldiers Discharged for Refusing the COVID Vaccine Won’t Make Things Right, But Here’s What Will * Italian Health Minister Under Investigation for Murder for Concealing COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Pfizer for Misrepresentation of COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Information Censorship * House Judiciary Subpoenas Former WH Digital Strategist Robert Flaherty and Pandemic Response Advisor Andrew Slavitt Over Social Media Censorship * VIDEO: Emails show Biden admin pushed for censorship of vaccine 'misinformation' * US Senators Urge Biden to Ban Travel from China Amid Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak * 22-Year-old Duluth Football Player Dies from Cardiac Arrest During Football Workout * People who complied with COVID restrictions more likely to suffer mental health issues: Study * New Zealand Man Arrested for Alleged Leak of Vaccination Data * Prestigious science journals provide kill shot to bogus COVID narrative

November 2023

VIDEO: Rep. Mike Gallagher Says FBI and CDC Refuse to Investigate Illegal Secret CCP-Linked Biolab in California * Creator of COVID 19 Vaccine was Reportedly Thrown from a Roof in China Three Months After Filing Patent for Vaccine * VIDEO: U.S. Navy Medical Officer Exposes Defense Department Data Showing Alarming Increase in Heart-Related Issues Among Pilots Following COVID-19 Vaccination: Myocarditis Up by 151%, Heart Failure by 973% * Court allows state to seize citizens for indefinite quarantine and isolation: Due process no more? * Gold giant fires Christian for refusing COVID shot, now faces the music * Just in Time for Election: ‘Charlatan’ Dr. Peter Hotez Now Claims that Experts Are Predicting ‘Disease X’ is Coming Which Will Be ’20 Times’ Worse than COVID-19 * Pfizer Files Lawsuit Against Poland for Declining COVID-19 Vaccines

Army Scrambling to Get Back Soldiers It Kicked Out over Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate * VIDEO: Former Green Beret Gives Scathing Response to ​Biden Regime for Trying to Bring Back ABUSED Unvaxxed Soldiers * UK Study: The More You Followed Draconian ‘Covid Restrictions’ the Worse Your Mental Health Is Faring Today

VIDEO: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Holds Hearing on Injuries Caused By COVID-19 Vaccines – Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Kimberly Biss, and Thomas Renz to Testify * Tragic: 15-Month-Old Girl Dies from Organ Failure and Cardiac Arrest Two Days After Receiving Three Vaccines During Routine Visit * VIDEO: Pfizer exec censoring info on vaccine safety in order to make money * Matt Ulrich, former Super Bowl champ, dead at age 41 * WEF Tries Hiding Vaccine Deaths with ‘Climate Change’ * Brazilian Reality TV Star Luana Andrade Dies ‘Suddenly’ at 29 * VIDEO: You don't hear anything about this anymore * Federal Lawsuit: NY State Veterans Home Where 100 Vulnerable Hero Veterans Died From COVID: ‘Ignored Protocols, Kept Families in the Dark’ * Rising Hollywood Producer Kevin Turen Dies Suddenly at 44 * Report: Gang members used COVID-relief cash to hire HITMEN! * Former Chiefs Wide Receiver Devon Wylie Dead at 35

We were told the vaccine was safe - but what happened has been life-changing’ * The Dramatic Degradation of the Human Immune System * Evan Ellingson, Former Child Actor from “My Sister's Keeper” and “CSI: Miami”, Dead at 35 * VIDEO: Sad excess deaths * VIDEO: Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial


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