For those that have been inundated by false claims regarding the Godhead, this page is for you. This page is also for the babe in Christ who has been approached by those that preach Jesus isn't God or the Holy Spirit doesn't exist. All too often the young in the faith are approached because those that preach this "expected" heresy know all too well that the elders, pastors and deacons within the Seventh Day Remnant church have done their homework and cannot be taken off the path by twisted passages in the Word of God or Spirit of Prophecy, and so they attack the young in the faith. This page will help you see they are twisting Scripture and some will openly lie regarding "certain verses" they claim must be removed from the Bible. This prophesied lie confirms they are moved by the same enemy of souls that moved Rome to remove those verses in the first place. It also shows the same evil spirit that is alive in the Vatican inspired Koran. What I mean is, because mankind, who is the author of the Koran, cannot possibly keep a lie going for eons, he must then declare a doctrine that says "old light is superseded by new light." This is how the Koran is written. If you find a passage in the Koran that contradicts another passage, the "newer" passage is trusted because it has now "evolved" into a new truth. Or as common sense dictates, they messed up, couldn't see the end from the beginning as the true God does, and so when "times change" so must their "holy" book.

The Bible of the Christian God never changes. In fact, it says in Malachi 3:6, "For I am the LORD, I change not;" That's how amazing His eternal truth is. It never needs to be shored up or changed to meet societal changes. When these people that preach Jesus isn't God or the Holy Spirit doesn't exist, they echo the Roman method used in the Koran that says "new light supersedes old light" when in fact the real Christian know, new light can never supersede old light. Our God's truth is that powerful!


Those preaching the "one God" theology are also borrowing theological definition from the Vatican in that their "One God" theology matches perfectly with the "Trinity" of Rome. How so? The Trinity is defined by declaring there is one God in three entities. The "one God" theist says there is one God with three entities as well. They claim the Godhead is made up of one "God the Father" and then His Son and then the breath or thought process they call the Holy Spirit. Hence, like Rome, they have one God with three entities. Notice the passages below that confirm they are being deceived. And if you want to know why the devil has moved them into this strong delusion, it has to do with using them to help him gather as many souls as he can into his camp to worship him as "one god." In fact, he has gotten ALL Christians denominations as well as ALL non-Christian denominations to do this. Click here for the biblical and historic facts on this.

Is the Father a God?

First and foremost it's important we acknowledge God the Father to be in fact a God. Yes, this is not part of the issue with those that claim Jesus nor the Holy Spirit are Gods, but it is a blessing to declare the Father our God just as much as it is to declare His Son and Holy Spirit in the same manner. That being said, there are far too many verses in the Bible declaring the Father as a God, so I will only share a few. And I will only share from the New Testament so as to keep this short. There are over 150 verses in the Old Testament wherein the Words "God" and "Father" are found.

Truth is, even those embracing the false doctrines of the Trinity of Rome still do claim to understand the Father as a God. So I see no need to be exhaustive on this by any means. Still, there are some beautiful statements in the Word of this God we worship that do in fact declare Him our Father and our God and so I would like to share them here.

Now yes, I understand that we see "God the Father" used often in unison with "our Lord Jesus Christ" in many of the above passages. That occurrence has caused many to assume Jesus is not a God but only our Lord. But they are only half right. What I mean is, the Word "Lord" is actually defined in Strongs # 2962 as a title given to "God the Messiah." Basic Biblical reality is, Jesus Christ is the only person of the Godhead that actually came to earth to die for man as a Saviour. This title as "Lord" is of great importance and is used often in the Word as an eternal title of respect towards Jesus for the simply act of love He displayed on Calvary. One has to also understand that since He walked a mile in our shoes He is the perfect example for us to follow. Hence, the term "Lord" is also meant to be defined as OUR Lord. Allowing Him Lordship over us as we walk through life is not only a beautiful way to say we love Him, it's also concrete evidence that He is Lord.

As you will see in the following verses, Jesus is in fact a God as well as a man that was sent to die for us. The following passages assure us that that calling Him "Lord" does not take away from His divinity as a God. In the context of truth, Jesus is both God and Lord to all those that have accepted Him as Saviour. The following passages confirm this in great detail.

 Is Jesus Christ a God?

 Just a "few" of the MANY passages that reflect His eternal truth. Jesus is and always was a God!

After Thomas doubted Jesus appeared to other disciples, Jesus returned 8 days later to show Thomas the scars on His body. Then Thomas responded...

 Stephen calls upon GOD, and according to this passage the God he chose to speak to when he called out was in fact, JESUS.

Here we see John the Apostle introducing the visions he received in the Book of Revelation. He speaks of Jesus Christ quite plainly, and in the same breath declares Jesus is declaring Himself God as He speaks of making us kings and priests unto Him. He continues and uses the term "AND" His Father when He declares we are His Father's kings and priests as well. The "God" being spoken of here by John is obviously Jesus because Jesus is His only Son and after saying "God" John says "AND His Father" to show that Jesus is a God.

God judges. What is that Judge's name? We get a hint in Romans 2:16 that it is Jesus Christ. But some will twist that out of context and declare the judgment is only based on the character of Jesus. If that is so, then they need to read the following verse to be blessed with truth.

Seems pretty plain does it not? Jesus is the one that judges and in Romans 2:16 it plainly said "God shall judge." No gray areas there.

Here we see the Scripture saying the "Word was WITH God, and then it says the Word WAS God." That's two God's mentioned in one verse! According to the one God theist this verse will have to be deleted if their creed is ever to hold up to scrutiny.

  • 1 Timothy 3:16, "And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory."
  • Here we see "the Word" further verified as Jesus Christ because He is the only one from Heaven that "dwelt among us." Since John 1:1 says the Word is God and we know Jesus was manifested in the flesh, then Jesus has to be a God. To say otherwise would mean we are liars. Plus, 1 Timothy 3:16 lays the controversy to rest even more so in that it plainly says that "God was manifest in the flesh" and even a babe in Christ knows that it speaks of Jesus and how He came to dwell among us.

    Now for a few very powerful verses that one God theists will never respond to nor will they ever share from their pulpits, for in so doing they will be exposed as liars.

    By the way, for those that say this verse is invalid and should be deleted from the Bible, they would also need to rip out it's distant echo found in Psalm 45:7 that says, "Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows." Paul was actually quoting Psalm 45:7.

    By the way, this is why one God theists prefer to share their heresy with babes in Christ or new students in the Truth. They know they probably haven't studied as their elders have.  

    Unless the one God theist is preaching God the Father was "the firstbegotten into the world" they cannot use this passage in their churches either because everyone knows Jesus is the firstbegotten and according to the latter end of the verse, the angels of God worship Him. That further confrms He is a God.

    Now for some rather blunt verses that tie the Son of God, Saviour and Creator as a literal God...

  •  1 Timothy 2:3, "For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;"
  • Isaiah 43:11-15, "I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour. I have declared, and have saved, and I have shewed, when there was no strange god among you: therefore ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, that I am God. Yea, before the day was I am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall let it? Thus saith the LORD, your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; For your sake I have sent to Babylon, and have brought down all their nobles, and the Chaldeans, whose cry is in the ships. I am the LORD, your Holy One, the creator of Israel, your King."
  • 1 John 5:20, "And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life."
  • So.. is Jesus Christ equal to God?

    NOTE: In John 1 it said the "Word was WITH God" and then it said the "Word was God" in that passage? This not only declares Jesus is the Word, but as a God He was "with" God as well.

    As most will agree, it was God Himself at Sinai that wrote the Ten Commandments.

    Another time Jesus was approached by a rich man who claimed to understand who he was. Jesus knew He knew who He was as is clear in the following passage.

    The rich man plainly called Jesus "Good Master." Jesus then said "Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God", in return. Jesus then quotes the last 6 commandments to the man in the following verses when instructing him on what he needed to do. He didn't quote the previous 4 commandments because the man called Jesus "Good Master" which meant he already understood the first 4 commandments. The last 6 commandments deal with how we love each other. But the first four were never shared with the man by Jesus because he already appeared to know who God was. The first four commandments deal with how we love God. Why would Jesus declare calling Him "Good Master" was the same as calling Him God if it wasn't true?

    One more thing to keep in mind in regards to Jesus Christ being God. When they declare Him to be either non-existent at one time or only a man and not God or even part of the Godhead they are in essence denying Him as a God are they not? What does the Word say of such people?

    Not only are they considered to be liars and without the Father when they deny His Son, they are also declared by the Word of God itself to be in fact one of the many antichrists we find running rampant in these last days.

    Can't be said any plainer than that!

     Is the Holy Spirit a God?

    NOTE: For those claiming the Holy Spirit is not an actual God or a person but only a "force" or "mindset" between the Father and the Son; how I ask is it possible to blaspheme a "force" or "mindset?" Jesus Christ was very clear when He defined how one blasphemes the Holy Ghost.

    We know the Father is a God because of numerous Scripture on it. However, have you noticed that false teachers use only the verses pertaining to Him while avoiding the above verses pertaining to His Son in their battle to confuse. But what of the Holy Spirit? Does the Word declare Him a God as well, further proving the "one God" or "Trinity" theory to be false?

    If the Holy Spirit is just the breath of God or a joint thought process between the Father and the Son, then how is it possible to lie TO the Holy Ghost as Peter just accused Ananias? And then later in the passage Peter tells Ananias that he just lied UNTO GOD! That one verse alone proves Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, is declaring the Holy Spirit is a God that can be lied to.

    Does the Word also share characteristics of the Holy Spirit that prove it to be a separate person all on its own?

    The above passages show all sorts of instances wherein the Holy Spirit does things on His own for the people of God. Plus, if the Holy Sprit is just a breath or thought of God the Father, why don't the apostles just use the name of the Father when declaring certain things were happening. After all, if it's the Father, then say so. That being said, notice the next verse that says BOTH the Father and the Spirit sent Jesus to do as He did for us.

    If the Holy Spirit was only a thought or a breath of God, then why is He being mentioned separately in regards to sending Jesus?

    Again, we see the Father AND the Holy Spirit being mentioned separately.

    Is Jesus being deceptive and saying the Holy Sprit will testify of Him when in fact it's only "the Father's Spirit" testifying? Saying the Holy Spirit is just the Father's or Jesus' mind or thoughts makes Him to be a liar when you read this verse.

    Did you notice that in that verse it states the Holy Spirit will HEAR and then tell us what He hears? If the Holy Spirit is just the "thought" of Jesus or the Father, how is this possible?

    If the Spirit is just the "thoughts" of Jesus, how did it raise Him from the dead? Wouldn't it have been just as easy to say the Father did the raising instead?

    Why would Jesus pray for ANOTHER Comforter if it was just Him all along?

    Keep in mind, the term "blasphemy" can only be attributed to a GOD.

    Additional verses on the Holy Spirit

    Even though I just shared literally dozens of verses about the Holy Spirit being an actual God on His own, as I always do each and every day, I study the Word. And even though I thought I found enough verses to prove this point, low and behold the Lord gave me even more and so it is here I would like to add those verse.

     Basic facts about the Holy Spirit

    If the Spirit is just a "thought" process of the Father or the Son as some preach, why is it the Father is sending forth the Spirit of His Son? Why not send forth His own Spirit? This proves the Spirit of the Son is a separate being altogether.

    If the Spirit is just a "thought" process of the Father or the Son, why is it the Father is sending forth ANOTHER Comforter? Who is th Comforter?

    The phrase "He shall teach you..." denotes the Spirit is a separate being. If it was just the thought process of Jesus it would say "I shall teach you..."

    Here the Comforter is spoken of in the THIRD PERSON by saying, "HE shall testify of ME "I will send HIM unto you." Now for the clincher...

     If the Holy Spirit is just a "thought" process of the Father or the Son, how can "HE" guide you, or how can the term "HIMSELF" be used, and especially, how can he "HEAR" things to speak to us about? Is God talking to Himself? That makes no sense.

    If you deny the Holy Spirit exists, than all the promises shared above regarding what He will do for you in life are forfeited by YOU! Now do you see why your prayer life is so lacking?

     Should 1 John 5:7 be removed?

    Hard Questions for Evolutionists - Part 1 of 2 - Dr. Carl Baugh

    Please click the above link. It's a video of Dr Carl Baugh, a well known creationist speaker, scientist and author. He has sufficiently exposed every lie about evolution and I have used his works many times over the years to help evolutionists see they have been lied to. In this video, he is speaking on evolution, but fast forward to 12:00 in the video and listen to what he says for the next 17 minutes! (Baugh has a tendency to be very thorough) Pay special close attention when the video gets to about 16:47 in the video.

    First and foremost, no I don't trust Dr Baugh's Trinitarian doctrines, as I have ample evidence Rome invented it, and I don't trust TBN as it is being used by Satan to confuse Christians all over the world to join in Rome's long prophesied ecumenical charge. But, Dr Baugh does unearth some tangible historic evidence, in hand in fact, that I believe can be very valuable to everyone that's dealing with loved ones trapped in the prophesied "one god" movement that heralds the arrival of Antichrist. It has to do with 1John 5:7 and how some preach it is not supposed to be in the Bible. Some of you are going to be shocked by what's in this video!

    In short, you will find in this video that he reveals using actual ancient manuscripts that 1 John 5:7 was in fact in the original manuscripts that laid the foundation for the King James Bible we have today. As I stated earlier, there are some to this day that say it is not supposed to be in there because (they claim) it wasn't in the original manuscripts. Baugh also outlines the fact that 1 John 5:7 wasn't in Vatican and other corrupted manuscripts, (and this is why it's removed from the NIV and other bogus bibles) but it was in the inspired one that was used for the King James version of the Bible as well as the manuscript Martin Luther used to translate his Bible into German during the Reformation.

    It cost an immense amount of money to get this old book in hand and I praise God it was Dr Baugh that was called to receive it because others made offers to try and get it away from him. The reason I am glad he got it and not them was because, had they bought it, this truth may have never been confirmed or placed in a museum where anyone can view it. Yes, it's true that those of us that have the truth within, already know the truth about 1 John 5:7 which says...

    Those that claim Jesus isn't God and the Holy Spirit doesn't exist hate this passage with a passion as it proves they are being moved by Satan to preach his lies to the masses. Many have believed their lies over the years to such an extent that some of the modern day Bibles actually removed this passage from the book of 1 John, and some even have footnotes declaring the verse to be uninspired so as to hide the truth about the Godhead. But now, Dr Carl Baugh actually has the book in his museum that was used as the foundation of the King James that proves 1John 5:7 WAS IN THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT all along! Those that lied were hoping this book would never be uncovered or even found. But the truth will always come forth.

    As is shared in the video, Dr Baugh paid just under $30,000 for the book and someone did try to buy it out from under him for $100,000 a few days before he got the rest of the money. Me thinks they wanted that book to keep this demonic doctrine alive so as to better herald the arrival of the "one god" Christian prophecy describes as THE antichrist!

    And no, those of us that know Jesus personally never needed the original manuscript to verify the truth on this as we have His promised Holy Spirit within and we know all too well how to study doctrine as Isaiah 28:10 says is done by checking every "precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:" All we need is the Word to verify the truth and expose the lies. But now that we have concrete evidence in hand which can be viewed by anyone visiting the Glendale Creationist Museum in Glendal Texas, it makes our job that much easier!

    By the way, since those claiming Jesus isn't God and the Holy Spirit doesn't exist insist that this bible verse should be removed, as does Rome, then they have to agree that the other 2000 - 3000 verses removed by the Vatican in all the "bogus bibles" are also worthy to be removed. They cannot say, "only this verse" because it was the Vatican that removed it along with all the others. In short, as prophesied, they are "wondering after the beast" just like all the others in the world. So.. pray for them.

     For the SDA that trusts Spirit of Prophecy

    Many babes in the truth are being approached by some that preach this "one God" theology that have no grasp on the Word of God and rarely use it at all. However, they do use a lot of Ellen White comments and 100% of them are all out of context, They build a bridge of deception by sharing out of context phrases from Spirit of Prophecy (SOP) and then filter it with many strange comments of their own that are designed to shore up their twisted SOP phrases. In all cases they claim Ellen White never once said the Holy Spirit is an actual person. However, the following list below confirms they boldly lied to gather a soul into apostasy with them.

    Sister White also declares the following regarding the Holy Spirit...

    For more info and videos regarding the Holy Spirit, click here

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